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8 December 2021 Media Release: Garden Route District Municipality mourns the tragic loss of another employee

Garden Route District Municipality mourns the tragic loss of another employee

For Immediate Release
8 December 2021

On Monday, 6 December 2021, when management and staff arrived at the respective offices of Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), they learned about the tragic passing of their colleague, William Jonas.

William sadly passed away on Sunday, 5 December 2021 at the age of 44 after he was a victim of a brutal attack in George, a few days prior to landing up in the Intensive Care Unit. He leaves behind his wife and children, as well as many friends and colleagues.

According to a Human Resources official from GRDM, Lynn Marajh, the late William was appointed on 3 June 2016 on an Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) contract. His contract would have come to end during January 2022.

The late William will be remembered for his reserved and level-headed personality. Although he was employed at the EPWP Unit, he was known to almost the entire organisation, as his worked spanned across the entire region alongside the Maintenance Unit. Those who worked close to him such as Mario Appels, Superintendent at GRDM, remembers the late William as an enthusiastic, hardworking and goal driven individual – always respectful. “Being the reserved person he was, he had a fine eye for details around him. Apart from being his quiet self, he was also funny and knew how to make his colleagues laugh,” said Medron Bussak, Administrative Assistant: Resorts.  On a more personal level, William knew what his responsibilities as a family man were – “he loved his family,” Medron said. His music taste for the old school genre was symbolic to the type of characteristics he embodied.

“At GRDM we will always remember William as a helpful person who had a great passion for his work.”

The municipality will on Monday, 13 December 2021, host a memorial service to celebrate William’s life and to share a moment with his family, to bid him farewell.

“Rest in peace William, you will be dearly missed.”

The link to follow the proceeding via our Youtube channel will be published in due course.

Feature Photo: William Jonas, with the Executive Mayor, Memory Booysen (middle) and his team members (fltr) Wayne Cronje, Irvin Siljeur and Sheldon Flemming earlier this year at an event that was hosted by GRDM at the Rosemoor Stadium in George.


1 September 2021 Media Release: GRDM appoints unemployed youth to relieve healthcare professionals at vaccination sites

Media Release: GRDM appoints unemployed youth to relieve healthcare professionals at vaccination sites

For Immediate Release
1 September 2021

Since the COVID-19 Vaccination Program was launched, more than 60 000 Garden Routers have already been vaccinated. These include Health Care Workers, residents and staff at Old Age Homes educators, and public members at various community vaccination sites.

However, being a double dose, the Pfizer vaccine adds an extra administrative challenge at vaccination sites, as people have to go through the administrative process twice. Currently, the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) registration portal is open for persons older than 18 years, and the influx of people at the identified sites is causing extra pressure on healthcare professionals.

The President of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, stated in his presidential address on 11 July 2021, that the quantities of imported and locally produced vaccines will double and even triple soon.

More vaccines will result in more vaccination sites and a need for additional administrative personnel. For this reason and due to a request received from the Provincial Department of Health, the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) recently appointed unemployed youth to assist nurses at the vaccination sites. The project is an initiative of the Executive Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen, and is managed by the GRDM Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

Administrative Assistants appointed at the various sites within the Garden Route district, to relieve healthcare professionals with their administrative duties.

These administrative assistants are placed at the following sites: Alma CDC, Mossel Bay Town Hall, D’Almeida Hall, Wolwedans Community Hall, Groot Brak, Knysna CDC, Knysna Town Hall, Knysna Town Hall, Plett Town Clinic, Kwanokuthula CDC, Thembalethu CDC, Pacaltsdorp Clinic, George Hospital, George Central Clinic, Harry Comay Hospital, Riversdale Civic Centrum, Riversdale Civic Centrum, Still Bay Civic Centre, Toekomsrust Community Hall and Toekomsrust Community Hall. They effectively started with their duties on 1 August 2021. and focus on the administrative responsibilities to relieve nurses to focus primarily on their core function.

According to Richard Dyantyi, EPWP Manager at GRDM, the team was appointed to serve a period of six months until the end of January 2021. He said: “We are reviewing the impact of the project monthly to determine the effectiveness of this intervention. Adding to this he said: “Based on the impact of the intervention, we will consider the expansion of the initiative to other areas as advised by the Provincial Department of Health”. The initiative was influenced by the high unemployment rate of 34, 4% as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, all administrative assistants were unemployed, reside in the Garden Route district, have matric, and have basic computer literacy skills – the ideal characteristics of administrators needed to implement this programme”.

“While relieving our healthcare professionals with their workload, we simultaneously create employment for our youth, who did not have the basic means of income,” Mayor Booysen said. “This is what we as a District Municipality aims to do, is to put bread on the table for our vulnerable – to maintain our vision by ensuring inclusiveness of all the people we serve,” he concluded.

Lonwabo Luthango from the GRDM Disaster Management Centre is appointed to act as project manager of this initiative and to oversee the administration of the appointments.

Feature Image: Executive Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen (middle), with Charlene Magdalene Barnardo (left) and Lyzette Elzane Stroebel (right) at the Knysna Town Hall vaccination site.


12 June 2021 Media Release: The world is your oyster, and nothing can keep you back!

Media release: The world is your oyster, and nothing can keep you back!

For Immediate Release
17 June 2021

”You determine your future, and you have now been equipped with the necessary skills in the culinary arts. So, decide to choose prosperity to enrich your lives and build on the stepping stones provided to you through this programme.”  With these words, Alderlady Georlene Wolmarans, a Councillor at Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), encouraged students during their Cater Care graduation ceremony.

On Friday, 10 June 2021, 20 students who attended the Francois Ferreira Academy (FFA) Cater Care programme received recognition for triumphantly completing a three (3) month-long training programme. This year’s Cater Care programme officially kicked off on 01 March 2021.

With many opportunities offered by the hospitality and tourism industry in the region, the GRDM, in collaboration with the Francois Ferreira Academy, identified a skills development programme to help youth step into the job market.  This programme aims to train previously disadvantaged youth in the hospitality field. The district’s hospitality sector needs are incrementally addressed through this initiative, with more youth becoming upskilled to expedite economic growth in the area.

During the graduation ceremony, Chef Francois Ferreira, founder and Principal of the Academy, refers to the current intake of students as the most energetic group they trained to date.  He said: “This is the first group in the Cater Care Food handler programme whom we’ve received calls from all the Executive Chefs from the various restaurants; commending them on their attitudes and good work ethic”.  He further elaborated that most Executive Chefs indicated that they would like to employ these students down the line. “You made us proud,” Chef Ferreira concluded.

The GRDM Tourism Unit is responsible for coordinating funding alongside the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Unit, which arranges learners’ stipends. The Francois Ferreira Academy is the appointed service provider who provides the training for these students and also ensures that students are placed in hospitality establishments to gain practical work experience whilst attending the course.

Alderlady Wolmarans concluded her speech by encouraging students with a quote from the late President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. “To the youth of today, I also have a wish to make – be the scriptwriters of your destiny and feature yourselves as stars that showed the way towards a brighter future.”

15 June 2021 Call to Register: EPWP Contractor Development Programme – Apply today!

Call to Register: EPWP Contractor Development Programme – Apply today!

Emerging contractors are invited to register for the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Contractor Development Programme that is driven by the Department of Transport and Public Works’ EPWP.

The programme was designed to support emerging contractors in the Western Cape.

The objective of contractor development is to implement structured programmes that facilitate the development of emerging enterprises within the construction industry through skills and business enhancement initiatives. This will enable them to compete effectively and independently in the open marked beyond state intervention.

Click here for more information.
Click here to download the application form.

If you would like to participate in one of our programmes please complete the application form and submit via email to Keith Rass.

Directorate: EPWP Construction Industry, Innovation and Empowerment Programmes
Tel: 021 483 8924/2412

3 June 2021 Media Release: GRDM Executive hands over registration certificates for cooperative and PPE to ‘Farming-with-Pride’ Small Scale Farmers in Calitzdorp

Media Release: GRDM Executive hands over registration certificates for cooperative and PPE to ‘Farming-with-Pride’ Small Scale Farmers in Calitzdorp

For Immediate Release
3 June 2021

The Executive Mayor of the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Ald. Memory recently delegated two officials to engage with the Farming-with-Pride Small farmers in Calitzdorp, Kannaland, to investigate the possibility of assistance from the District. After discussions and meetings with the participants, interventions were initiated, and a surprise visit from Mayor Booysen took place. The purpose of the visit was for the Mayor and his delegation to view the farm’s operations and progress.

The visit occurred after GRDM approved their application for R15 000 Grand-in-Aid funding on 22 April 2021. GRDM made the funding available for the project to boost and expand the business activities of the farm.

Last year the project owner, Christolino Perel, applied for grand-in-aid funding to GRDM after Mayor Booysen saw the potential for the project to be expanded. He explained: “The project started from nothing to a coffee shop named Lino’s PTY, to a small tomato farm that still needed infrastructure to store and process tomatoes into various products to be market-ready. The project is now fully registered with the intervention of GRDM and the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA). A training session was scheduled on 09 March 2021 with the Farming-with-Pride team. The session’s objectives were to outline the cooperative registration and draft their constitution.

During his address, Richard Dyantyi, GRDM Manager for the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), said: “It may seem as we took a long time to come up with a solution, but time is sometimes needed to see significant results.” He explained that some of the grant-in-aid funds were also used to clean the site after earmarking the project. GRDM also went as far as to appoint six (6) of the workers from 1 April to the end of June 2021 as part of its EPWP programme under the principle of supporting Small Macro Enterprises (SMEs).

Mayor Booysen, during the latter part of the programme, handed two certificates over to Perel – SEDA issued the 1st Certificate to declare the project legally registered. The second document is the Certificate of Acceptability issued by the GRDM Environmental Health Practitioners. Together with this, Mayor Booysen donated Personal Protective Equipment (clothing) to the team members. When handing over the items, Mayor Booysen commended the team for starting the project from nothing. He said:  “As far as possible, we have to do what we are supposed to and at the same time address unemployment and drug abuse issues in the area. Your location and your distance from the major towns is also one of those challenges.”

In concluding the visit, Mayor Booysen encouraged commercial farmers to support the project as it would benefit the lives of the communities of Calitzdorp.


26 May 2021 Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor and Mayoral Committee visit three key projects in the Greater Oudtshoorn and Kannaland areas

Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor and Mayoral Committee visit three key projects in the Greater Oudtshoorn and Kannaland areas

For immediate release
26 May 2021

On Friday, 21 May 2021, the Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Alderman Memory Booysen, together with his Mayoral Committee members, first visited the Western Cape Honey Bush Tea Co-operative (PTY) Ltd in Oudtshoorn and later, two other projects in the Kannaland region where the GRDM is involved.

Executive Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen, during his address to members from the Western Cape Honey Bush Co-operative.

The Cape Honey Bush Tea Co-operative (PTY) Ltd leases land from GRDM to produce honeybush tea for domestic consumption and international markets. The land is situated adjacent to the GRDM’s De Hoek Mountain Resort in Oudtshoorn. According to Lusanda Menze, GRDM Executive Manager for Economic Development and Planning, the Cape Honey Bush Tea Co-operative (PTY) Ltd is currently leasing the property from the municipality for nine years. However, he further explained: “It will take an extended period for the farm to reach a level of sustainability and to provide the Co-operative ample time to achieve all the objectives they have set out to achieve”.

During the visit, members of the Co-operative shared essential information with the delegation, including their background, the progress of the farming operations and what plans they have in place to attract tourists to the farm and Greater Oudtshoorn area. The plan also includes a training facility for those interested in this unique honeybush product and other related products that could be produced in the area.

As part of the programme, the delegation was accompanied to the Nooitgedagt Farm where honeybush plants will be grown and harvested. Currently, small-scale farmers harvest honeybush in mountainous areas, but in a sustainable manner. Honeybush is pruned for optimal regrowth and more are cultivated for planting during the growing season.

The Nooitgedagt Farm where honeybush plants will be grown and harvested.

Mayor Booysen and his Mayoral Committee members welcomed the presentations made by the members of the Co-operative and Ald. Booysen said: “This initiative and partnership has the potential to add value to families, the Garden Route and Western Cape economies”. When referring to De Hoek Mountain Resort and its activities, Mayor Booysen said: “When GRDM Council took office in 2016, the following questions came to mind: How the municipality fits in as government and as landlords of the property and how the project fits in with us in becoming a partner of with small business”. In explaining his statement, he said: “One leg of government rest on the community which we operate in and of which you form part of”. He then highlighted: “The time has come to formally put this initiative on the map; however, we are now first navigating through red-tape and we need to follow the relevant processes,” he emphasised.

In conclusion, he said: “Let us make this initiative work – this has to work, it needs to be on the map of the Garden Route, on the map of the Western Cape and the map of the entire Republic of South Africa.

The municipality is now in the process of requesting the Council to withdraw its previous Council resolution relating to the lease period and consequently seeking approval from the Council to proceed with the legislative processes to extend the current lease contract to twenty (20) years.

As soon as the item is approved, both parties and the communities of Greater Oudtshoorn will be able to look forward to mainstream Honeybush tea production activities in their area. Together with this, the initiative will address the issue of unemployment in the area and the training facility where formal training can become a reality and economic spin-offs for the Klein-Karoo and the Garden Route district.

Subsequently, the delegation also visited other projects while in the Klein-Karoo, namely the borehole/pomegranate project in Calitzdorp, as well as the municipality’s resort, Calitzdorp Spa, to view the progress made regarding the installation of new roofing for chalets.

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14 May 2021 Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor encourages participants of Mayoral Programmes during Certificate Ceremony

Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor encourages participants of Mayoral Programmes during Certificate Ceremony

For Immediate Release
14 May 2021

On Wednesday, 12 May 2021, youth between the ages of 18 and 35 from various towns within the Garden Route, were acknowledged and handed over certificates by the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), after  completing a Peace Officer (Law Enforcement) and/or Learners & Drivers Licence Programme.  This was the last group of participants who underwent one or both programmes as part of the 2017-2021 Mayoral Programme.

The event took place at the Rosemoor Stadium with the councillors, management, training providers, service providers and the participants in attendance.

Executive Deputy Mayor at Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Ald. Rosina Ruiters welcomed all officials and participants and training providers to the event.  She specifically welcomed and commended the training providers for the excellent manner in which they presented the programmes to the participants.

The Mayoral Law Enforcement programme started in 2017 with the aim to capacitate local municipalities to enforce by-laws within their respective areas. The programme initially commenced in the Knysna and Bitou municipal areas due to the high crime rates in both areas at the time, but subsequently was extended to the other areas of the district.

After completion of the Law Enforcement Programme, the Learners and Drivers Licence Programme was rolled out to empower unemployed youth with essential skills to get easier access to the job market, according to Richard Dyantyi, Manager for Expanded Public Works (EPWP) at the GRDM. “Both these programme are initiatives of the GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald Memory Booysen,” he said.

GRDM Councillor Rowan Spies, programme director of the event, congratulated and encouraged all participants who completed the programme(s) with the following words: “Success is not a moment, but a challenge that you pick up every step of the way. It is getting up in the morning and showing up what you are supposed to do that day when you do not feel like doing it. It is working through relationships in spaces that you work in and learn in and try to move forward when you do not get along with people which you supposed to be working with. That is how success is built. Adding to this he highlighted: “Success comes after your darkest moment when you just want to give up – commend yourself for your hard work and success,” he concluded. Spies is also a member of the Skills Development Training Committee, as well as Portfolio Chairperson tasked with Road and Transport Planning at GRDM.

GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald. Memory Booysen, with some of the participants of the two programmes.

Participants namely Nolusindiso Thafeni, Nathan Buys and Jozé Olivier shared warm messages of appreciation with GRDM, Mayor Booysen, their respective local municipalities and training providers for their efforts to roll out these programmes. Thafeni (Law Enforcement) said: “There are people who weren’t as lucky as us to be selected to the programme, so we are very grateful to Mayor Booysen for making this possible. We are also grateful to everyone who was involved and took initiative by teaching us and getting us here today – we thank you. Buys from Riversdale said: “I am thankful towards both GRDM and Hessequa municipalities for the opportunity created for the youth, in order to build a future for themselves. He also thanked Mayor Booysen for the course that was created for the youth and for all future programmes that will continue to benefit youth. Oliver, a Learners and Drivers Licence participant, also thanked GRDM and stakeholders involved for the opportunity created to assist them in obtaining the necessary skills to be job-ready.

The moment all participants waited for was the appearance of Mayor Booysen when he shared his story of passion with them to help the Garden Route district become a better district for all.  He applauded the group for their endurance throughout the programme and praised them for not giving up on themselves. When highlighting the group’s achievement, he said: “This is just the beginning, because if you are doing good in what you are doing today, you are not only paving the way for yourselves but for others too. Your performance during these programmes motivates us as Council to continue to invest in similar programmes,” Mayor Booysen said.

When referring to the challenges faced by our country in terms of skills development and jobs, Mayor Booysen emphasised: “The GRDM Council made a unanimous conscious decision to invest in the skills of the Garden Route youth and will continue to do so. This idea fits into the broader Skills Mecca concept, which is also being driven by the GRDM at the moment”. He added that from the GRDM’s side, Council also wants to make sure that when opportunities arise, the youth are ready for those opportunities. In closing, he said:  “To be ready for the future, you need to be able to help yourself, you need to be able to solve problems and if you are able to do so, you would then be able to fulfil your purpose in the future of the Republic of South Africa”.

The event was organised by the representatives in the Office of the Executive Mayor, led by Siphiwe Dadla (Chief of Staff in the Office of the Executive Mayor), in collaboration with the EPWP Unit and other internal departments of GRDM.


3 May 2021 Media Release: Garden Route DM: Nineteen (19) youth being up-skilled for Food Handling

Media Release: Garden Route DM: Nineteen (19) youth being up-skilled for Food Handling

For Immediate Release
3 May 2021

Alderman Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor, and Ald. Rosina Ruiters, Deputy Executive Mayor for GRDM, recently visited nineteen (19) Cater Care students at the Francois Ferreira Academy (FFA) in George. Between the ages of 18 and 35, these students are currently busy studying a 3-month Food Handler Qualification (level 2). GRDM’s goal with this Programme is to address the high unemployment rate of South Africa and the Garden Route.

Ald. Memory Booysen, GRDM Executive Mayor (wearing a chain) and Ald. Rosina Ruiters, Deputy Executive Mayor (left of Ald. Booysen) with Cllr Rowan Spies (member of the Education, Training and Development Committee) with students and representatives from the Francois Ferreira Academy.

Alderman Memory Booysen also has a history of working in the hospitality industry and said: “The hospitality industry remains one of the key drivers of the Garden Route economy, and we will continue to fund these types of training initiatives to complement the industry”.

He further added: “The proof is in the pudding – we have supported the up-skilling of 82 youth since starting at this Council in 2016.”

“More than R1 million has been spent since 2016 on the Cater Care Programme,” Booysen said.

The Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO) accredited SAQA Course (110644) consists of the following subjects:

  1. Introduction to Professional Cookery
  2. Personal Safety
  3. Workplace Safety
  4. Food Safety
  5. Numeracy and Units of Measurement
  6. Preparation Methods
  7. Production Methods

In addition to the seven (7) modules, each student will be allowed the opportunity to gain in-service training at a restaurant or hotel for ten (10) days. After that, students will officially graduate by the end of May 2021.

Feature Image Caption: Ald. Memory Booysen is shown how to safely handle a knife when cutting vegetables. With him is Mr Lwandile Green (left), Ms Siyamthanda Mahe (2nd from right) and Chef Jean-Marie Basson from Francois Ferreira Academy.

Editor’s note:

  • The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) is a Quality Council established in 2010 in terms of the Skills Development Act (Act 97 of 1998) as amended in 2008.
  • The Department f Higher Education and Training (DHET) oversees this part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).
  • The QCTO is one of three Quality Councils (QCs) responsible for a part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). 


18 January 2021 Media Release: Cedric Buys’ passing still mourned by GRDM

Media Release: Cedric Buys’ passing still mourned by GRDM

For immediate release
18 January 2021

Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) councillors and staff are still shocked by the passing of one of its Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) contract workers recently. Cedric Buys passed away at the age of 48, a few days before his birthday.

He was appointed as EPWP worker in July 2018 and worked in the Kleinkrantz area until his passing. He worked alongside two other EPWP workers to provide security services at one of the GRDM properties.

He was described not only as a colleague, but also as a friend, family man, reliable and caring community leader and pastor in the community he served. During an interview with one of his co-workers, Irisha Kleinhans, she admitted that Cedric was one of the early birds at the workplace. “He was also the joker – the one who shared stories and funny tales and he always had a smile on his face. He could make us laugh at any moment in time, during good and challenging times,” she added. Cedric was furthermore regarded as the trustworthy colleague. Irisha said that there were times when she forgot her key at home, but the moment she contacted Cedric she knew that the problem would be solved.

“He was also well known in this area for his contribution in uplifting the community, she highlighted” and further stated that he was always keen for the Word of God – he had a passion for the church, the Bible and church activities. “Worshipping God and singing hymns were some of his favourite activities during lunch time; he was an inspiring, caring and cheerful soul who we will dearly miss,” she concluded.

GRDM lost a jewel in Expanded Public Works.

Rest in peace Cedric Buys.

10 September 2020 Media Release: Illegal dumping needs to stop for the sake of all of us

Media Release: Illegal dumping needs to stop for the sake of all of us

For immediate release
10 September 2020

Illegal dumping and littering is a national environmental problem which has a detrimental effect on human health.  This problem not only negatively affects the environment, but it also has social and economic repercussions, such as detrimental impact on tourism.  Recently it became widely known that illegal dumping is prevalent in the majority of the identified COVID-19 hotspots in the Garden Route district.

With the above in mind, the need to effectively clear and manage illegal dumping in the COVID-19 hotspot areas has become a matter of urgency.  Consequently, an investigation was initiated by the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) to determine the challenges of each local municipality to effectively manage illegal dumping in their respective municipalities. Also, to determine the associated costs relating to doing this for the remainder of the 2020-2021 financial year.

According to the local municipalities, all the identified illegal dumping hotspots in the Garden Route district receive waste management services.  In most municipalities, waste skips are placed in and around areas where illegal dumping is prevalent and waste disposal at the waste facilities is also free of charge.  Therefore, illegal dumping is not due to a lack of waste management services but is however a human behavioural issue.  The problem is especially prevalent in less affluent areas of municipalities. There are a countless number of instances where domestic waste is disposed of in ravines and open spaces.  Similarly, small builders and gardening service providers are also frequently reported for illegally dumping builders’ rubble and garden waste in open spaces and road reserves. These areas become particularly difficult to access by means of machinery i.e. front-end loaders and tipper trucks and therefore require a different approach.

GRDM has found that each local municipality has unique needs, volumes of illegally dumped waste and clearing methodologies and the costing and implementation of a district or standardised approach will therefore not be efficient.  Also, the majority of the local municipalities have a dire lack of budget allocation and/or understanding of the requirements to effectively manage illegal dumping.

As a result, a project was identified to clear all accumulated waste in the COVID-19 and illegal dumping hotspots.  The project aims to implement measures to maintain clean and hygienic conditions in these areas to mitigate the associated detrimental health effects. A door-to-door educational and awareness campaign on proper waste management and environmental pollution will be conducted. This grassroots level approach will attempt to change residents’ attitudes towards illegal dumping. Also, it would be a great achievement if behavioural change can happen through the buy-in of the community. This will ensure that the project is sustainable.

Due to the enormity of the project and the associated costs at a district level, the project will be implemented in a phased approach.  Phase 1 of the project will entail the clearing of illegally dumped waste in the Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp areas of the George Municipality, for four months from September 2020 until the end of December 2020.  George Municipality, specifically Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp, were identified as the areas where illegal dumping is currently most prevalent in the district. Therefore, these areas are perfectly suited for the implementation of Phase 1 of the project.  The project will be rolled-out in collaboration with the applicable local municipalities and in this case, George Municipality.

Front-end loaders and tipper trucks will be utilised for the clearing of large stockpiles of illegally dumped domestic waste as well as for the clearing of accumulated garden waste and builders’ rubble.

Community-based contractors and workforces i.e. employment of workers from within the communities will be utilised for the areas that are inaccessible to large machinery and equipment.  The EPWP job creation approach is being used, which means that EPWP participants are being recruited and appointed by the GRDM for a period of four months.  The GRDM will appoint a total of thirty-five (35) EPWP participants as support staff to the front-end loaders which will include fourteen (14) EPWP participants as support staff to the front-end loaders provided by George Municipality. Thirty-six (36) EPWP participants will be appointed for the door-to-door education and awareness and the conduction of a survey to determine the causal factors contributing to illegal dumping.  George Municipality will implement loud hailing throughout the illegal dumping areas in order to inform residents of the project and to request their cooperation during and after the project.  The Ward Councillors of the respective wards in Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp will also assist in spreading the word.

George Municipality has already appointed two contractors to commence with the clearing of illegal dumping in Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp by using a front end loader and tipper trucks. One supporting team was dispatched to assist the JCB with clean-up of waste that cannot be cleaned by the Frontend Loader.