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Property and Asset Management

Cllr Jobieth Hoogbaard
Portfolio Chairperson: Property and Asset Management

Councillor Jobieth Hoogbaard hails from a small town named Slangrivier  in the Hessequa municipal­ area and spent the remainder of his childhood years living in Slangrivier. Slangrivier was established in 1838 and is said to have been first inhabited by shipwreck survivors that ran aground somewhere close to Stilbaai.

Jobieth matriculated in 2001 at Kairos Secondary School in Heidelberg. After this, he studied towards a qualification in Social Auxiliary at Hugenote College. After completing his studies, he landed a job as a Social Auxiliary worker at the Western Cape Department of Social Development Hessequa. This job required him to support social workers working with individuals, groups or communities to improve their social functioning. “The lessons I`ve learned in this work are to act responsibly and improve the good in others’ lives. To be creative and think out of the box,” said Hoogbaard.

Today, Cllr Hoogbaard met the love of his life, Catherin Hoogbaard, in 2000 and married her nine years later. They have a daughter, Jolene, who is the joy of their life and the apple of his eye.

Most important for him is his relationship with God, who he says: “continues to provide me with spiritual strength, love, knowledge, and peace”. Jobieth is also a Pastor, and his relationship with God is central to his being. He is also a talented musician who plays the keyboard and guitar.

Jobieth’s other most recent employment experience was when he was a communication officer for the Executive Mayor of Hessequa Municipality until October 2021. On top of this, he’s also held the position of chairperson for Ward 4 in Hessequa. “I am proud about our persistent efforts before the November 2021 elections in Ward 4 and the broader Hessequa municipal area. This was a concerted effort, and I am proud of every activist for their contribution to our outright in Hessequa and, in particular, ward 4.

As a portfolio chairperson for Property and Asset Management, and a Proportional Councillor, he plans to provide the necessary oversight to see growth and continued stability in the Property and Asset Management sections. “I am going to continue in this strategic position where my predecessor, Cllr Bernardus van Wyk, left off.”

“I intend to do everything in my ability to ensure Garden Routers receive continuous improved service delivery – after all, that is why I was provided the opportunity to be here today, to oversee that it happens,” he concluded.