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Community Services

Executive Manager: Community Services

Personal Assistant
044 803 1300

The Executive Manager of Community Services manages and oversees the following municipal functions:

  • Municipal Health Services
  • Disaster Management and Environmental Management Services
  • Bulk Infrastructure
  • Fire, Rescue and Fleet Services

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Align the strategic function of the Community Services Directorate with the strategic objectives as set out by Council and the IDP.
  • Implement strategies and market the Directorate to conform to the Council’s service delivery objectives.
  • Manage and give strategic direction to the Directorate and oversee the implementation of policies, Council resolutions and Government initiatives.
  • Manage the provision of an efficient and effective administration and strategic management support service to the Directorate.
  • Liaise with the Senior Management Team regarding the research, development and implementation of strategic policies and the development of community-based initiatives and strategies.
  • Ensure a professional working relationship between the communities and the Council that is balanced and easily accessible
  • Ensure that all resolutions and actions which may have far-reaching implications are properly considered and executed within the parameters of prescribed legislation and guidelines. Integrating Council objectives and provide a comprehensive service to the community within the Garden Route District Municipal boundaries

Municipal Health & Environmental Services
Johan Compion (Manager: Municipal Health & Environmental Services)
Tel: 044 803 1300

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Manage the Municipality’s Municipal Health Services (Read more here)
  • Manage the Municipality’s Air Quality Management Services (Read more here)
  • Manage the Municipality’s Waste Management Services (Read more here)

Municipal Disaster Management
Gerhard Otto (Head: Municipal Disaster Management)

Tel:      044 803 1300

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage Disaster operations inclusive of response, recovery and rehabilitation in the district;
  • Manage the recruitment and training of volunteers;
  • The declaration of a local state of disaster and coordination of activities incidental to local state of disaster;
  • Act as repositor and conduit for information concerning disasters;
  • Specialise in issues concerning disasters and disaster management;
  • Give guidance and advice in terms of disaster management issues in local municipalities;
  • Promotion of an integrated and coordinated approach to disaster management at local municipal level;
  • Promotion of research into all aspects of disaster management;
  • Promotion of disaster management capacity building;
  • Manage disaster risk reduction and climate adaption in the district; and
  • Manage the disaster management control centre for the region.

Fire and Rescue Services
Deon Stoffels

Tel:  044 803 1300

Duties and responsibilities:

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) provides the following firefighting services as per the Local Government, Municipal Structures Act 117 of 1998, Chapter 5, 84 (j)

(j) Firefighting services serving the area of the district municipality as a whole, which includes-
(i) planning, co-ordination and regulation of fire services;
(ii) specialized firefighting services such as mountain, veld, and chemical fire services;
(iii) co-ordination of the standardization of infrastructure, vehicles, equipment, and procedures;
(iv) training of fire officers.