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Roads Services

The Garden Route District Municipality Road Agency services an area of approximately 47 000 sq km. The area is divided into 15 wards that are serviced by 16 maintenance grader operators. According to the agreement with the Western Cape Provincial Government, a minimum of 10 000 km gravel road surface must be graded annually. Where needed, re-graveling projects are undertaken and it is the Road Agency’s responsibility to rehabilitate the quarries where the gravel is sourced from. Each ward also has one maintenance team.

A dedicated reseal team ensures that all surface roads, allocated to the Road Agency, are maintained. This includes pothole repair and applying seal to road surfaces.

Provincial Government has also given the Road Agency the mandate to construct a surface road at Friemersheim. This is and applying R78 million project that will take approximately 3 years to complete with the due date being June 2019. Other than that, the roads that were built by the Road Agency include Geelhoutboom, Calitzdorp station and Swartvlei.

Public Transport – Section 12(6)(d)      

  • Act 22 of 2000 (NLTTA)
  • Statutory planning (CPTR, OLS, RATPLAN, PTP, ITP)
  • Public Transport Infrastructure is created
  • Function of Garden Route District with reference to Municipal Structures Act section 84(I)(g) and the NLTTA (22 of 2000)
  • Post funded by Garden Route District Municipality
  • Planning and Infrastructure funded by PGWC: Branch Public Transport

For more information or queries, please contact:

Mr John Daniels
Executive Manager: Roads and Transport Planning Services
044 803 1300