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Roads and Transport Services

Ald. Petru Terblanche
Portfolio Chairperson: Roads and Transport Services

Ald. Petru Terblanche was born, raised and still resides in Hartenbos. He completed his secondary education at The Point High School in 1970, where after he was deployed to Walvisbaai to complete his military service.

Politics interested him early in his life. Since the age of sixteen (16), Terblanche lobbied members for Hartenbos, became Mayor of Hartenbos for two (2) one-year terms and served as co-chairperson for the integration of municipalities in Mossel Bay.

By the age of 22, Petru had to put his successful political career on hold to take over the family butchery from his father, who was not able to run his business because of his health. For the next 32 years, he would manage both his farm and the butchery, also serving as a judge on agricultural shows.

Terblanche returned to politics after selling his business and soon served as a Councillor for Mossel Bay Municipality for a period of two (2) terms. During his first term, he served as a Mayoral Committee member for Community Services and became an Alderman and Speaker during his second term.

Terblanche is currently serving on the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) as a proportional councillor and is also the portfolio chairperson for roads & transport services.

He plans to advocate for the easing of National regulations to assist landowners, amongst other things, to supply gravel easier to Roads Services. Currently, they need to be in possession of a mining licence to do so. He would like to see a better system in place that would reward landowners supplying gravel, and in return, assist them with upkeeping their own gravel roads.

Furthermore, Terblanche would like to see public complaints resolved quickly and efficiently. To facilitate this, he expects a report biweekly detailing complaints and plans of action to address these. “Promises do nothing and getting the work done is the only way to address any negative feelings experienced by the complainant,” said Terblanche.

Terblanche and his wife have two sons and a daughter. When time allows, he enjoys fishing, hunting and occasionally photographing animals as a hobby. His passion for hunting led him to be an establishing member of the Southern Cape Hunting Association, of which he served as president for a while.

His value system is rooted in Christianity. He is methodical and his orderly trait leaves no opportunity for grey areas – yes means yes and no means no, which especially cannot be swayed by means of bribery.