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Mayoral Programmes

21 February 2022 Media Release: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Media Release:  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

For immediate release

21 February 2022

A thought, or rather a WhatsApp message between two women, eager to make a difference, turned into the beginning of a life-changing movement. A drive resulted in 700 pairs of school shoes being donated to fourteen (14) principals at the launch of the Walk-a-Child-to-School program on Wednesday, 9 February 2022.

On 25 February 2021, Ms Queeny Diko, Vodacom Cluster Specialist for Eden Country, contacted Ms Nomonde Makhubalo, Marketing and Sales Manager of Eden FM Radio Station (Eden FM), to share her idea of establishing a school project initiative in collaboration with Eden FM. She wanted to place empty boxes in all Vodacom stores in George where people could donate school shoes. Eden FM would participate by promoting the project and creating awareness on the community radio station. Several days later, Mr Errol Jafta from the George Museum also approached Ms Makhubalo with more or less the same idea of collecting stationery and school clothes for children.

Following a thorough deliberation and brainstorming between the various parties, and taking into consideration the expected goals and objectives of the initiative, Ms Makhubalo quickly realised, “This project has more potential than meets the eye.” she said. Her enthusiasm led her to approach the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) to join in on the life-changing movement of donating school shoes to underprivileged children.

Through this collaboration between Eden FM, GRDM, Vodacom and George Museum, the shoes are donated and aid children to walk to school in comfort. This initiative also puts smiles on each recipient’s face by restoring their HOPE, PRIDE and DIGNITY.

In March 2021, the Walk-a-Child-to-School project was ‘born’ and officially launched in April 2021. As soon as the project commenced, businesses and community members in George generously opened their hearts and donated money and shoes. Within three (3) months, almost 500 pairs of shoes were donated. This demonstrated the power of collective action and people working together,” Ms Nomonde Makhubalo said.

During the first handover ceremony attended by GRDM Councillors, business owners, principals, and learners, Mr Morne Pietersen, Station Manager of Eden FM, made the following remarks. “Children are honest and pure, and with all the horrible things happening in the world, we need to protect and nurture them because they are our most precious gifts. Working with children is wonderful, but seeing them suffer is difficult, and through this initiative, we hope to ease some of their sufferings,” Pietersen said.

Later, Queeny Diko elaborated on Vodacom’s ‘further together’ tagline. “In my opinion, our company’s tagline emphasises the importance of collaboration and partnerships among businesses, corporate companies, radio stations, and municipalities for reaching a common goal. The Walk-a-Child-to-School Project is very dear to my company because we support our communities and try to encourage and enable children to attend schools,” Diko said.

Additionally, Ms Diko presented a surprise to the learners, principals, and parents present, encouraging them to register on the Vodacom E-school platform, which will enable learners to access free, unlimited, quality online educational content from grades R to 12. She explained that only adults and legal guardians could register learners on the platform. “By registering as many learners on the E-school platform, we are running a competition for all 14 beneficiary schools here today to win two Lenovo laptops. As Vodacom Eastern Region, we say let’s go further together, and when we work together, we can achieve more,” she concluded.

Mr Errol Jafta, the representative of the George Museum, expressed his gratitude to his partner for allowing them to be involved.”Listening to all the speakers here today makes me feel sad. When I started working at the museum, I realised that our children have no idea what a museum is. My vision is to change our people’s mindset by demonstrating to them what a museum is all about by going into the community. As we serve the leaders of tomorrow, let’s be humble and use our resources to advance projects like this.”

GRDM Executive Mayor Alderman Memory Booysen opened his address with the statement, “This initiative is bigger than all of us. I can see this in the next few months, and I can see it in the next thirty years. Booysen referred to the MC’s introductory words, which stated that everyone needs a giant to lift them up in life. However, he said that it came to his mind that some giants are not necessarily big, but there are small giants as David of the bible, who was a small man, but who became a giant. “I want to say to the two ladies who started this initiative, sometimes giants become kings, and for a king to be a proper king, you need a queen, and this is what you are.”

He continued his speech by saying that having school shoes can determine whether a learner go all the way to grade 12. “We must not take what is happening here for granted, ladies and gentlemen; this is just the beginning. We also need to teach our children what role they can play to ensure that they look after the planet they live on.”

During the handover of the shoes, the principles present expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the valuable and much-needed donations they received. Principals agreed that shoes are symbolic of pride and give confidence to the young learners knowing that they can walk to school in comfort. Mr Mann, the principal from St.Lukes EK Primary school in Brandwacht outside Mossel Bay, thanked the sponsors and said that most parents in their area rely heavily on social grants, and these school shoes will be a great relief to learners. “We know seasons change, winter is approaching, and our children are dependent on school shoes.

The principal of the Diepkloof Primary school, Mr Bernard Schoeman, also expressed his appreciation and said that gestures like these make lives easier for children and make them feel cared for. Another principle said putting food on the table is a massive challenge for many parents and households; therefore, buying school shoes is, in many cases, impossible.

The GRDM Municipal Manager, Mr Monde Stratu, thanked the pioneers of the wonderful project, emphasising that what started as a thought is growing into what it is becoming. He thanked the George Museum representative, reminding the audience that even among the bad news we hear daily, some men have lost their fatherhood and become monsters. However, we still have fathers taking pride in raising children. Mr Stratu thanked the principals and learners for taking time out of their busy schedules, travelling from far. He concluded that as GRDM, we are very proud of being associated with this initiative.

The schools that benefited from the first Walk-a-Child-to-School Project were:  Crags Primary School, Chris Nissan Primary School,  Diepkloof Primary School, Garden Route Primary School, St Konraad Primary School, Rheenendal Primary School, Slangriver Primary School, Zoar EK Primary School,  St Lukes  Brandwac Primary School, Tyholorha Primary School, De Rust Primary School KwaNokuthula Primary School, Amalienstein Primary School and

The Programme Director ended the event saying that what happened today is only the beginning and that he trusts that this project will explode, with more sponsors becoming involved, distributing thousands of pairs of schools in the future to children in need because there is nothing that must keep a child back to perform and be the best. Our country is alive with possibilities, and today is one of these events which put a stamp of approval that South Africa is indeed alive with possibilities – UNLESS WE EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN, WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY TO THE NEXT LEVEL.


10 December 2021 Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor and stakeholders motivate matric students to achieve success

GRDM Executive Mayor and stakeholders motivate matric students to achieve success

For immediate release
10 December 2021

It was a stirring evening for matric students from Rosemoor, Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp in George on 7 December 2021. They received a special visit from the Executive Mayor from Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) and George Municipality as motivation for them to achieve success.

These students attend evening classes driven by Indigo, a non-profit organisation based in Pacaltsdorp (George) to study towards obtaining their matric certificates. Since August this year, the night school has been running for people who need to complete their matric qualification.

The project has now been expanded to the areas of Rosemoor and Thembalethu to reach all those who have the vision to build a promising future for themselves. GRDM Executive Mayor earlier this year also got involved in the project by ensuring that R15 000 was donated to the school. 

Motivational speakers, representatives from Indigo and matric learners from Thembalethu, during the visit.

According to Myrtle Sacuenda (chairperson of Indigo), the funds were used to procure stationery for the participants. During the visit, the representatives handed the stationery packs over to the students in Rosemoor where the first visit took place.

During his address to the participants in the presence of the educators, Executive Mayor of GRDM, Ald. Memory Booysen, shared his background with a specific focus on his school years and the challenges he faced as a learner. He mentioned that those challenges never stopped him from achieving many successes. “I got second chances too; that is why GRDM did not hesitate to reach out to Indigo,” said Booysen. He added: “You must demonstrate perseverance”. He also emphasised that the future of South Africa is education. Adding to this he said: “I, therefore, take my hat off to the teachers – we must appreciate our teachers because when you plan to enter any career or profession in life, you have to go through a teacher”.

From left are: Pastor Vernon Arries , Georgina Arries (retired nurse, George Hospital), Alderman Memory Booysen (Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality) and Myrtle Sacuenda (Chairperson and Project Manager of Indigo), soon after the event in Rosemoor.

Mayor Booysen also had a message for the teachers: “Be careful what you say to the learners.  We do not always understand what words can do to our learners.  Suppose an educator says something to a learner once per week. In that case, learners will probably start to believe what is said to them and then, sadly, those learners would want to drop out of school”.

In closing, Mayor Booysen praised the students, teachers and Indigo with the following words: “What you are doing with this initiative and what South Africa needs to succeed, is for every single person or individual to be able to help him or herself. He concluded: “By helping yourself, you are helping South Africa”.

Georgina Arries also inspired students by telling her story of when she matriculated, which she was able to do by pushing through life’s challenges working during the day and attending night school.

Myrtle Sacuenda, Chairperson and Project Manager of Indigo, also extended a word of appreciation to project coordinator at Indigo, Julian Folding, as well as the team and also the motivational speakers, including: Malcolm Damons (Western Cape Department of Education), Pastor Vernon Arries,  Georgina Arries (retired nurse, George Hospital), Cllr Jayze Jantjies, as well as Errol Jaftha (Jaftha Foundation), for their thoughtful and inspiring messages to the matric students.

Feature Image: Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality, Alderman Memory Booysen during his motivational address to the matric students of Rosemoor.


6 July 2021 Media Release: Garden Route DM remains committed to uplifting SMMEs

Media Release: Garden Route DM remains committed to uplifting SMMEs

For Immediate Release
6 July 2021

Well supported Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMME) are key drivers of sustainable job creation and remain one of the Garden Route District Municipality’s (GRDM) priority focus areas. GRDM supports SMMEs to promote and develop the economic footprint of small businesses to boost the district economy. For this reason, GRDM donated equipment and resources amounting to R608 000.00, with a maximum value of R40 000 to each SMME.

The official SMME Support and Development Programme Handover Ceremony took place virtually on 6 July 2021. During the event, Alderman Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor for GRDM, said: “The private sector remains bigger than government, and you as SMMEs play a massive role in driving our economy and creating jobs. I see our job as government to create an environment where you can thrive. Hence we continue to embark on these programmes year on year.”

“My message is clear – SMMEs, we need you to help the economy grow even further. I know the state of the economy in South Africa is not great, and we are aware that many people have lost jobs. My vision is to see you grow to a point where you can employ others, particularly vulnerable groups like women and those who are differently-abled,” said Booysen.

Alderman Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor for GRDM (left) during his keynote address. Lusanda Menze (right), GRDM Executive Manager for Planning and Economic Development was the Programme Director for the handover ceremony.

Booysen also said that his travels abroad have confirmed to him that successful economies have strong small businesses. “I also don’t want anyone to lose hope – start small, you have to start somewhere. Sometimes we think we need to start big, but that is not important, rather think big – you will then grow to that goal”.

Mayor Booysen also encouraged beneficiaries to create a footprint in other municipal areas within the district and beyond.

Two SMMEs were presented with an opportunity to share a special word of gratitude to GRDM and stakeholders. The first was Fundi Tonisi from Creamillion General Trading. She said: “Without your assistance, it would not have been possible. Many of us need capital, be it financial, equipment and land. Thank you, GRDM for prioritising us. She said that many are going through traumatic and difficult times but urged beneficiaries to keep looking ahead and reaching their goals.

Neil Moos (Ouma Barbie se Stoepkombuis), shared the second word of appreciation. “GRDM didn’t overlook us, and we are thankful for that. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many of our financial statuses. Alderman Booysen, and role players, in particular the Local Economic Development Unit of GRDM – thank you for seeing the potential in us and taking us forward with you.” Moos also reminded all beneficiaries that within each person lies the seed of unlimited possibilities and that it should be embraced.

Some of the beneficiaries also thanked the GRDM and its partners in the Zoom chatbox by saying: “Thank you Melanie Wilson and her team – you are all excellent”. Another thanked the GRDM by saying: “We see the assistance as a big stepping stone for helping our business grow”.

In light of the current lockdown restrictions, GRDM Municipal Manager, Monde Stratu said that it’s unfortunate that “we cannot celebrate this day under one roof”.  Stratu commended the GRDM Council, the Planning and Economic Development Department and its partners for the role they played to ensure that the beneficiaries meaningfully benefited from the contributions. “We would have loved to have made the slice of cake bigger but could only share what was available.

Stratu urged beneficiaries to become more resilient and shared his concerns about how the pandemic has caused many to lose their jobs, homes, and livelihoods. “There might be difficult days ahead, but I think our futures will be filled with brighter days”.  He pleaded with beneficiaries to guard the resources given to them and reminded them that the GRDM would keep a close watch on their progress going forward.

According to the Programme Director and Executive Manager for Planning and Economic Development at GRDM, Lusanda Menze, the initiative also forms part of the GRDM’s Economic Recovery Plan and Growth and Development Strategy. “We would like to create economic opportunities within our ecosystem, and this initiative is another step in that direction,” he said.

Many conversations around the economic impact of Covid-19 has focused on the formal economy; however, the devastation on smaller businesses has been enormous. The GRDM Council, also during the 2019/2020 financial year, endorsed monetary support that totalled R400 000.00 towards a similar initiative (read here).

Who are the beneficiaries?

The list of beneficiaries includes Sharlebel, South Cape Funeral Home, Camagwini Services, Elsie’s Handmade Products, Massimo Leather Crafts (PTY) Ltd, Artsmart, BTL Sewing, Debongs Café, Eden Event Management, Mange & Mtsolos Project, Sew Happy Primary Co-op, Ouma Barbie se Stoepkombuis, Max 21st Century Projects, Candidas Event Management, Creamillion General Trading, Figree Joy, George Backpackers, Gwaing Trading Enterprise and Kairos Foods & Services.

Who assisted GRDM to make this initiative a success?

Getting relief to people on the ground can be a challenging task. Therefore, a partnering approach was followed during the evaluation and adjudication process of selecting the most eligible beneficiaries. This approach involved a number of stakeholders, including the Department of Agriculture (DoA), Provincial Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT), Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda), Local Economic Development Managers of local municipalities and the Garden Route Development Partnership. The procurement of the capital items was efficiently done by CASIDRA, George Office.

Feature Image: Some of the many items sponsored to SMMEs in the Garden Route


14 May 2021 Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor encourages participants of Mayoral Programmes during Certificate Ceremony

Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor encourages participants of Mayoral Programmes during Certificate Ceremony

For Immediate Release
14 May 2021

On Wednesday, 12 May 2021, youth between the ages of 18 and 35 from various towns within the Garden Route, were acknowledged and handed over certificates by the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), after  completing a Peace Officer (Law Enforcement) and/or Learners & Drivers Licence Programme.  This was the last group of participants who underwent one or both programmes as part of the 2017-2021 Mayoral Programme.

The event took place at the Rosemoor Stadium with the councillors, management, training providers, service providers and the participants in attendance.

Executive Deputy Mayor at Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Ald. Rosina Ruiters welcomed all officials and participants and training providers to the event.  She specifically welcomed and commended the training providers for the excellent manner in which they presented the programmes to the participants.

The Mayoral Law Enforcement programme started in 2017 with the aim to capacitate local municipalities to enforce by-laws within their respective areas. The programme initially commenced in the Knysna and Bitou municipal areas due to the high crime rates in both areas at the time, but subsequently was extended to the other areas of the district.

After completion of the Law Enforcement Programme, the Learners and Drivers Licence Programme was rolled out to empower unemployed youth with essential skills to get easier access to the job market, according to Richard Dyantyi, Manager for Expanded Public Works (EPWP) at the GRDM. “Both these programme are initiatives of the GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald Memory Booysen,” he said.

GRDM Councillor Rowan Spies, programme director of the event, congratulated and encouraged all participants who completed the programme(s) with the following words: “Success is not a moment, but a challenge that you pick up every step of the way. It is getting up in the morning and showing up what you are supposed to do that day when you do not feel like doing it. It is working through relationships in spaces that you work in and learn in and try to move forward when you do not get along with people which you supposed to be working with. That is how success is built. Adding to this he highlighted: “Success comes after your darkest moment when you just want to give up – commend yourself for your hard work and success,” he concluded. Spies is also a member of the Skills Development Training Committee, as well as Portfolio Chairperson tasked with Road and Transport Planning at GRDM.

GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald. Memory Booysen, with some of the participants of the two programmes.

Participants namely Nolusindiso Thafeni, Nathan Buys and Jozé Olivier shared warm messages of appreciation with GRDM, Mayor Booysen, their respective local municipalities and training providers for their efforts to roll out these programmes. Thafeni (Law Enforcement) said: “There are people who weren’t as lucky as us to be selected to the programme, so we are very grateful to Mayor Booysen for making this possible. We are also grateful to everyone who was involved and took initiative by teaching us and getting us here today – we thank you. Buys from Riversdale said: “I am thankful towards both GRDM and Hessequa municipalities for the opportunity created for the youth, in order to build a future for themselves. He also thanked Mayor Booysen for the course that was created for the youth and for all future programmes that will continue to benefit youth. Oliver, a Learners and Drivers Licence participant, also thanked GRDM and stakeholders involved for the opportunity created to assist them in obtaining the necessary skills to be job-ready.

The moment all participants waited for was the appearance of Mayor Booysen when he shared his story of passion with them to help the Garden Route district become a better district for all.  He applauded the group for their endurance throughout the programme and praised them for not giving up on themselves. When highlighting the group’s achievement, he said: “This is just the beginning, because if you are doing good in what you are doing today, you are not only paving the way for yourselves but for others too. Your performance during these programmes motivates us as Council to continue to invest in similar programmes,” Mayor Booysen said.

When referring to the challenges faced by our country in terms of skills development and jobs, Mayor Booysen emphasised: “The GRDM Council made a unanimous conscious decision to invest in the skills of the Garden Route youth and will continue to do so. This idea fits into the broader Skills Mecca concept, which is also being driven by the GRDM at the moment”. He added that from the GRDM’s side, Council also wants to make sure that when opportunities arise, the youth are ready for those opportunities. In closing, he said:  “To be ready for the future, you need to be able to help yourself, you need to be able to solve problems and if you are able to do so, you would then be able to fulfil your purpose in the future of the Republic of South Africa”.

The event was organised by the representatives in the Office of the Executive Mayor, led by Siphiwe Dadla (Chief of Staff in the Office of the Executive Mayor), in collaboration with the EPWP Unit and other internal departments of GRDM.


20 March 2021 Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor and stakeholders unveil symbolic benches at Victoria Bay

Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor and stakeholders unveil symbolic benches at Victoria Bay

For immediate release
20 March 2021

Thursday, 18 March 2021, marked a historic day for Victoria Bay situated in George, with the unveiling of two symbolised benches, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Alderman Memory Booysen, at the beach.

The song named “Victoriabaai” sang by Lucas Maree, the late well-known South African artist, inspired Andre Groenewald, a community member from George, to approach GRDM to allow symbolised benches at Victoria that would provide an opportunity for all people to fill their minds with hope.  According to Groenewald, “Victoriabaai” is, as far is he knows, the only song singing the praises of Victoria Bay, hence, the funding made available by GRDM to unveil these benches. The area where the benches are placed is an ideal setting for members of the public, including tourists, to view the picturesque waves of the Victoria Bay beach.  He said:  “At Victoria Bay you see something positive in every negative thing. Even the horrific pandemic has positive consequences if you look at how people value each other again, how we value health workers again and how you no longer take even small things for granted,” he added.

The stainless steel plates placed on the benches were funded by GRDM and it showcase quotes of the late president of the Republic of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, together with extracts of the song “Victoriabaai”. The benches were donated by community members Andre Groenewald and Neil Schalkwyk, with Hennie Weideman and René Janse van Vuuren (sister of the late Lucas Maree), who also contributed to a successful event.

During his keynote address, Mayor Memory Booysen said:  “This is the beginning of the partnership and relationship with all relatives and families that are connected with what will be unveiling here today.  This is the beginning of that partnership with the Garden Route District Municipality. And, as co-property owners of Victoria Bay this is the time that we should discuss the way forward of Victoria Bay. If we put our minds together we can enhance the beauty of what you created here”.  Mayor Booysen furthermore emphasised that in the world we are in today, our aim is to bring hope to the people and to the needy. He highlighted: “The significance of today is to bring hope to the family who were left behind, because the memories are written on these benches. And, the memories of the individuals are the memories that will give us the power and strength, and for all the relatives and friends to move forward as one unit”.

Mr Passmore Dongi, Acting Manager for Properties Development and Planning, as well as programme director of the event, highlighted and said that he hopes these benches will define what a bench is in the Garden Route context. Adding to this he explained: “…before there were chairs, or even tables, there were benches, but the bench we are concerned with here is a very particular type of bench, ‘the public bench’. It is a sign of friendship and a sign of welcome, but also a place capable of welcome and generosity; and this is what this bench is going to do to Victoria Bay”.

Councillors and officials from GRDM, including Executive Deputy Mayor, Ald Rosina Ruiters who welcomed all present, Municipal Manager, Monde Stratu, members of the public and family members of the late Lucas Maree, attended and participated in this historic occasion. The event van organised by the Properties Development and Planning Section of Garden Route District Municipality.

Feature photograph: Executive Mayor, Ald Memory Booysen cutting the ribbon during the ceremony with (fltr) Executive Deputy Mayor, Ald Rosina Ruiters and Community Members Neil Skalkwyk and Andre Groenewald.


25 February 2020 Mayor Booysen rides the world’s longest Zipline in Mossel Bay

Just under a month after its official opening which took place on 25 January 2020, Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Cllr Memory Booysen, faced his fear of heights (and hard adventures) by riding the world-renowned Mossel Bay Zipline. He was joined by supporters from Mossel Bay Municipality and onlookers from the town.

Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality, Cllr Memory Booysen and his wife, Elethu Booysen geared-up before riding the Mossel Bay Zipline.

Before his Zipline-ride, Mayor Booysen said: “This is a big thing, not only for the Garden Route but also for the Western Cape and I truly believe this should be the attraction for South Africa.” He further added “I am going to tell my peers to also come and experience it”.

According to Mayor Booysen, his wife Elethu convinced him to do it. “He is scared of heights and especially hard adventures, but we do these activities as long as I do it with him. I also gave him the option to pull out if he feels too scared,” she said. This was his also the first time Mayor Booysen did a hard adventure activity, he has only done some soft adventure activities like “hiking at Robberg in Plettenberg Bay and Wilderness,” said Elethu. The next adventures she plans to convince him to do include bungee jumping at Storms River and whale watching in Plettenberg Bay.

After the ride, Mayor Booysen said: “This is the best adrenalin-shot you can ever have, anywhere in the world – this was fun!”

Mossel Bay Zipline

This one-of-a-kind activity happens over the ocean in Mossel Bay. It is the longest over- ocean zipline in the world at 1.1km. The Zipline construction was approved by Mossel Bay Municipality in 2017. It is 90m above sea level and those doing it can reach a speed of up to 90km/h. The cost for a ride is R450 per person. More information about this adventure activity is accessible here:

Mayor Booysen coming down the 90m high Zipline in Mossel Bay, which offers views of the beautiful ocean.

Regional Tourism

The Garden Route and Klein Karoo Tourism is a central point for people visiting the region to find out what’s on offer in the region in terms of activities and experiences – visit to find out more and click on the “Explore” button to see what each town in the region offers.

Editor’s note:

Hard Adventure

Hard adventure refers to activities with high levels of risk, requiring intense commitment and advanced skills. Hard tourism includes the activities like climbing mountains/rock/ice, trekking, caving etc.

Hard adventure activities are highly risked in nature. Professional guide, advance level skills are required to perform these activities. Many tourists died during climbing mountains, caving every day. There is an interesting fact that is for K2, world 2nd highest mountain, for every two people who submit one dies.

Soft Adventure

Soft adventure refers to activities with a perceived risk but low levels of risk, requiring minimal commitment and beginning skills; most of these activities are led by experienced guides. Soft tourism includes the activities like backpacking, camping, hiking, kayaking etc.

Soft adventure activities are low risk in nature. These activities are led by professional guides. Soft adventure is a popular category in adventure tourism. On average, 25% trips taken from North America and Europe are soft adventure trips.