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Author: Xola Makinana Xola Makinana

20 March 2024 Media Release: Public Encouraged to Register on GRDM Human Settlement Database

Media Release: Public Encouraged to Register on GRDM Human Settlement Database

For Immediate Release
20 March 2024

Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) calls upon eligible residents, falling within the qualifying monthly income threshold, to register on the Human Settlements Database. This initiative aims to streamline processes to determine interested and qualifying beneficiaries to facilitate the delivery of enhanced affordable housing solutions across the district.

As from September 2023, the GRDM Human Settlements Section started with a marketing exercise, creating awareness at public places over weekends, registering interested qualifying applicants who want to be part of GRDM overall Human Settlements Database.  Up to date, almost 900 applicants have been registered against the set target of 2000 applicants for the GRDM affordable housing opportunities database.

The affordable housing opportunities consist of social rental and individual home ownership schemes relative to promotion of choice and affordability.  These are primarily for those households whose monthly income streams and thresholds sit between R3 501 – R22 000 respectively.

The applicants have to also meet the qualifying criteria which can be summed as follows:

  1. Be a South African person.

  2. Sit between the afore-mentioned income streams.

  3. Meet affordability requirements.

  4. Be 18 years and above.

  5. Have dependents.

The demand database will eventually be administered and used by the GRDM’s formal social housing partner, Own Haven Housing Association, for the purpose of beneficiation, allocation and management of confirmed successful beneficiaries.

By registering on the Human Settlement Database, residents enable GRDM to accurately assess and address housing needs within the community, ensuring equitable distribution of resources and targeted interventions where they are most needed.

For more information regarding the GRDM Human Settlment Database, please contact Messrs. Lubabalo Ketani and Luyolo Ndima at 044-8031300.

Caption: GRDM Human Settlement team is hard at work conducting an awareness campaign to ensure every resident knows their housing options.


09 February 2024 Media Release: Vuyani Kopi, a GRDM employee sadly passed away on 3 February 2024

 Media Release: Vuyani Kopi, a GRDM employee sadly passed away on 3 February 2024

For immediate release
09 February 2024

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), in particular the Roads Services Department, is left devastated of the passing of a dear colleague and friend, Vuyani Kopi (42). His departure leaves a profound void in the organisation that he loyally served for more than 6 years.

Vuyani passed away on 3 February 2024 at Settlers Hospital in Grahamstown.

He became part of the GRDM family when he was appointed as a Handyman/Artisan on 1 October 2017. Vuyani formed part of the GRDM’s Road Services – Oudtshoorn – Concrete Section.

During his tenure as an employee of GRDM, Vuyani shared good times with his colleagues and friends and leave them with many good memories.

While mourning the departure of his co-worker and best friend, Elliot Qhoholo said: “Vuyani was more than just a colleague; he was a pillar of strength and a true friend. His presence lifted us, but now his absence will be felt. As GRDM colleagues, we extend our deepest condolences to Vuyani’s family during this difficult time.

Kopi was originally from Grahamstown in the Joza area and he leaves behind his wife Fikiswa Kamteni, two (2) children, four (4) sisters and a brother.

In celebration of Vuyani’s life, the GRDM will be hosting a special memorial service at 14h00 on 12 February 2024 in the municipality’s Council Chambers in George. He will be laid to rest at 09h00 on Saturday, 17 February 2024 in Grahamstown.

In these dark and difficult times, let us keep Vuyani’s family and friends in our thoughts and prayers, finding solace in the legacy he leaves behind and the memories we shared as colleagues and friend.

Rest in peace our Vuyani Kopi – you will be sorely missed.

Caption: Picture of Vuyani Kopi


09 February 2024 Media Release: GRDM Environmental Health Practitioners Conducted Health Education at Kuyasa Clinic, Zone 9, Thembalethu.

Media Release: GRDM Environmental Health Practitioners Conducted Health Education at Kuyasa Clinic, Zone 9, Thembalethu.

For immediate release
09 February 2024

At the end of January 2024, the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Environmental Health Practitioners (EHP), Yonwaba Sifo and Ivy Mamegwa visited Kuyasa Clinic located in Zone 9, Thembalethu. The purpose of the visit was to inform and educate clinic visitors about Typhoid fever.

According to Ivy Mamegwa, “Typhoid fever is one of the notifiable medical conditions in South Africa. It is caused by Salmonella Typhi. The disease is spread through faecal oral contamination and can be transmitted from person to person by direct contact or through ingestion of contaminated food or water. The importance of hand-washing was also emphasized”.

During the presentation, more than 50 patients were reached.  To those present, the GRDM EHPs demonstrated effective and correct hand washing techniques. They also taught the public what typhoid fever is, the causative agent, its symptoms, and how to prevent it. Common symptoms of Typhoid fever include: Headache, abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea etc.

The three most effective methods of preventing typhoid are:

  • Adherence to strict hand washing with soap and water after using the toilet and before handling food;
  • Provision of safe water; and
  • Adequate sanitation.

EHP Yonwaba Sifo said: “Typhoid fever patients should practice strict hand hygiene and should not prepare food until they have been proven to be infection-free”.

                                 Caption: EHPs  busy demonstrating the proper techniques of hand-washing.


IDP/BUDGET and PMS Representative Forum meeting to take place on 23 November 2023

IDP/BUDGET and PMS Representative Forum meeting to take place on 23 November 2023

In terms of sections 16(1)(a)(i) and 17(1)(a) – (e) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No 32 of 2000, a notice is hereby given that the Garden Route District Municipality will hold its IDP/Budget and Performance Representative Forum meeting to encourage and create conditions for the local community to participate in the affairs of the municipality.

The meeting is scheduled as follows:
: 23 November 2023
Time: 09:00
Live broadcast by Eden FM: 09h30 – 10h15

George Municipality, Knysna Municipality, Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality, Kannaland Munisipaliteit, Mossel Bay Municipality, Hessequa Municipality, Bitou Municipality and GCIS Garden Route



20 September 2023 Media Release: Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) handed over 55 jackets to Thembalethu neighbourhood watches

Media Release: Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) handed over 55 jackets to Thembalethu neighbourhood watches

For Immediate Release
20 September 2023

Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) has donated 55 jackets to Thembalethu Neighbourhood Watch to support the Area Base Team (ABT). ABT, which consists of various community structures in Thembalethu, requested assistance from GRDM through a Neighbourhood Watch and Community Forum (CPF) Indaba due to the high crime rate in the area.

Jackets are funded through the GRDM in collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Police Oversight and Community Safety.

During the handover ceremony, GRDM Executive Mayor Ald, Memory Booysen thanked the representatives of the Thembalethu Neighbourhoods for the significant work they are doing in keeping community members safe.  Alderman Booysen, however, encouraged them to also invite young people to work with them, since safety is a concern for everyone.

Caption : In this photo is Garden Route District Municipality Executive Mayor Alderman Memory Booysen, together with the leadership of the Thembaletu Neighbourwood Watch and his office


12 September 2023 Media Release: Garden Route monitoring station reporting live on SAAQIS

Media Release: Garden Route monitoring station reporting live on SAAQIS

For Immediate Release
12 September 2023

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) procured a low-cost mobile sensor from Earthsense in the United Kingdom, called the Zephyr. This mobile unit can measure various pollutants such as particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide. The sensor is used throughout the district to identify air quality hot spots. These hot spots are based on historic complaints and air pollution activities. This unit has become an indispensable component of air quality management in the district.

“This is another achievement and further step in sharing important air quality information with the public, as these monitoring data have been reported on the South African Air Quality Information System (SAAQIS),” said Dr Johann Schoeman, Manager: GRDM District Air Quality Control.

SAAQIS makes air information available to stakeholders, provides a common system for managing air quality in South Africa and provides uniformity in the way data, information and reporting are managed.  The SAAQIS aims to provide public access to air quality information. The availability of information facilitates transparency in processes, informs decision-making, and builds capacity. Through the SAAQIS, relevant information can be streamlined, tools are provided to assist in managing air quality, and stakeholders are made aware of air quality issues.

The SAAQIS presents real-time ambient air quality monitoring information together with the Air Quality Index on modern platforms. This information is available through the SAAQIS website (http// and an innovative mobile application tool (available on Android and iOS mobile platforms).  Besides the Zephyr, the fixed air quality station in George, under the control of the Provincial Air Quality department, and the Eskom station in Mossel Bay are also reporting on SAAQIS.

Any member of the public can now access the website and monitor the air quality results of the George station, Mossel Bay station as well as the mobile station. The mobile station’s location is movable, depending on where it is utilised at that specific point in time. An air quality index is plotted on the site and indicates the state of the air on a scale from excellent to poor.

The reporting live on SAAQIS is a further enhancement of air quality management in the district and a way of open and transparent communication to its residents. It lives up to our vision of “having air quality worthy of the name Garden route”.

For more information, please contact Dr Johann Schoeman, District Air Quality Manager by e-mailing

Did you know: Air Quality ambient monitoring is a statutory requirement of District Municipalities, in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004 (Act 39 of 2004).

Click on – The map of South Africa shows three (3) green spots in our district. We have a mobile station between Mossel Bay and Herbertsdale (Mossdustria) on the far left. The other two are at Mossel Bay and at George’s. You will find the following information if you click on the homo ns mobile station.

Featured image caption : A low-cost mobile sensor from Earthsense in the United Kingdom, called the Zephyr.


29 August 2023 Media Release: Skills Mecca gets another strategic partner on-board

Media Release: Skills Mecca gets another strategic partner on board

For Immediate Release
29 August 2023

The socio-economic programme of the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), known as the Garden Route Skills Mecca, through its partnerships at local, district, metro, provincial, national, sectoral, and international levels, supports skills development.

On Friday, 25 August 2023 the Garden Route District Municipal Manager, Monde Stratu, Heads of Departments from Planning and Economic Development, Lusanda Menze and Corporate Services, Trix Holtzhausen as well as the Skills Mecca team and their partners, the South Cape TVET College and Africa Skills Village, met with a new emerging national partner, the National Business Initiative (NBI).

The NBI as it is known, is a voluntary coalition of South African and multinational companies, working towards sustainable growth and development in South Africa and the shaping of a sustainable future through responsible business action, thereby demonstrating business action for sustainable growth.

One of their many programmes includes the Installation, Repair, and Maintenance (IRM) Initiative which has already been successfully implemented in other parts of the country and has now arrived to support the Garden Route Skills Mecca.

 Initially, the partnership will focus on the rollout of numerous renewable energy interventions, but progressively the partnership will start to build a local Garden Route ecosystem of sustainable small job creation processes in all the strategic focus areas of the Garden Route Growth and Development Strategy.

 This new partnership is a direct outcome of the recent highly successful third Garden Route Skills Summit held in Knysna on 13 July 2023.



18 August 2023 Media Release: Garden Route District Municipality Grows the Capacity of Skills Mecca Programme

Media Release: Garden Route District Municipality Grows the Capacity of Skills Mecca Programme

For Immediate Release
18 August 2023

The Garden Route Skills Mecca (GRSM), which forms part of the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), aspires to increase employability of youth. The GRSM has 11 young people known as GRSM Technicians who drive the implementation of skills development projects and programmes at a grass route-level across all seven municipal areas of the Garden Route.

On 15 August 2023, Technicians started their training in a Work-based Learning and development Practitioner programme. This programme, which will end on 28 September 2023, seeks to enhance their competencies as facilitators of stakeholder based processes. Further they will be equipped with the skills to ability to place young people at workplaces for work-based learning experience.  Both these competencies are critical if the Garden Route is to ensure that young people are offered opportunities for work experience that is by far the best way to ultimately become employed.


Die Garden Route Skills Mecca program (GRSM), wat deel vorm van die Tuinroete Distriksmunisipaliteit (TDM), streef daarna om die indiensneembaarheid van jongmense in die distrik te verhoog. Die GRSM het 11 jongmense wat bekendstaan as GRSM Tegnikuste regoor die sewe Tuinroete munisipale areas.  Hierdie jongmense is verantwoordelik vir die implementering van vaardigheidsontwikkelingsprojekte en programme op ‘n grondvlakfase.

Op Dinsdag 15 Augustus 2023, het Tegnikuste hul opleiding in ‘n Werkgebaseerde Leer- en Ontwikkelingpraktisyn Program begin. Hierdie program, wat op 28 September 2023 sal eindig, poog daarin om hul bevoegdhede as fasiliteerders van belanghebbende gebaseerde prosesse te verbeter. Verder sal hulle toegerus word met die nodige vaardighede om jongmense by werkplekke te plaas vir werkgebaseerde leerervaring. Beide hierdie vaardighede is van kritieke belang, indien die Tuinroete wil verseker dat jongmense in die streek geleenthede gebied word om werkservaring wat verreweg die beste manier is om uiteindelik in diens te kom, op te doen.


IGarden Route Skills Mecca (GRSM), eyinxalenye kaMasipala weSithili seGarden Route (iGRDM), inqwenela ukwandisa ukuqesheka kolutsha. I-GRSM inabantu abatsha abali-11 abaziwa ngokuba ngamaGcisa e-GRSM aqhuba ukuphunyezwa kwenkqubo zophuhliso lwezakhono kwinqanaba lomgagatho ophantsi kuzo zonke iindawo zomasipala bosixhenxe kwiSithili seGarden Route.

Ngomhla we-15 kweyeThupha ka-2023, amaGcisa aqalise uqeqesho lwawo kwiNkqubo yokuFunda nokuPhuhlisa okuSekwe kuMsebenzi. Le nkqubo, eya kuphela ngomhla wama-28 kweyoMsintsi2023, ijonge ukwandisa ubuchule babo njengabaququzeleli beenkqubo ezisekelwe kumaqela achaphazelekayo. Ngaphezu koko baya kuxhotyiswa ngezakhono zokukwazi ukubeka abantu abatsha kwiindawo zokusebenza ukuze bafumane amava okufunda asekelwe emsebenzini. Zombini ezi zakhono zibalulekile ukuba iSithili seGarden Route iqinisekisa ukuba abantu abatsha banikwa amathuba okufumana amava omsebenzi yeyona ndlela ingcono kakhulu yokuba ekugqibeleni baqeshwe.

Caption for feature image: Stakeholder involve front row from left to right: Refilwe Molele (EWSETA- Head office), Renecia Tibini (EWSETA-Western Cape Provincial Operations), Hermien du Plessis (Trainini Answers-Chief Executive Officer), Micaela Muller (GRSM Technician-Kannaland), Ongeziwe Mthongwana (GRSM Technician-George), Kayakazi Klaas (GRSM Technician-GRDM), Liezel Swemmer (GRSM Technician-Knysna), Sisanda Sajini (GRSM Technician-GRDM), Onke Thwala (GRSM Technician-GRDM) and Angeline Naidoo (HR Practitioner: Training Section-GRDM).
Back row from left to right; Ravin Bavuma (GRSM Technician-Mossel Bay), Bianca Opperman (GRSM Technician-Oudtshoorn), Dineo Ramasesane (GRSM Technician-GRDM), Thembisa Sinxo (GRSM Technician-Bitou), Trix Holtzhausen (Executive Manager: Corporate Services – GRDM), Renola Abrahams (GRSM Technician-Hessequa) and Dr Florus Prinsloo (GRSM -Coordinator).


02 August 2023 Media Release: Garden Route DM and George Municipality visit grade 5 learners and share knowledge about nature conservation

Media Release: Garden Route DM and George Municipality visit grade 5 learners and share knowledge about nature conservation

For Immediate Release
01 August 2023

Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Disaster Management Unit in collaboration with George Local Municipality conducted an educational session about World Nature Conservation Day (28 July) at Mzoxolo Primary School for grade 5 learners.

The main objectives of this campaign were to educate learners about nature conversations. Also, to encourage them to take part in protecting the environment and enhance nature conservation.

During the awareness campaign learners were also taught about the following:

  • causes and the impacts of the loss of natural resources;
  • health risks associated with loss of natural resources;
  • the benefits of healthy nature; and
  • solutions to protect the environment such as minimizing pollution, recycling and conserving water.

Sessions like these increase a sense of responsibility, confidence and empower learners to also become active citizens and take collective action to tackle environmental issues

The following pictures were taken during the awareness session at Mzoxolo Primary School

Feature image caption: Two GRDM Disaster Management Interns unpacking the presentation for learners.


25 July 2023 Media Release: Oudtshoorn Local Municipality progress in clean-up, recycling initiatives by Garden Route District Municipality and Community involvement

Media Release: Oudtshoorn Local Municipality progress in clean-up, recycling initiatives by Garden Route District Municipality and Community involvement.

For Immediate Release
25  July 2023

The Oudtshoorn Municipality is pleased to report significant progress in the comprehensive clean-up of the Greater Oudtshoorn area, with numerous residents and schools actively participating in maintaining a cleaner town. Additionally, the Garden Route District Municipality has launched a Recycle Campaign Initiative in two schools, aiming to foster a cleaner and more sustainable environment for the entire community.

This recycling campaign initiative from Garden Route District Municipality aims to tackle the pressing issue of waste management and promote recycling practices in the region. The Oudtshoorn Municipality has partnered with two schools, De Villiers Primary School, and Protea High School, to implement the campaign. The involvement of these schools is pivotal as it represents an investment in our future leaders and demonstrates the significance of active youth participation in environmental conservation.

These two schools will spearhead the recycling drive in its immediate vicinity. The recycling launch raised awareness about the importance of recycling and demonstrated the processes involved. The school will establish recycling stations on its premises, encouraging students and their families to embrace sustainable waste management practices.

“The Clean-Up and Recycle Campaign is an embodiment of our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our community,” stated Ambrose Carelse, Municipal Environmental Officer, expressing the municipality’s enthusiasm for the project. “By involving our local schools, we are nurturing a culture of environmental consciousness from an early age. We believe that this project will inspire positive behavioural change and forge a cleaner, greener future for Oudtshoorn.”

During the cleanup and recycling event, Councillor Berry, Councillor of Ward 7, urged learners to be ambassadors for Cleaning and Greening, educating peers and friends by discouraging dumping in open spaces. She commended the community’s responsible use of open spaces for sports and expressed gratitude to the Garden Route Municipality and Cape Nature for their initiative and for using the municipality as a pilot to launch the recycling campaign.

“Local businesses, residents, and community leaders are encouraged to support the Clean-Up and Recycle Campaign by actively participating in the organized clean-up events and embracing recycling practices in their daily lives.”

These projects also form part of the MyTownMyProblem initiative, whereby it is crucial that all the residents young and old commit to their responsibility to look after the areas in which they live, work, and play with the help of the municipality. We want to encourage all residents to take pride in the areas where they reside in. Furthermore, the municipality would also like to encourage residents to report any illegal dumping activity within their areas.

Together, let us embrace this collective responsibility for the betterment of our environment. For further information or to get involved in the campaign, please contact Ambrose Carelse on 044 203 3982.

Students, teachers, and municipal officials will join forces to clean up litter and debris, restoring the beauty of the surrounding area and fostering a strong sense of civic pride.

Issued by Oudtshoorn Municipality Media & Communication Services on Monday, 24 July 2023.

Pictures of the different stakeholders who took part in the Clean-Up and Recycle Campaign.