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12 September 2023 Media Release: Garden Route monitoring station reporting live on SAAQIS

Media Release: Garden Route monitoring station reporting live on SAAQIS

For Immediate Release
12 September 2023

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) procured a low-cost mobile sensor from Earthsense in the United Kingdom, called the Zephyr. This mobile unit can measure various pollutants such as particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide. The sensor is used throughout the district to identify air quality hot spots. These hot spots are based on historic complaints and air pollution activities. This unit has become an indispensable component of air quality management in the district.

“This is another achievement and further step in sharing important air quality information with the public, as these monitoring data have been reported on the South African Air Quality Information System (SAAQIS),” said Dr Johann Schoeman, Manager: GRDM District Air Quality Control.

SAAQIS makes air information available to stakeholders, provides a common system for managing air quality in South Africa and provides uniformity in the way data, information and reporting are managed.  The SAAQIS aims to provide public access to air quality information. The availability of information facilitates transparency in processes, informs decision-making, and builds capacity. Through the SAAQIS, relevant information can be streamlined, tools are provided to assist in managing air quality, and stakeholders are made aware of air quality issues.

The SAAQIS presents real-time ambient air quality monitoring information together with the Air Quality Index on modern platforms. This information is available through the SAAQIS website (http// and an innovative mobile application tool (available on Android and iOS mobile platforms).  Besides the Zephyr, the fixed air quality station in George, under the control of the Provincial Air Quality department, and the Eskom station in Mossel Bay are also reporting on SAAQIS.

Any member of the public can now access the website and monitor the air quality results of the George station, Mossel Bay station as well as the mobile station. The mobile station’s location is movable, depending on where it is utilised at that specific point in time. An air quality index is plotted on the site and indicates the state of the air on a scale from excellent to poor.

The reporting live on SAAQIS is a further enhancement of air quality management in the district and a way of open and transparent communication to its residents. It lives up to our vision of “having air quality worthy of the name Garden route”.

For more information, please contact Dr Johann Schoeman, District Air Quality Manager by e-mailing

Did you know: Air Quality ambient monitoring is a statutory requirement of District Municipalities, in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004 (Act 39 of 2004).

Click on – The map of South Africa shows three (3) green spots in our district. We have a mobile station between Mossel Bay and Herbertsdale (Mossdustria) on the far left. The other two are at Mossel Bay and at George’s. You will find the following information if you click on the homo ns mobile station.

Featured image caption : A low-cost mobile sensor from Earthsense in the United Kingdom, called the Zephyr.