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27 July 2023 Media Release: Garden Route DM Council raises concerns about climate change

Media Release: Garden Route DM Council raises concerns about climate change

For Immediate Release
28 July 2023

This week at an Ordinary Council meeting hosted at the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Council Chambers on Wednesday 26 July, the Council of GRDM expressed their concern about weather-related incidents. Evidence is becoming clearer of a changing climate, following persistent rain in the Garden Route during the past few months.

Garden Route has become used to the high rainfall during the winter months, however in the recent never-ending periods of rain (more is predicted), with few intermittent days of sunlight, or cloud cover hampering drying out of soil and surfaces these conditions have changed the Garden Route’s landscape with diverse impacts on the agricultural, construction and commercial business sectors, as well as the urban and rural communities dependent on their normal functioning.

Rainfall figures were not exceedingly high throughout the past few months, but the constant floods and the fact that the wet region never had time to shed the water and properly dry out, damaged tarred roads and caused gravel roads to gradually become impassable. Furthermore, the erven of township dwellers with little ground cover, were completely wet for weeks on end.

Farmers on the coastal plateau perhaps suffered the most as productive dairy cows and livestock developed a variety of diseases because of the constantly muddy and wet underfoot conditions.  These cows had to be slaughtered as there is not enough time between rainy periods to recover and with many remain in a doubtful state of health.

GRDM Councillors stressed the need for regional preparedness in dealing with a changing climate, and how to be better prepared for out of the ordinary climate events.  Council also suggested that academic institutions such as universities should be requested for input and guidance, and from what avenues to obtain funding from, for invasive alien plant management and the upkeep of storm water systems. These funds should be sourced from national government where possible.

All this comes at a time when Europe and North America suffers the highest temperatures on record with thousands dying as the air becomes unbreathable and the constant heat unbearable. With this, the United Nations are expressing serious concerns and insisting actions, to dramatically reduce the burning of fossil fuels and that climate change inaction is unacceptable.

The Garden Route Environmental Forum (GREF) recently co- hosted the Annual Climate Change and Environment Management Indaba with the Nelson Mandela University at the George campus. At the event, experts agreed that the Garden Route is a disaster-prone region, and that more planning needs to be in place even as predictions are that the region is heading to a drier period as the El Nino weather pattern will take effect later this year.

Article by: Cobus Meiring

26 July 2023 Motion by the Garden Route District Municipality Council

Motion by the Garden Route District Municipality Council

26 July 2023


Promoting Equality and Nonracialism in South Africa and Rejecting the recent Employment Equity Amendment Act

Executive Mayor, Garden Route District Municipality, Ald. Memory Booysen 

WHEREAS, South Africa has made significant progress towards building a democratic society based on the principles of equality, justice, and nonracialism;

WHEREAS, the Constitution of South Africa guarantees the right to equality and prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or social origin, among other factors;

WHEREAS, the creation of a non-racial South Africa with fair access to jobs and opportunities is a fundamental objective of our nation’s democratic aspirations;

WHEREAS, certain race-based laws, racial quotas, and the draconian racial classification system persist in our society, impeding progress toward a truly non-racial South Africa;

WHEREAS, race-based laws and racial quotas undermine the principles of equality and fair competition, often leading to unintended consequences such as reverse discrimination and perpetuation of racial divisions;

WHEREAS, the draconian racial classification system perpetuates the legacy of apartheid, reinforcing racial stereotypes and inhibiting social cohesion and national unity;

WHEREAS, it is incumbent upon us as responsible citizens to stand against race-based laws, racial quotas, and the draconian racial classification system in order to promote a just, inclusive, and non-racial society;


The Act will confer on the Minister wide-ranging powers to set numerical race-based employment targets across varying sectors and regions. The Act will further require employers to secure compliance certificates issued by the Minister, in order to do business with the state. This will increase inefficiency and add further unnecessary red-tape when conducting business in South Africa. Government should not be getting in the way of business given the 32.7% unemployment rate experienced in the final quarter of 2022.

The Employment Equity Act will not bring about the transformation of the workplace it purports to seek. Instead, it will further impoverish the vast majority of South Africans, while enriching a thin sliver of politically connected individuals as has been experienced under the policy of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE).

The provisions of this Act will result in a further exodus of skills from South Africa and introduce large amounts of unnecessary red tape for employers wishing to do business with the state. This will lead to further stagnation of the South African economy, and a lack of economic opportunity for those who need it most. South African businesses are already struggling under the weight of a stagnant economy and crippling load-shedding. Further race-based meddling by the ANC in the employment composition of private businesses will only result in reduced investment, declining economic growth and high unemployment across the country.


This Council strongly condemns all race-based laws, racial quotas, and the draconian racial classification system in South Africa.

This Council reaffirms its commitment to the principles of nonracialism, equality, and fair access to jobs and opportunities for all South Africans.

This Council recognises that a non-racial society requires the dismantling of race-based laws and the establishment of policies and practices that promote meritocracy and equal opportunities.

This Council calls upon the South African government to review and repeal the Employment Equity Amendment Act and all race-based laws and policies that perpetuate racial divisions and undermine the principles of equality and fair competition.

This Council urges all residents who believe in a non-racial South Africa with fair access to jobs and opportunities to join our peaceful protest in Cape Town on 26th July 2023, to express our collective commitment to a just and inclusive society.

This Council encourages all residents to engage in constructive dialogue, education, and awareness campaigns to foster understanding and address the underlying causes of racial divisions in our society.

This Council pledges its support to organizations and initiatives working towards a non-racial South Africa and commits to actively promoting equality, nonracialism, and fair access to jobs and opportunities in our communities.

This Council directs that a copy of this motion be sent to the South African Parliament, relevant government departments, civil society organizations, and media outlets to raise awareness of our concerns and aspirations.

We, the undersigned (proposed by Cllr Daniel Cronje, seconded by Ald. Memory Booysen), support this motion and call upon all residents who believe in a non-racial South Africa with fair access to jobs and opportunities to stand united in our pursuit of a just and inclusive society.

Herewith is a copy of the signed motion.

02 June 2023 Public Notice: Special Council Meeting – 09 June 2023 at 09:00

Notice: Special Council Meeting 09 June 2023 at 09:00

Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 19 of Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) that a Special Council meeting of the Garden Route District Municipality is scheduled for Friday, 09 June 2023 at 09:00 at the CA Robertson Council Chambers, 54 York Street, George.

30 May 2023 Media Release: Alderlady Ndayi supports Early Childhood Development in Kurland


For Immediate Release
30 May 2023

The principle, educators, and toddlers were all delighted with the new equipment given to the school by GRDM Councillor, Alderlady Ndayi.

Alderlady Ndayi, Mayoral Committee Member and Portfolio Chairperson for Community Services at Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), demonstrated her unwavering commitment to early childhood development by handing over toys, educational materials, and necessities to Kurland Educare Education in Ward 1 of the Bitou local municipality.

This initiative comes as a result of the GRDM Council who allocated 50 thousand of his annual grant to each Mayoral Committee Member. Alderlady Ndayi recognised the pressing needs of Kurland Educare Education, a créche catering to 80 children, who are currently facing challenges in securing sponsors.

Understanding the critical importance of a strong foundation in a child’s educational journey, Alderlady Ndayi expressed her personal connection to early childhood development. She firmly believes that laying the groundwork correctly is vital for the holistic development and future success of every child.

By providing toys, educational materials, and necessities, Alderlady Ndayi hopes to see the learning environment at Kurland Educare Education improve. The donated items will not only support the children’s educational growth but also contribute to their overall well-being.

Alderlady Ndayi’s commitment to early childhood development reflects the GRDM’s dedication to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for the youth. Through such initiatives, the municipality strives to empower communities and ensure equal opportunities for every child.