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Office of the Executive Mayor

14 March 2023 Media Statement: GRDM Council takes action to protect the institution’s reputation and that of MM Monde Stratu

Media Statement: GRDM Council takes action to protect the institution’s reputation and that of MM Monde Stratu

For Immediate Release
14 March 2023

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Council unanimously expresses its support for the GRDM Municipal Manager (MM), Monde Stratu, who has been maliciously prosecuted for fraud, forgery, and uttering. The Council has granted approval for the MM to be legally represented.

The Council also granted the administration permission to take legal action to protect the reputation of the institution and that of the MM.

The Council believes that there are no reasonable grounds or evidence available to date to conclude that the MM has committed an act of misconduct. The Western Cape MEC for Local Government, Anton Bredell, will be notified about the recent Council developments.

Pictured: Executive Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen (left), with Municipal Manager, Monde Stratu (right)


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20 March 2021 Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor and stakeholders unveil symbolic benches at Victoria Bay

Media Release: GRDM Executive Mayor and stakeholders unveil symbolic benches at Victoria Bay

For immediate release
20 March 2021

Thursday, 18 March 2021, marked a historic day for Victoria Bay situated in George, with the unveiling of two symbolised benches, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Alderman Memory Booysen, at the beach.

The song named “Victoriabaai” sang by Lucas Maree, the late well-known South African artist, inspired Andre Groenewald, a community member from George, to approach GRDM to allow symbolised benches at Victoria that would provide an opportunity for all people to fill their minds with hope.  According to Groenewald, “Victoriabaai” is, as far is he knows, the only song singing the praises of Victoria Bay, hence, the funding made available by GRDM to unveil these benches. The area where the benches are placed is an ideal setting for members of the public, including tourists, to view the picturesque waves of the Victoria Bay beach.  He said:  “At Victoria Bay you see something positive in every negative thing. Even the horrific pandemic has positive consequences if you look at how people value each other again, how we value health workers again and how you no longer take even small things for granted,” he added.

The stainless steel plates placed on the benches were funded by GRDM and it showcase quotes of the late president of the Republic of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, together with extracts of the song “Victoriabaai”. The benches were donated by community members Andre Groenewald and Neil Schalkwyk, with Hennie Weideman and René Janse van Vuuren (sister of the late Lucas Maree), who also contributed to a successful event.

During his keynote address, Mayor Memory Booysen said:  “This is the beginning of the partnership and relationship with all relatives and families that are connected with what will be unveiling here today.  This is the beginning of that partnership with the Garden Route District Municipality. And, as co-property owners of Victoria Bay this is the time that we should discuss the way forward of Victoria Bay. If we put our minds together we can enhance the beauty of what you created here”.  Mayor Booysen furthermore emphasised that in the world we are in today, our aim is to bring hope to the people and to the needy. He highlighted: “The significance of today is to bring hope to the family who were left behind, because the memories are written on these benches. And, the memories of the individuals are the memories that will give us the power and strength, and for all the relatives and friends to move forward as one unit”.

Mr Passmore Dongi, Acting Manager for Properties Development and Planning, as well as programme director of the event, highlighted and said that he hopes these benches will define what a bench is in the Garden Route context. Adding to this he explained: “…before there were chairs, or even tables, there were benches, but the bench we are concerned with here is a very particular type of bench, ‘the public bench’. It is a sign of friendship and a sign of welcome, but also a place capable of welcome and generosity; and this is what this bench is going to do to Victoria Bay”.

Councillors and officials from GRDM, including Executive Deputy Mayor, Ald Rosina Ruiters who welcomed all present, Municipal Manager, Monde Stratu, members of the public and family members of the late Lucas Maree, attended and participated in this historic occasion. The event van organised by the Properties Development and Planning Section of Garden Route District Municipality.

Feature photograph: Executive Mayor, Ald Memory Booysen cutting the ribbon during the ceremony with (fltr) Executive Deputy Mayor, Ald Rosina Ruiters and Community Members Neil Skalkwyk and Andre Groenewald.


GRDM Mayor welcomes WC MEC of Transport and Public Works during Road Safety roadshow

On Friday, 17 January 2020 , the Executive Mayor of the Garden Route, Cllr Memory Booysen, welcomed the Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works, Mr Bonginkosi Madikizela to the district, as part of his visit the district to discuss road safety initiatives and law enforcement integration plans.


MEC Bongikosi Madikizela, Executive Mayors, Municipal Managers, as well as Municipal officials during the visit and the welcoming of the MEC to the Garden Route district.

The roadshow is an initiative of the MEC to address his concerns about the high number of fatalities happening on municipal roads. Preliminary statistics for the period 1 to 31 December 2019 indicate that the Western Cape has recorded a decrease in the number of fatalities, with a total of 111 deaths, compared to 167 in December 2018. Of these, 71 deaths happened on municipal roads.

The Roadshow was attended by Executive Mayors, Municipal Managers and officials from municipalities in the Garden Route district, including traffic officials from George Municipality.

GRDM to host IDP/Budget and PMS Representative Forum meeting

The Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality, Cllr Memory Booysen, invites all stakeholders to an IDP/Budget and PMS Representative Forum meeting.

At the event, all Mayors within the District will be outlining their projects and programmes for their respective areas. Furthermore, all sector departments in the Western Cape will have an opportunity to also present their projects and programmes for implementation in the Garden Route district.

The Forum is scheduled to take place as follows:

Date: 23 January 2020
Time: 10:00am
Venue: George Municipality Civic Hall

For further information, please contact the District IDP Manager Mzukisi Cekiso at

A Message of Support to the Class of 2019

The time to seal off your final high school year has arrived. This is the time to recap on all the knowledge your tutors have taught you over the past 12 years.

Work hard to realise your dreams. Should you succeed this time around well done, however if not, never lose hope but pick up the pieces and give it another shot.

You must avoid “time wasters” who might interfere with their state of readiness to write exams. This includes social media, television, late nights gallivanting and all those who do not see the value of education.

Remember the powerful words spoken by our former President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela? He said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” See your matric certificate as a powerful weapon that will ensure that you reach heights that you never thought you could. Education will help open doors for you and enable you to further your studies at a tertiary institution or to enter the job market.

We urge parents not to exert unnecessary pressure on Matriculants; instead, give them unconditional support that will help change their lives for the better.

Good luck to all Matrics of 2019!

Councillor Memory Booysen
Executive Mayor
Garden Route District Municipality