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22 January 2024 Media Release: Garden Route District Municipality provides ongoing support to the Kannaland Municipal area

Media Release: Garden Route District Municipality provides ongoing support to the Kannaland Municipal area

For Immediate Release
22 January 2024

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) continues to deliver a comprehensive list of services to the Kannaland municipal area. For example, from October to December 2023, the following services were rendered – inspection of food premises, health surveillance of premises, water sampling, advice in terms of the upgrading of the Zoar Sewage Pump Station and Oxidation ponds, air quality monitoring and disaster management support.

111 Inspection at Food Premises: A total of 111 inspections were conducted by GRDM Environmental Health Practitioners (EHP) across various food establishments, including restaurants, informal food traders, dairy farms, supermarkets, soup kitchens, butcheries, spaza shops, and others.

457 Health Surveillance of Premises: GRDM EHPs conducted 457 inspections at locations including waste facilities, water treatment plants, illegal dump sites, old age homes, childcare facilities, and more to ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

34 Water Samples taken: EHPs took an additional 34 water samples, encompassing drinking water, river water, and final sewage effluent.

Routine Water Quality Sampling: EHPs routinely assessed water reticulation systems and wastewater treatment works, ensuring compliance with national standards and addressing non-compliance promptly to protect public health and the environment.

Zoar Sewage Pump Station and Oxidation Ponds: GRDM assisted with the upgrading of the Zoar sewage infrastructure, significantly reducing pollution in the Nels River.

Air quality monitoring of Ladismith Waste Water Treatment Works: Following an offensive odour complaint, GRDM’s Air Quality unit initiated an investigation leading to several interventions.

Calitzdorp Water Treatment Works: GRDM assisted in identifying and rectifying non-compliance issues at the Calitzdorp water treatment plant, which led to improved drinking water quality.

Disaster Management Interventions for Water Crisis: In response to the current water crisis in Calitzdorp as well as rural areas provided with water from the Klein Karoo Rural Water Supply Scheme (KKRWSS)  the GRDM Disaster Management Services provided 28 X 5500L water tanks to ensure accessible potable water for communities in these water-stressed areas. This was reported earlier in December 2023.