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20 October 2023 Media Release: Clean-up & Education and Awareness – a cleaner, greener future

Media Release:  Clean-up & Education and Awareness – a cleaner, greener future

For Immediate Release
20 October 2023

A National Marine Week celebration was held yesterday by the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Waste Management Section in partnership with the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment, Cape Nature, Mossel Bay Municipality, Compass Medical Waste, and TM Ndanda Primary School.  The campaign was rolled out to raise awareness about the importance of marine environments and the need to protect them.

Pollution, especially plastic waste, is one of the most pressing issues facing our oceans. To prevent further damage to marine ecosystems, the campaign encourages students to take part in clean-up activities and reduce single-use plastic consumption.

During the day it was also stressed to the learners that they should keep their communities clean and recycle as much as possible. They were taught that every person can make a difference by picking up litter and getting into the habit of recycling every day. Small, consistent efforts make a huge difference if everyone makes them. Students learned about the different waste streams that can pollute our oceans, including medical waste and how it is handled.

The clean-up campaign was conducted following the formal educational and awareness session.

“A total of 56 bags of recyclables and 14 bags of mixed-general waste were collected. The number of volunteers, including learners and officials, was approximately 90,” said Innocentia Sikweyiya, GRDM Waste Management Officer.

The GRDM Waste Management Section expresses its heartfelt gratitude to its partners in success – Plastic SA, AQUELLE, and POLYCO, as well as all the dedicated volunteers and participants who contributed to and participated in the recent clean-up events.

“Your unwavering support and active involvement have been instrumental in ensuring the cleanliness of our environment. Together, we are making a significant impact on preserving and beautifying our surroundings, and your efforts was truly appreciated, “ said Sikweyiya.

Mossel Bay’s clean-up activities during National Marine Week included many interactive and informative sessions where learners learned about pollution and recycling.


Featured Image Caption: Stakeholders who participated in National Marine Week clean-up activities in Mossel Bay.