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18 September 2023 Invitation to Tender/Quotation Submission – Construction of New Regional Waste Management Facility and associated Infrastructure

Project: The Construction of a New Regional Waste Management Facility and associated Infrastructure

Contract Number: GRDM/24/21-22

For attention: Interested Local SMMEs in the Garden Route

The Contractor wishes to invite all interested SMMEs in the Garden Route District For the Following Packages:
1. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/FENCE-01 – Supply and Erect new Temporary Fence 3.92 km
2. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/FENCE-02 – Supply and Erect new PetroSA internal security fence – 5.328 km
3. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/SECURITY-03 – Security Services
4. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/TRAINING-04 – Training
5. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/TRAINING-05 – Cut and stockpile material (Supply all plant required, Excavators, FEL, Tipper trucks and Dumpers)
6. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/TRAINING-06 – Remove topsoil and stockpile
7. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/TRAINING-07 – Laboratory Testing Services
8. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/TRAINING-08 – Supply of Diesel
9. GRDM/TEFLA/21-22/TRAINING-08 – Supply of Plant (yellow machines)

  • Briefing Session: Compulsory

Tender Briefing Session
Date: 22nd September 2023

Time: 11h00
Venue: Site Camp, Next to Gourikwa Landfill (PetroSA), Mossel Bay NB!

Tender documents will be issued during the tender briefing as per the attendance register.

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