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18 March 2024 Media Release: GRDM Municipal Health Services continue to fulfill its role in Knysna and Bitou during March 2024

Media Release: GRDM Municipal Health Services continue to fulfill its role in Knysna and Bitou during March 2024

For immediate release
18 March 2024

During the month of March 2024, Environmental Health Practitioners from Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) continued to fulfill their roll in the respective communities they serve.  Some of the activities in Knysna and Bitou areas included a visit, together with GRDM councillors, to Annie’s Daycare Centre in Rheenendal, a training session at The Crags Bread and Brew restaurant in Bitou, and an awareness session at the Paradise Manor Frail Care Centre in Knysna.

Knysna: GRDM donates mattresses to Annie’s Day Care in Rheenendal and educate children regarding proper hand washing techniques

Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Portfolio Chairperson for Community Services, Ald. Nompumelelo Ndayi, recently visited Annie’s Day Care centre in Rheenendal near Knysna. Accompanying Cllr Ndayi, were GRDM and Local Ward Councillor, Cllr Hilton Stroebel, as well as officials from the GRDM’s Knysna Municipal Health Services Section.

This crèche opened its doors in 2020, to assist in the need for Early Childhood Development services in the Rheenendal area. In their quest to address these needs, Cllrs Ndayi and Stroebel handed over 18 mattresses to the principal of the crèche after Cllr Stroebel extended a warm welcome to all present who witnessed the proceedings that would ultimately contribute to a healthier and more comfortable learning environment for the children of the facility.

During her address, Ndayi said: “Since the crèche was registered, the facility grew rapidly which resulted in the crèche eventually not having sufficient mattresses for all the children. The principal approached the ward councillor for a possible donation – thank you for approaching us,” she added.

The event was concluded with the GRDM Environmental Health Practitioners led by Lindon Herwels, demonstrating proper hand washing techniques to learners with their caretakers present.

Principal and owner of the crèche, Ms Anne Barends, extended words of appreciation to the GRDM, particularly Ald. Ndayi and Cllr Stroebel for the generous donation to the facility, as well as Linden Herwels for educating the children about proper hand washing techniques.

Bitou: GRDM’s EHPs conducts Health and Hygiene training at Food Premises

Regulation R638 of 2018, under Act 52 of 1972, outlines comprehensive guidelines for food safety and hygiene practices. Together with the guideline, the Regulation also mandates that all food handlers undergo formal training in Health and Hygiene practices.

Garden Route District Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) responsible for the Bitou region, recently conducted a training session at one of the restaurants in the area, The Crags Bread and Brew.

The training covered essential topics such as the 5 Keys to Safer Foods, which include hygiene, separating raw and cooked foods, cooking food thoroughly, keeping food at safe temperatures, and using safe water and raw materials.

Moreover, R638 specifies structural requirements for food premises to ensure safe handling and preparation of food. These requirements encompass adequate ventilation, lighting, and drainage systems, as well as provisions for waste disposal and pest control. Additionally, the regulation mandates proper storage facilities, sanitation measures, and equipment maintenance to prevent contamination and ensure food safety.

In summary, Regulation R638 of 2018 underscores the importance of training food handlers in health and hygiene practices, adhering to the 5 Keys to Safer Foods, and maintaining appropriate structural standards in food premises to safeguard public health and promote food safety.

EHPs from GRDM therefore encourages all food premises in the Bitou region to comply with these requirements stipulated in the Regulations to ensure the best possible service to the communities it serve.

Knysna: EHPs from Garden Route District Municipality conduct Health and Hygiene Session at Frail Care Centre

Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) from Garden Route District Municipality’s (GRDM’s) Municipal Health Services section in Knysna recently conducted and presented a Health and Hygiene education session to the staff of Paradise Manor Frail Care Centre.

The following information was presented to the staff, including food safety covering the five (5) keys to safer food; the prevention of food borne illnesses; all food handlers and Care Takers partook in the session and water quality (The premises is situated in a rural area and the treatment of water to ensure it complies with SANS 241:2015, formed part of the training). The session also included talks about safe storage and disposal of medical waste on the premises.

The owner, manager, caretakers, maintenance staff, as well as food handlers attended and participated in the session.

Feature Image: GRDM Environmental Health Practitioners, Linden Herwels, demonstrating proper hand washing techniques to a learner during their visit to Annie’s Daycare Centre.