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27 October 2022 Media Release: Do you meet the standards for food premises?

Media Release: Do you meet the standards for food premises?

For immediate release
27 October 2022

In order to ensure safety and wholesomeness, food that comes from a food establishment must always be clean and hygienic. Food premises can be kept hygienic by adhering to regulations.

Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) from Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) are required by law to monitor all food-processing establishments. Regular monitoring of all food establishments is done on a monthly basis in accordance with Regulations 328 of 2007, POWERS AND DUTIES OF INSPECTORS AND ANALYSTS CONDUCTING INSPECTIONS AND ANALYSES ON FOODSTUFFS AND AT FOOD PREMISES.

The business of a food premises is governed by the requirements set out in REGULATIONS 638 OF 22 June 2018, REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE GENERAL HYGIENE REQUIREMENTS FOR FOOD PREMISES, THE TRANSPORT OF FOOD AND RELATED MATTERS, promulgated under the FOODSTUFFS, COSMETICS AND DISINFECTANTS ACT, 1972 (ACT 54 OF 1972).

It is stated in the regulations that a food establishment must be located, designed, constructed, and finished in such a manner that food can be handled hygienically on the premises at any time without creating a health hazard.

In addition, all interior surfaces of walls, sides or ceilings or of roofs without ceilings and the surfaces of the floor must not have open joints or open seams and must be made of smooth, rust-free, non-toxic, cleanable and non-absorbent material that is dust proof and water resistant. Furthermore, with having clean premises, ensuring good hygienic conditions also include proper personal hygiene of food handlers.

Personal hygiene:

  1. Food handlers should wear clean Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) every day. If single-use PPE is used, it should be removed at the end of each shift, work day and in-between breaks.
  2. Reusable PPE can be used multiple times if it is kept in a clean and hygienic condition.

A smart idea to ensure that food handlers have clean PPEs every day is to provide them with more than one set (one on, one in the cupboard and one in the wash).

  1. A crucial step in ensuring that food is hygienic is handwashing – as often as possible during the shift or work day.

Hands should be washed with running water, hand soap and dried with disposable hand-drying material or other hand drying facilities.

Proper pest control measures are essential on food premises to ensure hygienic conditions. Pests can be a major source of contamination of foodstuffs in any food premises.

In order to prevent rodent and roach infestations, food needs to be stored appropriately. Bulk stock, previously opened, should be stored in containers with tight fitting lids to safeguard against pests.

These are just a few of the areas mentioned to ensure that food can be handled hygienically at all times on a food premises. Clean food premises and wholesome food will always have happy clients.

For any further information, questions, comments or queries, please contact us at the respective Regional GRDM offices as follows:

Johan Compion – Manager: Municipal Health & Environmental Services
Tel: 044 803 1300

Klein Karoo and Kannaland Region
Desmond Paulse – Chief: Municipal Health (Klein Karoo)
Tel: 044 272 2241 / Cell: 083 678 6530
Address: 94 St John Street, Oudtshoorn

Mossel Bay
Sam Bendle – Chief: Municipal Health (Mossel Bay),
Tel:  044 693 0006 /Cell: 083 630 6108
Address C/O Sampson & Marling Street, Ext 23, Mossel Bay.

George Outeniqua
Emmy Douglas – Chief: Municipal Health (Outeniqua)
Tel: 044 803 1501 / Cell: 078 457 2824
Address: Mission Street, Industrial Area, George, 6530

George Wilderness
Jessica Erasmus – Acting Chief: Wilderness (George)
Tel: 044 803 1501 / Cell: 081 346 3118
Address: Mission Street, Industrial Area, George

Knysna Region
James McCarthy – Chief: Knysna
Tel: 044 382 7214 / Cell: 082 805 9417
Address: 26A Queen Street, Knysna

Bitou Region
Gawie Vos – Chief: Lakes (Bitou)
Tel: 044 501 1600 / Cell: 083 557 1522
Address: 7 Gibb Street, Plettenberg Bay

Hessequa Region
Haemish Herwels – Chief: Hessequa
Tel: 028 713 2438 / Cell: 083 678 6545
Address: 23 Michell Street, Riversdale, 6670