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10 June 2022 IDP Summary now available for public viewing

10 June 2022: IDP Summary now available for public viewing

Garden Route District Municipality has produced its first-ever summary of its IDP that stretches over the 2022 to 2027 period.

The IDP of Garden Route District Municipality provides an overall framework for development. It aims to coordinate the work of local and other spheres of government in a coherent plan to improve the quality of life for all the people living in the Garden Route. It takes into account the existing conditions and problems and resources available for development. The plan looks at economic and social development for the Garden Route as a whole. The District IDP includes a framework for how land should be used, what infrastructure and services are needed and how the environment should be protected, amongst others

Access the summary of GRDM’s IDP here:
IDP Summary

The documents contain the following sections:
1. Five-year strategic direction
2. Political leadership
3. Executive management team
4. Demographic profile of the region
5. Access to basic services
6. Functions
7. Projects
8. Roads Services 2022/2023 Projects
9. Infrastructure investment projects in the Garden Route District Municipality for MTREF period 2022/23-2024/25
10. Medium-term revenue and expenditure framework
11. Capital budget
12. Status of sector plans.

Here is a video that explains what an IDP is: