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25 March 2022 GRDM and Hessequa Executive Mayors with delegation praise Roads team with progress of Roads Project in Jongensfontein

GRDM and Hessequa Executive Mayors with GRDM delegation praise Roads team for progress of Roads Project in Jongensfontein

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25 March 2022

Wednesday, 16 March 2022, is a day to remember for the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Roads workers who have been working tirelessly to complete the Jongensfontein roads project.  The team was surprised with a visit from the GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald. Memory Booysen, the Mayoral Committee Members,  Acting Municipal Manager, Mr Lusanda Menze, and officials. Soon after their arrival, the delegation was also joined by Executive Mayor of Hessequa  Municipality, Cllr Grant Riddles.

The purpose of the visit was for the delegation to view the progress of the project and to extend warm words of gratitude to the team members that are actively busy repairing the road that was swept away by floods late last year. The road which is now in its final stage (99%) of completion plays a critical role, especially for the Tourism Sector in the Hessequa area and the Garden Route.

GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald. Memory Booysen, addressing the delegation and GRDM Roads team at the Jongensfontein road construction site.

In his welcoming address at the site, Cllr. Riddles, shared words of appreciation with Mayor Booysen and said: “I am thankful to you Mayor Booysen, and the GRDM Roads team for your favourable response in ensuring that the road gets repaired”. With these words he added: “With the situation currently experienced in our country, it is incredible to see that a district municipality handles the needs of the local municipality as a priority – we thank you for your commitment,” he said.

The Roads project in Jongensfontein (Hessequa) that is now in its final stage (99%) of completion.

Ald. Petru Terblanche, GRDM Portfolio Chairperson responsible for Roads and Transport Planning, described the area and the view to the beach as a breath-taking experience when he gave an overview of the project. He said: “About six (6) weeks ago I was shocked to see the huge landslip halfway filled up, and now to see the progress made so far, I am thankful to the engineers and road workers for their splendid work”.  Adding to this he said: “The R7 million invested in this project was for the purpose to prevent this incident from occurring in the future again so that our grandchildren one day will be able to see the superb work performed by their grandparents”.

When sharing the methodology/recipe for a project of this nature, Japie Strydom, GRDM Manager of Maintenance, Construction and Mechanical Services, explained that skilled people, a good design office and material are needed. He said: “We have the skilled people, a good design office; however, we still have a challenge with the material”. In explaining his statement, he said: “We need all the relevant stakeholders to come together and have discussions as to how we can prevent the high costs incurred for these projects”.

GRDM Acting Municipal Manager, Lusanda Menze, expressed a word of gratitude to all stakeholders and staff for their contribution to the project. When referring to the aspect of skills development, he said: “Unemployed workers that were appointed on the project, will now be able to do work for themselves elsewhere with the skills transferred to them. For these reasons, the project is doing very well,” he said.

GRDM Executive Mayor mentioned the importance of the cooperation between district and local municipalities for the benefit of the people and he highlighted: “Behind the scenes, I always bring up the idea that municipalities can work together – and this project is a clear indication that municipalities are able to work together”. To the Roads Department under the leadership of John Daniels, who facilitated the programme, he said:  “I am always happy with the work you perform and we will do whatever we can for the Garden Route to remain tops”.  In closing, Mayor Booysen referred to how Mayor Riddles always react to the roll-out of projects in the Hessequa area and he said: “One of the most important aspects Mayor Riddles is always interested in is how many jobs the project can create for the residents of Hessequa. Lastly, he said: “I am impressed with the work performed thus far – let us all keep up the good work, and let us continue with it”.

In closing, Executive Deputy Mayor, Adv. Gert van Niekerk, extended words of appreciation to all involved and specifically to the road team he shared his sentiments relating to the art of road construction projects. He referred to a few detailed aspects of a successful project and with this, he motivated the team as follows: “Nothing is more encouraging for road workers to see how others appreciate their work.  What you have built is a permanent structure – this is not something that can be taken away. Every single aspect is an artwork and every single part of the project will contribute to its overall success. In essence, this project reflects the skills that we have in our area, and we thank you that you have given us enough reason to be proud of”.

Feature Image: GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald. Memory Booysen (3rd left) and Hessequa Exexutive Mayor, Cllr Grant Riddles (left), with Executive Manager for Roads and Transport Planning, John Daniels (back middle) with the Roads team during the visit to the Jongensfontein Roads project site.