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25 October 2021 Impact Based Weather Warnings for Western Cape and Namaqua: Yellow level 2: Damaging Winds

Impact Based Weather Warnings for Western Cape and Namaqua: Yellow level 2: Damaging Winds

Please find included the Impact Based Warning for the Western Cape and Namaqua Region of Northern Cape

Legal notice:
“This warning from SA Weather Service must be communicated as received and may not be altered under any circumstance.
It must be forwarded or communicated in its entirety and no portion hereof may be replicated or copied and distributed.”

Hazard Alert Level Affected Municipalities Valid From (SAST) Valid To (SAST)
Damaging Winds Yellow(L2)
(High likelihood of Minor Impacts)
M_Bitou, M_Cape Agulhas, M_Cape Agulhas, M_City of Cape town, M_George, M_Hessequa, M_Knysna, M_Mossel Bay, M_Overstrand 26/10/21 18h00 27/10/21 00h00

Discussion: Easterly to south-easterly winds are expected to increase reaching gale force (65-75km/h) off the coast between Cape Point and Plettenberg Bay from Tuesday evening and throughout Wednesday. South-easterly to easterly swells with wave heights between 4.0-4.5m are also expected along the south coast on Wednesday afternoon. This along with the strong winds will cause rough and choppy seas as well as propagating into normally sheltered areas, that are now exposed due to the south-easterly swell direction.

Impact: Difficulty in navigation at sea due to rough and choppy conditions can be expected. Small vessels and personal water crafts (e.g. kayaks) are at risk of taking on water and capsizing in a locality. Localised disruption of small harbours for a short period of time may also occur.

Instruction: Small boats must stay away from the open sea and seek the shelter of a harbour, river estuary or protected bay. Ensure that all temporary structures are well anchored.

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