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13 October 2021 Media Release: Save our summer

Media Release: Save our summer

For Immediate Release
13 October 2021

The Garden Route District is slowly moving towards its target of 70% fully vaccinated persons above the age of 50 years and 70% partially vaccinated for the age group 18 – 49 years.

The district currently stands at 57% for those fully vaccinated aged 50 years and older.  To reach the target, a further 59 652 vaccines will need to be administered to that age group. The district has also partially vaccinated 37% of those in the age bracket, 18 – 49 years. To reach 70% of partial vaccinations, a total of 193 968 1st dose vaccines must be administered.

As have been widely publicised, a fourth wave is anticipated towards the end of this year. The Department urges citizens not to delay taking the first vaccination to ensure they have enough time between doses to complete their vaccination by December. If you wish to fully vaccinate by Christmas, your first vaccine should be administered no later than 20 October. The Health Department appeals to all citizens to prioritise vaccination.

No one needs to pre-register. Please don’t delay but visit your closest site. Please visit our web page for the list of weekend and week sites or call 0860142142 for directions.

COVID stats 12 October 2021

George Regional Hospital is experiencing decreased pressure in wards and the Critical Care unit.  The latest available data showed that there were 14 Covid patients in the Covid ward compared to the 28 a week ago. There were 4 patients in Critical Care of which one is on a ventilator.

Harry Comay Hospital, as a step-down facility for George Hospital, has no Covid patients in the wards. There are now 89 active cases per 100 000.  (One week ago it was 133).  The situation for the district as a whole continues to improve.


Nadia Ferreira

Principal Communications Officer

Garden Route and Central Karoo Districts

Western Cape Government Health

Tel: 044 813 1831