8 July 2021 Media Release: COVID-19: Executive Mayor Memory Booysen receives his first vaccination

Media Release: COVID-19: Executive Mayor Memory Booysen receives his first vaccination

For Immediate Release
8 July 2021

Executive Mayor for Garden Route District Municipality, Alderman Memory Booysen, encourages Garden Routers, in particular, those 50 years and older to register to get their COVID-19 vaccinations. Booysen received his first Pfizer dose at the Thembalethu Clinic on Thursday, 8 July 2021. He will return to the clinic on 19 August, after 42 days, for his second jab.

Mayor Booysen arrived at 12:05 pm and got his jab at 12:35 pm. He waited in line with other Garden Routers for his turn.

“I felt a little sting when they gave me the injection, but otherwise I feel perfectly fine. I trust that the public will continue to turn out in big numbers to get vaccinated. I also urge the public to help stop the spread of misinformation, fear and fake news about vaccines.”

To date 53 582 people in the Garden Route have been vaccinated since the start of the vaccine program and more are expected to register to get their injections going forward.

COVID-19 Facts

Here are the facts about COVID-19 vaccines:

  • COVID-19 vaccines are tested rigorously and are proven to be safe and effective.
  • If you are an adult with an underlying medical condition or illness, you have a greater risk of severe COVID-19 and should get the vaccine to protect you.
  • It gives protection against severe COVID-19 and COVID-19 related death.
  • It cannot give you COVID-19 as it does not contain any live virus.
  • It cannot change your DNA.
  • No COVID-19 vaccine contains animal products or eggs. The vaccines are suitable for vegans and are halal. The rubber stoppers of the vaccine vials do not contain latex.

Feature image: Alderman Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor for Garden Route District Municipality excited and relieved to have received his first Phizer Jab – Zilla North (Manager: Medical Services for the George Sub-District) was by his side throughout the process. The wall behind them was painted by students from the Life Skills Club at the Inkcubeko Youth and Science Center.