27 October 2020 Weather Alert: Warning (colour coded red), indicating “take action” – 27 October 2020

Weather Alert: Warning (colour coded red), indicating “take action”

Warning (colour-coded red), indicating “take action”

What to do when veldfire condition is forecast

Prohibitions of fires in the open air during periods of high fire hazard, and the establishment of fire control committees.

To control fires, an alarm system, fire fighting teams, and beaters must be organized in advance and plans prepared.

What to do during Veldfire:

Livestock should be moved out of grazing land to unbarred land/ploughed field for safety.

Water is generally not available in sufficient quantities or at adequate pressure for the control of major fires; however, sand or other loose mineral soil material can be an effective method of control.

Following are a number of concerns and recommendations:

Provinces should always ensure that the firebreaks are in place. An owner of the land who is obliged to prepare and maintain a firebreak must ensure that, with due regard to the weather, climate, terrain and vegetation of the area, the following is taken care of in terms of installing the firebreaks (chapter 4 of National Veld and Forest Fire Act No. 101 of 1998):

  1. A firebreak has to be wide enough and long enough to have a reasonable chance of preventing a veld fire from spreading to or from neighboring land.
  2. A firebreak does not cause soil erosion and
  3. A firebreak is reasonably free of inflammable material capable of carrying a veld fire across it.
  4. Farming communities should establish fire protection associations to prevent and control veld fires as required by the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (Act No. 101 of 1998).

The Fire Brigade Services Act provides for the establishment, co-ordination and standardizations of fire brigade services. Local authorities, that is, municipalities, are empowered to establish and maintain a fire brigade service, intended to be employed for the following purposes:

  1. a)     Preventing the outbreak or spread of a fire
  2. b)     Fighting or extinguishing a fire
  3. c)    The protection of life or property against a fire or other threatening danger.
  4. d)     The rescue of life or property from a fire or other danger

Improved communication among members about, for example, fire hazard conditions. The outcome sought is to achieve better integration of community preparedness, prevention, suppression and recovery strategies as key elements of veld fire management.

Report any severe weather related incidents to the Garden Route Disaster Management Centre at telephone number 044 805 5071.