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2016/17 – 2021/22 Councillors inaugurated

The 2016 – 2021 Eden District Municipal Council was inaugurated on 31 August 2016 at the Eden District Municipality’s CA Robertson Council Chambers, George. Thirty Five (35) Councillors from various towns in Eden district attended the first statutory meeting that was held in terms of Section 29(2) of the Municipal Structures Act, 117 of 1998. Also present at the inaugural meeting, were Executive Mayors from B-municipalities throughout the district.

The top three Councillors, elected by Councillors, are as follows:
•    Executive Mayor, Councillor Memory Booysen
•    Executive Deputy Mayor, Councillor Rosina Ruiters
•    Speaker, Councillor Mark Willemse

In his acceptance speech, Cllr Memory Booysen acknowledged Women’s month and honored his mother, wife, daughters and sister. He also echoed that “the people of the Eden district have spoken”. Cllr Booysen promised that the elected Council will ensure that Eden DM is run in an effective and efficient manner, bearing in mind what the district municipality’s responsibilities are in local government. Cllr Booysen has over 26 years experience in politics and served as the Executive Mayor of Bitou Municipality for 5 years from 2011 till 2016.

Top three Eden DM political office bearers appearing with the Accounting Officer, Mr Godfrey Louw, (fltr) are: Cllr Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor; Cllr Rosina Ruiters, Executive Deputy Mayor, Mr Godfrey Louw, Municipal Manager and Cllr Mark Willemse, Speaker.

The Executive Mayor also announced the Mayoral Committee members after his inaugural address, these Councillors include:

  • Cllr Rosina Ruiters (District Economic Development and Tourism)
  • Cllr Jerome Lambaatjeen (Financial Services);
  • Cllr Khayalethu Lose (Community Services);
  • Cllr Tertuis Simmers (Roads and Transport Planning Services);
  • Cllr Isaya Stemela (Corporate Services);
  • Cllr Joslyn Johnson (Property Management and Development); and
  • Cllr Erica Meyer (Strategic Services).


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