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19 June 2024 Update: Gwaiing Road Construction Works, George

Update: Gwaiing Road Construction Project

19 June 2024

The Gwaiing project remains in the construction phase, with a focus on the layer works.

Progress on the project has been delayed by the recent Victoria Street building collapse due to the yellow fleet / trucks that were made available to transport building rubble from the incident. The recent downpour of rainfall in the region also had an impact on the progress to date.

The team is currently constructing the cement-stabilized layer on the right-hand side (RHS) lane, which is the second-to-last layer of the roadworks. Preparation is also underway for the material for the final layer of the RHS lane before it can be transported onto the road. Additionally, work is being conducted on the drainage network to ensure effective stormwater management on the site.

The percentage of completion remains at 78%, as the team is awaiting the test results of a test section that was done to approve the material used for the final layer on the RHS. The program of the specialist machine used for the stabilisation process, has also been affected by the rainfall, and production will commence on that activity as soon as the machine arrives on the site.

The intended final completion date is set for 18 September 2024