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Media Statement: Trading hours, meals-to-go and cigarette sales

Media  Statement

For Immediate Release

29 March 2020

Three issues, namely the standardising of trading hours, selling meals-to-go and cigarettes, were some of the many pressing issues discussed at the Multi Agency Command Centre at Garden Route District Municipality over the past two days.

Here is what you need to know:

Trading hours

It was decided to standardise the trading hours of shops that trade with food. The decision, taken at the COVID-19 Garden Route District Multi Agency Command Centre, aims to reduce the number of people on the road and visiting shops. Trading hours will be between 08:00 and 18:00, daily.


Selling of ready-made hot meals is prohibited. No business, food outlet, including supermarkets (like Spar, Woolworths, Checkers Pick ‘ Pay, etc.), restaurants or cafés will be allowed to provide any hot prepared meals, meals-to-go or take aways to any member of the public.


A decision was made a short while ago by the South African Police Service to ban the sale of cigarettes, this decision, has however been reversed. Grocers who form part of the selling of essential items, are allowed to sell cigarettes again, but not Tobacco-only traders.


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Herman Pieters | Senior Communicator
Garden Route District Municipality