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Severe Weather Alert

A Severe Weather Alert was issued by the Cape Town Weather Office as follows:

Hazard: Veld Fire Conditions
Alert Level: Warning
Valid From (SAST): 06/03/19 – 10h00
Valid To (SAST): 06/03/19 – 18h00

WARNING:  Expected in places over the Central Karoo and Little Karoo (Western Cape) tomorrow (Wednesday).

Description: Dangerous veld/bush fire conditions

Whenever there are prolonged periods of little and no rain coupled with warm dry winds, veld or bush fires can easily be sparked and will spread rapidly in strong winds.

Precautions: Dangerous veld/bush fire conditions

Do not make fires in the open and/or leave fires unattended. Do not throw cigarette butts out of cars or in the open veld.  Do not throw bottles in the veld as they can magnify the sun’s rays and start fires. Prepare and maintain fire breaks in controlled manner. In the case of a large fire, report it immediately and move away from the area to let the professionals deal with it. Never throw water onto a fire started by an electrical fault or fires started by oil or paraffin lamps. In this case sand or a blanket should be used to smother the fire. Listen to the radio or TV for warnings and obey the instructions from disaster management officers.