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Garden Route Skills Summit (7 February 2019)

Garden Route Skills Summit Resolutions

  1. Continue and accelerate collaboration and cooperation among all District skills development role players.
  2. Ensure that Skills Development leverages digital infrastructure as far as possible to ensure learning and processes methods are and remain cutting edge.
  3. As far as possible link Skills Development to Investment and Economic Development opportunities to the advancement for all.
  4. Ensure that all Skills Development processes in the Garden Route always proactively considers renewable energy.
  5. Engage with all willing partners, in particular the SETAs and the National Skills Fund, to explore the development and implementation of projects across the District.
  6. Consider and leverage local skilled people, including retired people, within the District, to accelerate the growth of the Skills Mecca.
  7. All public and / or private skills development projects and/or programmes in all municipalities are acknowledged, recorded on Skills Mecca on line solution and supported within resource limitations.
  8. Progressively support the development of the new apprenticeship of 21st Century (A21) in the District.
  9. Budget, plan and implement an annual Skills Summit that is held in a different local municipality rotationally and alphabetically….2020 – Knysna – proposed on 5 March 2020.