20 October 2022 Media Release: Want to make a difference? Sponsor a pair of school shoes and socks to an underprivileged child

Media Release: Want to make a difference? Sponsor a pair of school shoes and socks to an underprivileged child

For Immediate Release
20 October 2022

Eden FM, Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Vodacom, and the George Museum kicked off their 2nd Walk a Child to School campaign drive on 20 October 2022. Local businesses, faith-based organisations, institutions of higher learning and community members, amongst others, will be targeted to form part of the drive to ‘walk a child to school’ – a figurative reference to donating shoes and socks to learners from rural schools. Beneficiaries will come from the Garden Route district (Hessequa, Mossel Bay, George, Knysna, Bitou, Oudtshoorn and Kannaland).

Attendees at the launch of the second “Walk a Child to School” Campaign kick-off on 20 October 2022.

When asked about the campaign goal for this year, Eden FM’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Nomonde Makhubalo said: “We aim to source around 2 500 donations, an increase of more than 300% we received last year”.

“Those interested to make a difference in a child’s life are welcome to sponsor a pair of school shoes to an underprivileged child.”

A pair of shoes will help a child to enjoy a painless and less harmful walk to school. No shoes also mean cold feet, something underprivileged children also face, especially during winter months. Life is also far more expensive than years before. Compared to groceries, school shoes cost an average of R150,00. There isn’t much a person gets for R150,00 – only one or two small grocery bags without meat.

During the official launch of the 2022 campaign, the Station Manager for Eden FM, Morné Petersen, said: “It is wonderful for some people to say that they want to give something. However, many of those people only talk. Some people write books and theses about initiatives, but it takes a special kind of person that rolls up his or her sleeves and say: ‘We are going to make a difference’”. Referring to last year’s campaign, he highlighted that last year, through this campaign, “we were able to donate 750 pairs of shoes to children living in the Garden Route”.

In his address, Ald. Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor of GRDM said that he will engage other municipalities in the region to form part of the campaign.

His address focused on circumstances and that he’s seen a matriculant from his hometown, Hankey, radiating happiness. “Last year I was invited to attend a prize-giving ceremony in Hankey. The high school top achiever was dressed in a worn uniform with broken straps and shoes. Mayor said that he could see she was happy. “I looked at her and was reminded that it was God’s grace that she was happy under very difficult circumstances.” He explained that not all the kids are strong enough to navigate through difficult circumstances, however, many do go all the way and don’t allow their environment to get them down. Booysen also reminded the audience that kids get lost in the system because of many root causes.

“Children drop out of school because they do not have the bare necessities; like shoes, sometimes girls also stay away from school because they do not have sanitary towels.”

GRDM recently held a sanitary towel drive and will continue to support this cause to restore the dignity of children.


The Road Accident Fund donated 500 pairs of shoes today, George Museum pledged 100 pairs of shoes, Vodacom pledged R7500 worth of shoes (approximately 50 pairs), and Eden FM R5000,00 (approximately 33 pairs) worth of shoes.

The estimated number of donations, taking into account the pledges, now stands at 673 pairs of shoes.


Get in touch with Nomonde Makhubalo if you would like to donate shoes and socks. She can be reached by e-mail marketing@edenfm.co.za, WhatsApp at 078 395 4196 or dial 044 874 5085.


Companies who would like to get involved can request a “Walk a Child to School” box from Nomonde.


Drop-off locations this year are at locations below:

  • Eden FM Offices at 97 York Street in George.
  • Vodacom Offices throughout the Garden Route.


Feature image caption: Key stakeholders of the campaign with the Executive Mayor of GRDM, Ald. Memory Booysen. They are (FLTR): Nomonde Makhubalo (Eden FM), Queeny Diko (Vodacom), Ntombesithathu Kulati (Road Accident Fund) and Errol Jafta (George Museum).