19 July 2022 Media Release: A healthy life for all

19 July 2022

 Media Release: A healthy life for all

It was with great excitement that the Sonskynhoekie Senior Club members from Blanco received their Western Cape on Wellness (WoW!) starter kit. The kit contains portable equipment for members to do basic health screening (e.g. scale, blood pressure monitor and tape measure) and to encourage indoor and outdoor physical activities (e.g. exercise matts, skipping ropes and weights). The group also received a WoW! branded banner for use at group events to increase visibility and create awareness.

All 40 members have been part of the WoW! initiative since March this year.

‘My first visit was in March to introduce the concept and from there we have had great interactive sessions with the club members,’ said WoW! champion Claudel Draai.

The club has been in existence for 21 years and meets 3 times a week. Claudel and other health staff visit the club once or twice a month and concentrate on physical activities, information sessions and health screenings. ‘During our first session we did baseline screenings (weight, heights, blood pressure, blood pressure etc.) and issued each member with a Wellness passport. This enables members to measure Personal Health Indicators (‘know their numbers’), set personal healthy lifestyle goals, identify actual or potential barriers to change, and record and track personal progress. It also emphasises the responsibility of group members in promoting, protecting and managing their health,’ said Claudel.

‘The presentations are great, and we do appreciate the new ideas to help us manage our chronic conditions. WoW! also encourages us to live a healthier lifestyle with balanced meals, being active within our individual capacity and keeping our brains active,’ said club member Pam van Wyk.

The group also enjoyed talks on nutrition by a dietician and an informative session on World Elderly Abuse Day.

WoW! is a healthy lifestyle-promoting partnership platform coordinated by the Western Cape Government (WCG) Department of Health and Wellness and working together with a range of valued partners from government, community organisations and groups, private companies and academic institutions. Interested people and organisations are encouraged to join WoW!. The aim is together to co-create a culture of wellness in the Western Cape. Promoting healthy lifestyles is a major priority for WCG to prevent and reduce the burden of chronic or non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – diseases of lifestyle.

Feature Photo:  Sonskynhoekie seniors club received their WoW! kit.


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