04 March 2022 Media Release: GRDM Firefighters educate Garden Routers about wildfires in Summer seasons

Media Release: GRDM Firefighters educate Garden Routers about wildfires in Summer seasons

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04 March 2022

 The Garden Route is historically a fire-prone district with many areas which are a high risk to fire.  

During the hot and dry Summer season, wildfires are more prevalent and are difficult to control. Wildfires happen mostly outside urban areas that also have the potential to spread out of control. These types of fires also have the potential to kill people and destroy property. 

Most wildfires are started by people, compared to a lesser amount which is started by natural occurrences such as lightning. 

GRDM Disaster Management official with a member of the Melkhoutfontein community member during a Fire Awareness Campaign.

When it comes to fire safety awareness, one of the most important methods is identifying potential fire threats and ensuring that a well-thought-out fire safety plan is in place as soon as a fire occurs. 

The Fire & Rescue Service and Disaster Management teams from Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) continuously place a lot of efforts on preventative measures in the form of awareness and education. They especially do this in and around rural and remote areas and within high-risk areas on the urban perimeters.  Areas in George such as Hoekwil/Touwsranten and Wilderness Heights recently received educational visits from the GRDM firefighters.

Members from the Garden Route District Disaster Management Centre furthermore collaborated with Hessequa Fire and Rescue Unit to conduct a Fire Awareness Campaign at the Melkhoutfontein “Kerksegronde” community. The aim was to teach the community to be fire safe and prevent undesirable structural and veld fires, also to raise awareness of the dangers of fires. The community was encouraged to take responsibility for reducing fire risks and its potential impacts. Emergency contact details were also distributed. 

To date the fire season has been relatively busy, as well as around the Western Cape.

To illustrate further (in the pictures) are interventions undertaken by the GRDM firefighters during the past ‘non-fire season’ in different areas within the Garden Route district where the team created awareness about fire safety.