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15 November 2023 Media Release: Basic Wildland Firefighting training rolled out to farms

Media Release: Basic Wildland Firefighting training rolled out to farms

For immediate release

15 November 2023

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Fire and Rescue Services last week, on 09 November 2023 presented Basic Wildland Firefighting training to farmers and farmworkers from the Heidelberg region at the Les Huguenots Farm.

GRDM Firefighters present a Basic Wildland Firefighting course to farmers and farmworkers from the Heidelberg region.

A Basic Wildland Firefighting course is a critical training program that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to combat wildfires and veldfires in its incipient stage. This course typically covers topics such as fire behaviour, safety protocols, equipment usage, and teamwork. The training presented to the group will allow them to effectively handle veldfires and to protect lives and infrastructure.

It is essential for rural communities and farmers to be equipped with basic knowledge, and especially in terms of safety around veld- and wildfires. Similar training is scheduled for more areas in the Hessequa and Mossel Bay municipal areas, set to take place in the last week of November 2023.

The basic course was facilitated by Daniel Dippenaar, GRDM Station Officer: Fire Safety and Training, with the assistance of GRDM Riversdale based Firefighter, Chris Gerber.


  1. Create a clear zone and / or defendable space around your house and infrastructure, regularly clean flammable vegetation around house.
  2. Regularly remove leaves and other plant matter from gutters.
  3. Make sure firefighters can access your home and other infrastructure. Cut away trees and branches along your access route which do not allow fire truck access.
  4. Do not make any fires in unpermitted areas.
  5. Do not leave braai fires unattended or discard ash or coals in grass or vegetation.
  6. Please be alert to daily weather warnings, which will be distributed and shared on the local authorities’ communication channels.
  7. Ensure that your house is numbered, or else in case of an emergency, first responders might not be aware of where assistance is required.