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30 May 2023 Media Release: Alderlady Ndayi supports Early Childhood Development in Kurland


For Immediate Release
30 May 2023

The principle, educators, and toddlers were all delighted with the new equipment given to the school by GRDM Councillor, Alderlady Ndayi.

Alderlady Ndayi, Mayoral Committee Member and Portfolio Chairperson for Community Services at Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), demonstrated her unwavering commitment to early childhood development by handing over toys, educational materials, and necessities to Kurland Educare Education in Ward 1 of the Bitou local municipality.

This initiative comes as a result of the GRDM Council who allocated 50 thousand of his annual grant to each Mayoral Committee Member. Alderlady Ndayi recognised the pressing needs of Kurland Educare Education, a créche catering to 80 children, who are currently facing challenges in securing sponsors.

Understanding the critical importance of a strong foundation in a child’s educational journey, Alderlady Ndayi expressed her personal connection to early childhood development. She firmly believes that laying the groundwork correctly is vital for the holistic development and future success of every child.

By providing toys, educational materials, and necessities, Alderlady Ndayi hopes to see the learning environment at Kurland Educare Education improve. The donated items will not only support the children’s educational growth but also contribute to their overall well-being.

Alderlady Ndayi’s commitment to early childhood development reflects the GRDM’s dedication to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for the youth. Through such initiatives, the municipality strives to empower communities and ensure equal opportunities for every child.