20 November 2020 Weather Warnings for Western Cape and Namaqua

Impact Based Warning for the Western Cape and Namaqua Region of Northern Cape:

 Hazard Alert Level Affected Municipalities Valid From (SAST) Valid To (SAST)
 Veld Fire Conditions Red(L10) Beaufort West, Hantam, Kannaland, Karoo Hoogland, Khâi-Ma, Laingsburg, Oudtshoorn, Prince Albert 21/11/20 08h00 21/11/20 18h00

Discussion: Weather conditions which includes hot temperatures, fresh to strong winds and low humidity might result in the development of veld/bush fires.

Impact: Conditions are such that the FDI index is above 75. Under these conditions fires may develop and spread rapidly resulting in damage to property and possible loss of human and/or animal life.

Instruction: All personnel and equipment should be removed from the field. Fire teams, labour and equipment are to be placed on full stand-by. At first sign of smoke, every possible measure should be taken in order to bring the fire under control in the shortest possible time.