Planning & Economic Development

Mr Lusanda Menze
Executive Manager:  Planning and Economic Development

Ms Landiswa Ntango
Personal Assistant
: 044 803 1300

The Executive Manager of Planning and Economic Development manages and oversees that the following municipal functions are executed:

  • Integrated Development Planning.
  • Tourism and District Economic Development Services.
  • District Property, Resort Management and Maintenance.
  • Extended Public Works initiatives and Programmes (EPWP).
  • Fleet Management (Excluding Roads).
  • Shared Services.

Ms Melanie Wilson
Manager: Tourism and District Economic Development Services
Tel: 044 803 1357
Cell: 082 805 5285
Fax: 086 555 6303

Ensure that the efficient management and pro-active strategic service is provided to the District, which include the following functions:

  • Garden Route & Klein Karoo Tourism
  • District Economic Development

Duties and responsibilities:

  • The responsibility of the Manager: Tourism and District Economic Development Services, is to oversee identification of the key deliverables and goals detailed in Master Plan / Sector Plans within the DED, GRDM’s IDP in respect of promoting district economic aspects in the region;
  • Oversee identification of the key deliverables and goals detailed in Sector Plans within Tourism, GRDM’s IDP in respect of promoting Tourism aspects in the region.
  • Manage the review and coordination of the Tourism marketing and development strategy for the region.


1. District Economic Development, Senior Local Development Officer
Ms Natalie Raubenheimer

Tel: 044 803 145

  • Coordinate and facilitate key applications and procedures associated with the identification, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the effectiveness of Local Economic Development (LED) initiatives, programmes and projects in creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurship and business development and job creation
  • Commitment to supporting B-municipal LED units in terms of carrying out and achieving the objectives of the above mandate, creating and sharing linkages and networks in order to leverage opportunities for economic growth and development.
  • Capacitating citizens, community-based organizations, business and other interest groups towards achieving sustainable ways to meet social, economic and material needs and improve quality of life.

2. Garden Route and Klein Karoo Tourism Co-ordinator
Ms Amagene Koeberg
Tel: 044 803 1426

  • Promoting and positioning the Garden Route and Klein Karoo region as a preferred Tourist destination;
  • Coordinate the tourism marketing activities in the region
  • Coordinate the development of marketing materials, e.g. brochures, video’s, social media, website and products that involve tourism information to keep domestic and international tourists informed
  • Coordinate the exhibiting at tourism exhibitions, networking sessions and educationals
  • Implement the Tourism Marketing and Development strategy in the region

Mr Richard Dyantyi
Manager:  EPWP, Rural Development and Job Creation

Tel: 044803 1404
Cell: 084 900 5556

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage, monitor and evaluate EPWP progress across sectors;
  • Manage and report on all EPWP project sites & adherrence to safety aspects;
  • Manage the national MIS/RIS system;
  • Identify EPWP best practices and manage quarterly beneficiary survey on the impact of EPWP on the alleviation of poverty and reducing unemployment within the district;
  • EPWP project coordination in the region;
  • Promote integrated Rural Development and Social upliftment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of rural communities;
  • Liaise with all government spheres regarding activities, projects and interventions in rural nodes in terms of the DRDLR Guidelines; and
  • Advocate the inclusiveness of rural communities within Agri-Park implementation;

Mr Mzukisi Cekiso
District IDP Manager

Tel:  044 803 1300
Fax:  086 555 6303

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage IDP plans for Garden Route District Municipality;
  • Coordinate IDP in the district;
  • Manage the Intergovernmental Relations function; and
  • Manage the Public Participation Function and Coordinate it on a district level.

Mr Willie Fourie
 Property Management, Maintenance and Resorts Services
Tel: 044 803 1530
Cell: 083 530 8143

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage and control Council’s property portfolio, including but not limited to town planning functions;
  • Manage and coordinate short term leases of all properties – liaise with legal and finance;
  • District spatial planning functions as required by SPLUMA – coordinating role;
  • Manage and coordinate, implement the municipal tribunas for the district, as required by SPLUMA;
  • Manage and coordinate the implementation of infrastructure maintenance plan; and
  • Manage and coordinate Council’s resorts.

Mr Passmore Dongi
Manager: PMU (Project/Programme Management Unit)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the alignment and integration of the Garden Route DM Spatial Development Framework (SDF) with Garden Route DM Integrated Development Planning (IDP) – in support of the Garden Route DM IDP Manager – SDFs of the B Municipalities and the Provincial SDF;
  • Responsible for planning coordination and implementation of relevant assigned catalytic  projects as identified in the approved Garden Route District SDF and the relevant integration with the Integrated Development Plan of Garden Route District Municipality;
  • Responsible for the planning, coordination and implementation of relevant approved projects assigned to the PMU as identified in the Growth and Development Strategy of Garden Route District Municipality;
  • Coordinating relevant Green Energy initiatives and approved projects of the Garden Route District Municipality, including engaging with relevant key stakeholders and arranging a Garden Route Green Energy Summit as a platform for the Garden Route District to engage with relevant Key Stakeholders to define relevant challenges and opportunities within the Green Energy space; and
  • Manage and coordinate the implementation of infrastructure maintenance plan.