Cllr Khayalethu Lose

Portfolio: Community Services

  • 0448031300

Role as Chairperson

Cllr Khayalethu Lose is the Chairperson of the  Garden Route District Municipality’s Community Services, Section 80 Portfolio Committee. Portfolio Committees meet on a monthly basis to discuss matters referred to them by specific functions of the Municipality. Committees take note or recommend certain matters to the Mayoral Committee (MAYCO). The MAYCO  who considers matters to for Council.

Sections Reporting to the Committee

The following Units within the Municipality report to Cllr Lose about their monthly activities, service delivery performance and challenges:

  • Fire and Rescue, Disaster Management
  • Municipal Health
  • Environmental Management (Waste Management/Air Quality)
  • Expanded Public Works Programme
  • Fleet Management
  • Emergency Call Centre