Deputy Executive Mayor

Alderlady Rosina Ruiters
Deputy Executive Mayor
044 803 1300

The Garden Route District Municipality’s Deputy Executive Mayor, Alderlady Rosina Ruiters was born in Brandwagt, a rural settlement on the outskirts of Mossel Bay.  She is the second youngest child of 12 siblings by Rosina and James Frans.

During Alderlady Rosina’s teenage years, her family moved to Mossel Bay, where she completed her secondary education at Sao-Brass High School.  She always had a passion and love to care for people around her.  This compassion for others shaped her ideals and inspired her to become a Community Worker. Later in her life, she entered the world of politics and became a Councillor at Mossel Bay Municipality.

Some of her achievements include:

  • Successfully completing a course in Civil Engineering Construction;
  • Member of the Mossel Bay Recreational Club – attend to street children and the elderly from the rural areas;
  • Democratic Alliance Chairperson of the Women’s League (2006); and
  • Branch Chairperson of a Ward Committee.

During a by-election in 2014, she got elected as Ward Councillor of Ward 13 in Mossel Bay, and according to Alderlady Ruiters, this gave her the opportunity to do more for the community.   Before taking up a career as an Alderlady, Rosina Ruiters made a pledge to the community. She would become their VOICE and because she honoured her word, she was re-elected as Councillor during the 2016 Local Government Elections.

“My vision for the 2016-2021 term is job creation, especially for women and disabled people in the district, to aid them to find direction, to help create an environment where they are not dependent on social grants.  Furthermore, I would also like to create opportunities to develop and uplift young people in rural areas.”

To be a mother is also one of the many roles that Alderlady Ruiters fulfills.  She has two (2) children of her own but also raised six (6) children from a friend who died fifteen (15) years ago.

“I had to make a change in my own life to observe and empathise with others’ needs. I made a conscious decision to change my way of thinking. This has changed my heart and made me understand others better. I trust in God to lead and inspire me.” – Alderlady Ruiters

Role as Chairperson of the Planning and Economic Development Portfolio Committee

Alderlady Rosina Ruiters is the Chairperson of the  Garden Route District Municipality’s Section 80 Planning and Economic Development Portfolio Committee. Portfolio Committees meet on a monthly basis to discuss matters referred to them by specific functions of the Municipality. Committees take note or recommend certain matters to the Mayoral Committee (MAYCO). The MAYCO considers matters for further action by Council.

Sections Reporting to the Committee

The following sections within the Municipality report to Alderlady Ruiters about their monthly activities, service delivery performance and challenges:

  • Regional Economic Development
  • Tourism, Arts and Culture
  • Youth
  • Rural Development
  • Job Creation