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Acting Speaker Barend Groenewald donated blankets to each toddler at the Herbertsdale Creche

“100 Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018” celebrations

Acting Speaker of Eden District Municipality, Cllr Barend Groenewald, as part of the “100 Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018” celebrations, reached our to the Herbertsdale Crèche in Mossel Bay and donated 38 blankets to the toddlers.

The visit was well received by the staff and toddlers.

Eden DM in collaboration with Oudtshoorn empowered creches in Greater Oudsthoorn

“100 Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018” celebrations

The Eden DM Executive Mayor, Cllr Memory Booysen, his office and employees from the Municipal Manager’s office, this year focused on empowering Early Childhood Development (ECD) institutions on Mandela Day. The District also partnered with Oudtshoorn Municipality and Ward Councillors from the Municipality who serve on the Eden DM Council to ensure that the most vulnerable crèches benefitted from the initiative. During Mayor Booysen’s address to crèches he emphasised the importance of improving the “conditions at ECD centres” and commended teachers for their “dedication and selfless efforts to ensure the well-being of all children”.

The following crèches received 20 mattresses, 20 blankets and 10 chairs each: Katryntjie and Sommeblom crèche in Oudtshoorn, Emmanuel Crèche in Dysselsdorp and De Rust Pre-Primary in De Rust.

More photographs can be viewed by browsing to Eden District Municipality’s Facebook page here:

Fencing subsidies provided by Eden DM

Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) has made funds available to assist landowners neighbouring rural roads with fencing of their properties.

The funding will only be applicable on a subsidy basis.  It effectively means that a 60% subsidy will be contributed towards the material on completion of the fencing.  The subsidy has been determined by an average price for material to the Fencing Subsidy Policy of the Eden DM.

New fences must adhere to the specifications of the Provincial Government of the Western Cape: Roads Infrastructure Department. Minimum specifications will be made available to successful applicants.

Application process

  1. Application forms can be obtained from Ms Bernadene Prinsloo from the Roads Services Department.  Contact numbers:  Office 044  803 1506;  Cell: 082 800 1263;  E-mail address:
  2. Closing date for submission of applications is 31 May 2018.
  3. All applications will be verified and successful applicants will be notified by 30 June 2018.
  4. All fences must be fully completed by 31 January 2019 for payment before 28 February 2019.
  5. Payments will be made after inspection have been completed.

Plea to businesses and industry within the Eden district to adapt operations and behaviour

On Thursday, 09 November 2017, a Water Dialogue was held between the Kannaland Municipality, the Western Cape Government: Department of Economic Development and Tourism and local businesses and business associations within Kannaland in order to enable and facilitate a collective response to the serious drought and water security risks within the Western Cape.

This dynamic and vital dialogue session included information sharing and discussions on the current status of water shortages within the province, the economic risks of the water shortages, response actions by government and business taken to reduce these risks, the development of water services and technologies, business support available and how partnerships can be formed to respond collectively to the water crisis.

Business and industry are recognised as the drivers of the economy and development within the Eden district. Eden District Municipality and the Western Cape Government would therefore like to call on all businesses and industry to meter their water use, so as to identify and fix leaks and identify and reduce wasteful water usage; adjust processes and behaviour to only use water when required and in the most efficient way; apply water conservation measures such as installing  water sensitive fixtures; install alternative, more water sensitive operations and methods; replace water intensive equipment with more efficient technologies, install alternative water resource technologies such as rainwater harvesting, greywater re-use, blackwater recycling, groundwater usage; recycle water used within operations; and make employees and customers aware of the seriousness of the current situation so that they do everything possible to reduce their water use at work as well as at home. Businesses are also encouraged to understand the level of risk that their Western Cape based supply chains face due to the drought and, where possible, support their supply chains to reduce their water use and plan for their own supplies.

Mr Lourencio Pick addressing Kannaland businesses regarding the serious drought situation and its implications.

Please visit the website of the City of Cape Town, which provides valuable information and resources that can be printed and displayed within your place of operations, The non-profit organisation, GreenCape, can also be approached for assistance with water saving measures at no cost to businesses. Email: or visit:

The Western Cape Government: Economic Development and Tourism can also be contacted for further information and advice.  The contact persons are Mr Lourencio Pick, or Ms Helen Davies, email:

The current drought can only be broken with three to four years of good rains and its impact will affect us all, for years to come. Businesses need to diversify technologies, methodologies and behaviour in order to adapt to a new “normal”.  We need to take hands in preparing for the coming water security impacts within our district.  All economic sectors need to take the responsibility of ensuring risk mitigation and water sustainability within their businesses.

Eden DM receives recognition for its contribution to the Wetlands South Africa project

At the National Wetlands Indaba 2017, the Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) was awarded a Certificate of Participation for its outstanding contributions towards the successful implementation of the ICLEI Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB): Wetlands South Africa project. The Eden DM was one of a few other district municipalities which contributed towards the LAB: Wetlands South Africa project which won the prestigious Wetlands Crane award during the National Wetlands Awards ceremony held at this year’s Wetlands Indaba in Port Edward, Kwazulu-Natal.

The prestigious Crane awards are annually sponsored by Mondi and consist of unique bronze Wattled Crane sculptures designed by sculptor Sarah Richards. It is awarded annually to recognise outstanding contributions to wetland work in South Africa. ICLEI’s LAB: Wetlands South Africa project contributed significantly to the long-term conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and also served as an inspirational and practical example for others. The project has been enhancing the awareness of wetlands as well as the integration of biodiversity considerations into local government planning and decision-making. It has built the capacity of district municipalities to prioritise and effectively manage wetlands and biodiversity.

The Eden DM has fully supported and benefitted from this project. Its participation within the project highlighted the challenges experienced with wetland management within the district which resulted in the development of two essential documents, the Eden District Wetlands Report as well as the Eden District Wetlands Strategy and Implementation Plan. These documents were co-developed by both ICLEI as well as the Eden District Municipality as part of the LAB project. The Wetlands Strategy and Implementation Plan provide for key implementation strategies within the district as well as its incorporation within the Eden DM Spatial Development Framework and Integrated Development Plans. This will facilitate dynamic and focused wetland management and protection initiatives within the district.

Eden DM recognizes that wetlands are of immense value as it contributes to service provision and disaster risk reduction through ecosystem services such as flood attenuation, water filtration and water security, which are increasingly important in a changing climate. The municipality seeks to enhance the conservation and management of the districts’ natural wetland resources through the integration of biodiversity considerations into local government planning and decision- making.

Eden DM Madiba Day Celebrations

The global call to action for people and organisations to embrace the values and legacy of Utata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is one that is closely linked to Eden District Municipalities’ commitment to uplift people and the communities.

In the spirit of Madiba and his vision to create positive change to the lives of others, the Eden DM Executive Mayor, Councillor Memory Booysen, Deputy Executive Mayor, Councillor Rosina Ruiters, Mayoral Committee Members and Eden DM Officials, on 18 July 2017 visited George Hospital paediatric ward to Give love, support and handed out “Care Kits” which consisted of basic necessities such as toothpaste, toothbrush, dettol, face cloths, soap and blankets.

Chief Executive Officer: George Hospital, Michael Vonk, sent a special letter of appreciation to Eden DM Executive Manager: Corporate-/Strategic Services, Ms Trix Holtzhausen and said: “On behalf of the patients and mums in the paediatric ward, I would like to thank you and your team for spending your 67 minutes at George Hospital. The generous donations and warm smiles that you all brought to the hospital would definitively have brightened the day of these children, as we all celebrate Madiba’s birthday. Please will you extend my thanks to the Executive Mayor and all of his Councillors who also came to give their time to support this worthy cause”.

An excited group of Eden DM Official at the entrance of the George Hospital.

Eden DM Executive Manager: Corporate-/Strategic Services, Ms Trix Holtzhausen extended a word of gratitude: “I would like to thank the officials who joined this initiative and for all their effort to make it special for the mothers and children in the hospital and by demonstrating the spirit of Mandela Day”.

Few of Eden DM employees expressed how they felt when giving back to those in need, this Mandela Day:
Assistant Human Resources Manager: Calvyn Scheepers responded, “What a day (67 minutes) well spent at George Hospital especially in the children’s ward and noticing the smiling faces of these children when our Mayor handed them the care kits. Madiba was fond of kids and it was just appropriate that we gave our 67 minutes to these wonderful kids. There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to others without expecting anything in return.” Let’s make Madiba day an everyday occurrence.

Bandile Mbalo also mentioned: “It was so inspirational and an honour to contribute his 67 minutes to the goodwill of the Mandela day and humble to touch the lives of the children and see them walking the mile that Mandela has walked”. Umtu ngumtu ngabantu.

Eden DM is very proud of the wonderful employees and how they continue to strive to give back to those in need to help build our beautiful country. Mandela Day reminds us of Madiba’s famous saying that, “what counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead”.