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Joint News Release: Properties between Garden Route DM and Mossel Bay transferred – partnership established

Joint News Release: Properties between Garden Route DM and Mossel Bay transferred – partnership established

23 February 2021
For Immediate Release

The agreement entered into between the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) and the Mossel Bay Municipality (MBM) is a joint effort to rectify the registration details of certain properties in the Deeds Registry, some of which are still registered in the name of the then Divisional Councils. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was made possible by co-operation and a joint effort by both municipalities to ensure that their asset registers reflect the correct information by formalizing the actual ownership, use of and responsibilities with regard to the properties.

One of the major projects resulting from this MoU is the moving of the GRDM Fire Base to Mossel Bay. This project is currently in its initiation phase and will have a positive impact on the proximity of the majority of GRDM firefighters to other parts of the Garden Route. The MoU, which will be signed on 23 February 2021, outlines that a subdivision of an erf of 17 312 m² in Mossel Bay needs to be undertaken. The MBM Fire Services base is already situated on this property, while the Southern portion will be utilised by the GRDM Fire and Rescue Services.

The GRDM Fire Base will be more strategically positioned to combat wildfires in the region once this project has been finalised. The farthest point to the west from Mossel Bay is Witsand, which is a distance of approximately 150km from the proposed new base, while Plettenberg Bay is situated approximately 140km away from the Mossel Bay Fire Base to the east

Other properties agreed to be transferred, leased, sold or developed, include:

  • Erf 488 in Tergniet will be transferred from GRDM to MBM. This property is currently utilised and under the control of MBM and includes a parking area, ablution facilities and a waste transfer station.
  • Erf 76 and 77 in Little Brak River will be transferred to MBM. MBM already utilises these properties as a cemetery.
  • Erf 78 in Little Brak River will be transferred to MBM because a community hall is built on it and already in use by MBM.
  • Erf 238 in Little Brak River is a public street, utilised and maintained by MBM. This property will be transferred.
  • Erf 1040 in Little Brak River contains a reservoir which is already used by MBM and will subsequently be transferred to their register.
  • MBM will submit an offer to purchase Erf 99 in Glentana, which is in extent of 47 057m². This property is currently utilised and under the control of MBM as a parking area, ablution facilities and picnic and braai areas.
  • GRDM will transfer a portion south of Morrison Road, Portion 2 of the Farm Hoogekraal No. 23, now referred to as erf 832, Glentana, to MBM.
  • GRDM will transfer a portion of erf 271, north north-west of Impala Avenue in Rheebok to MBM.
  • MBM will subsequently transfer erf 12406 in Mossel Bay to GRDM. This is the current property where the GRDM Municipal Health Services sub-office already operates from.

GRDM and MBM will undertake a collective approach to develop erf 271 in Rheebok, which is 413 333m², and erf 264 Rheebok, in the extent 17 131m², into one unit. This development will conform to the development standards of the surrounding area, while ensuring a green lung with linkages is maintained to other green areas. MBM will be responsible for obtaining the applicable environmental and planning approvals, but both municipalities will bear the costs and equal interest in the development of the property.

All the above interventions prove that when the spheres Local Government work in harmony with one another, far more meaningful change is possible, without bottlenecks and unnecessary red-tape.


Herman Pieters
Senior Communicator
Garden Route District Municipality

Nickey Le Roux
Senior Communications & Marketing
Mossel Bay Municipality