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FOURTH ADJUSTMENT BUDGET 2020/2021 – Open for Comment and Public Inspection

 Notice 11/2021


Notice is hereby given that the Garden Route District Municipality Council’s Fourth Adjustment Budget for the period 2020/2021-2022/2023, was compiled in accordance with the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act 2003 (Act 56 of 2003).

This document was approved by the GRDM Council on Tuesday, 23 February 2021 and is available for public inspection and comments.  Visit the GRDM municipal website  today, 24 February 2021 and onward to access the relevant documentation.

Members of the public are invited to submit written comments or representations to the municipality in respect of this document.
Click here to view the official notice.

All comments and inputs must be directed to:

The Municipal Manager
Garden Route District Municipality
54 York Street

Please contact the Budget Manager (Ms Louise Hoek) at 044 803 1300 with any enquiries.

M G Stratu
Municipal Manager
Garden Route District Municipality

Executive Mayor’s Speech – GRDM Council Meeting on 23 February 2021

Executive Mayor’s Speech – GRDM Council Meeting on 23 February 2021

Mr Speaker, you’ve alluded to the fact that we lost one of our members and it is so profound that it is written in the Scriptures that there will be a time to come and there will be a time to go. We are not immune to this as a Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM). We have lost quite a few of our members, political colleagues, staff members and many of us have lost loved ones. Indeed it will never ever be the same here for us again and we will always look back at this period in history and remember the people that we lost due to various circumstances.

What I do want to highlight is that on behalf of Council, our condolences have gone out to the Saayman family – we have engaged with them.  I want to announce that this is the first official meeting where Cllr Saayman will not be present again. Also, this coming Thursday it will be the late Cllr Saayman’s memorial service. Communication will go out to everyone and also to the rest of the people in the Garden Route who would like to join the memorial service of our late Cllr Saayman.

Mr Speaker I would also like to welcome our adopted staff members from the Human Settlements Department in the Western Cape who are now stationed with us. Ms Shehaam Sims and Mr Joel Mkunqwana – I would like to welcome you both.  I know that they are already rock stars. Following last week’s press conference, my phone has already rang off the hook – probably theirs as well. In terms of the new breakthrough we have made as the Garden Route, it is obvious that we have been very busy behind the scenes until it was made public last Friday of what we were busy with.

Ourselves together with the Minister for Human Settlements, MEC Tertuis Simmers and his staff, who I have mentioned before, formed part of the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA).  Mr Speaker, as I was saying, our telephones have been non-stop ringing which is a key indication that we have already stepped into a gap where people want information. We are very excited of what might lie ahead in terms of our engagements with the Western Cape Government Human Settlements Department. We can’t wait to showcase to the rest of the Western Cape and South Africa how cooperation between district municipalities and local municipalities can benefit everyone.

We’re not going to pretend that there are not serious questions emanating from this historic event.  We’re not going to get tired to explain to people how it will work and we will engage with the local municipalities to resolve any uncertainties. However, I do need to reiterate that we are not planning to take away the role or mandate of local municipalities we are partnering with, because we want to make sure that everyone benefits. In particular, I refer here to those who want to be beneficiaries in the human settlements space – we want everyone to benefit regardless of their status in life.

On the very same Friday last week, we, as the GRDM also official opened the Garden Route Food Pantry. This is something that was debated about for quite some time. This initiative was triggered by the after-effects and unintended consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr Speaker this is a wonderful R1.3 million that spans over a period of three years, but knowing the value of the Rand, it might fluctuate from time-to-time. In addition, there are ongoing discussions that the purpose is to feed the needy and to make sure that there is dignity in each and every household in the Garden Route. More importantly, to make sure nobody goes to bed without not having had a meal. Again, I’m reinforcing what I’ve said I the presence of all other Mayors, this is to compliment what is happening at a local level. We are aware that there are soup kitchens and homes where people feed communities from their own kitchens. This intervention is to complement what they’re doing. Even bigger, if there is a need, we can distribute supplies from this food pantry to them as well.

Mr Speaker, we are busy dealing with the contributions as well. We are busy finalising all the nitty gritty details regarding the financial model of this.  There is already a model where each and every municipality we have to contribute. They are dealing with that within their own jurisdictions. We’re contributing as a district municipality.

Mr Speaker I want to highlight – no good deed should go unnoticed. I did not get permission to do this, but because it is something that presents a significant impact, we would really like to say to Mr John Lombard that we really appreciate his contribution of thousands of Rands to the Garden Route Food Pantry. He’s been leading by example. Mr Lombard, on behalf of the GRDM, all the local municipalities and all the residents of the Garden Route, we really acknowledge and salute you – you’re setting the tone and we will definitely follow suit.  Also, Mr Speaker, I want to put a challenge to all the Councillors and officials – charity begins at home. We need to lead by example, I am putting out this challenge to all of us that there is also a part that is linked  to this project where anyone can buy a brick for R100.00 per month. A person can either sign a debit order or a stop order or pay it in person. I want everyone to sign up for at least one year. Individuals can write their names against a brick inside the Food Pantry building. If it is more than R100, a person can write details on more bricks. So, in essence, a person can write their own name, their family, children etc. A person can start their own dynasty there where a person can have ten (10) “Stratu” bricks for example. That would be an indication that we do support his and that it is a combined effort that we support this cause. If we can do it, if Mr Lombard can do it, if municipal employees can do it, especially the Councillors of the Garden Route – we should all follow suite.

What is also very exciting to me, again, is something coming on for months and years. It is the issue where Inter-governmentally everyone always disputes property ownership amongst their partners in all three spheres of government. There is always that dispute where we own pockets of land and some municipalities feel that such land belongs to them. This is not a battle that we want to get involved in, instead, in that space we want to form partnerships. Mr Speaker, today is going to be another historic signing between the Garden Route District Municipality and Mossel Bay Municipality where we will go and sign mutual agreements between the two municipalities in terms of us transferring properties to them and they transferring properties to us. Some of the properties will be utilised in a way where we will jointly develop these properties for a better Garden Route as a district. I would like to encourage all municipalities who have this in the back of their minds that they are gearing themselves to fight the Garden Route. We will come to you, negotiate and ensure that it is a win-win situation.

You know, no matter what we’re going through as a country, all our problems and difficulties that we are experiencing as a district and a country. One thing I’ve learned is that one of the solutions is the education of our youth.  Last night we listened to the announcement of the results of the 2020 Matriculants. I want to congratulate those who have made it on behalf of the Garden Route. I would also like to say to those who have not made it – it is not the end of the world. Regard it as an opportunity. Go and re-write, there is always room for improvement. We also want to thank you to the parents who have endured for long hours as well. They’ve endured long hours, in some instances during loadshedding. They’ve really pulled through – congratulations to everybody. So, once again, even though someone did not pass, I encourage those to go back and re-write so that there is a better future for everyone.

I thank you.

Joint News Release: Properties between Garden Route DM and Mossel Bay transferred – partnership established

Joint News Release: Properties between Garden Route DM and Mossel Bay transferred – partnership established

23 February 2021
For Immediate Release

The agreement entered into between the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) and the Mossel Bay Municipality (MBM) is a joint effort to rectify the registration details of certain properties in the Deeds Registry, some of which are still registered in the name of the then Divisional Councils. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was made possible by co-operation and a joint effort by both municipalities to ensure that their asset registers reflect the correct information by formalizing the actual ownership, use of and responsibilities with regard to the properties.

One of the major projects resulting from this MoU is the moving of the GRDM Fire Base to Mossel Bay. This project is currently in its initiation phase and will have a positive impact on the proximity of the majority of GRDM firefighters to other parts of the Garden Route. The MoU, which will be signed on 23 February 2021, outlines that a subdivision of an erf of 17 312 m² in Mossel Bay needs to be undertaken. The MBM Fire Services base is already situated on this property, while the Southern portion will be utilised by the GRDM Fire and Rescue Services.

The GRDM Fire Base will be more strategically positioned to combat wildfires in the region once this project has been finalised. The farthest point to the west from Mossel Bay is Witsand, which is a distance of approximately 150km from the proposed new base, while Plettenberg Bay is situated approximately 140km away from the Mossel Bay Fire Base to the east

Other properties agreed to be transferred, leased, sold or developed, include:

  • Erf 488 in Tergniet will be transferred from GRDM to MBM. This property is currently utilised and under the control of MBM and includes a parking area, ablution facilities and a waste transfer station.
  • Erf 76 and 77 in Little Brak River will be transferred to MBM. MBM already utilises these properties as a cemetery.
  • Erf 78 in Little Brak River will be transferred to MBM because a community hall is built on it and already in use by MBM.
  • Erf 238 in Little Brak River is a public street, utilised and maintained by MBM. This property will be transferred.
  • Erf 1040 in Little Brak River contains a reservoir which is already used by MBM and will subsequently be transferred to their register.
  • MBM will submit an offer to purchase Erf 99 in Glentana, which is in extent of 47 057m². This property is currently utilised and under the control of MBM as a parking area, ablution facilities and picnic and braai areas.
  • GRDM will transfer a portion south of Morrison Road, Portion 2 of the Farm Hoogekraal No. 23, now referred to as erf 832, Glentana, to MBM.
  • GRDM will transfer a portion of erf 271, north north-west of Impala Avenue in Rheebok to MBM.
  • MBM will subsequently transfer erf 12406 in Mossel Bay to GRDM. This is the current property where the GRDM Municipal Health Services sub-office already operates from.

GRDM and MBM will undertake a collective approach to develop erf 271 in Rheebok, which is 413 333m², and erf 264 Rheebok, in the extent 17 131m², into one unit. This development will conform to the development standards of the surrounding area, while ensuring a green lung with linkages is maintained to other green areas. MBM will be responsible for obtaining the applicable environmental and planning approvals, but both municipalities will bear the costs and equal interest in the development of the property.

All the above interventions prove that when the spheres Local Government work in harmony with one another, far more meaningful change is possible, without bottlenecks and unnecessary red-tape.


Herman Pieters
Senior Communicator
Garden Route District Municipality

Nickey Le Roux
Senior Communications & Marketing
Mossel Bay Municipality

PPE donated to Garden Route municipalities by SALGA-UN Development Programme

MEDIA RELEASE: PPE donated to Garden Route municipalities by SALGA-UN Development Programme

For Immediate Release
22 February 2021

South African Local Government Association (SALGA) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) donated a total of R750 000 worth of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) toolkits to Local Municipalities in the Garden Route on 22 February 2021. The session was facilitated by the Garden Route District Municipality.

During the PPE handover ceremony, Local Economic Development (LED) Managers and representatives from five (5) of the (7) local municipalities (Hessequa, Mossel Bay, George, Knysna, Bitou, Greater Oudtshoorn and Kannaland) in the Garden Route were in attendance. Each toolkit contains facemasks, hand sanitisers, face shields and awareness material. Toolkits will be distributed by the respective municipal LED managers to Informal Traders and Spaza Shops.

The breakdown of the number of toolkits per municipality is as follows: George, Knysna, Mossel Bay, Bitou and Hessequa will receive 50 face shields each, while Kannaland will receive 20 and Oudtshoorn 30. Each municipality will receive 200 x 1 Litre hand sanitisers as well as the same number of face masks.

GRDM Executive Mayor thanked SALGA for the intervention also shared that the GRDM and its local municipalities are fortunate to receive the first batch of PPE toolkits from SALGA in the Western Cape. “It is a very huge task that lies ahead of local municipalities to ensure that the PPE toolkits land up at the correct recipients – Informal Traders and Spaza Shops.” He also said that the “the world is in dire need of PPE at the moment”.

The SALGA Provincial Executive Committee Member, Dr Annelie Rabie, said: “This initiative is currently being rolled out throughout South Africa and is meant to keep smaller informal food traders safe during this pandemic.” She highlighted that small businesses are all facing difficult times, “they do not all have backup plans, live from hand-to-mouth, and therefore find it difficult to purchase all the required PPE materials to keep safe”.

“As we stand here today, it is true that the whole of South Africa is responding to the challenges posed by COVID-19,” Dr Rabie said. She stressed that revenue at local municipalities is already an ongoing problem, which is why this type of funding by the UNDP, can help communities, which in essence, fills the gaps where Local Government do not necessarily have the funding to do it.

Each municipality today completed an “acknowledgement of receipt” form and will also be responsible for capturing details of each recipient and communicate the details to SALGA.

During 2020, the UNDP and SALGA launched a Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) development assistance programme to assist up-and-coming local manufacturers of fabric facemasks. The idea was to strengthen South Africa’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these donations received on 22 February 2021 included products manufactured by SMMEs from that initiative.

Caption of feature image at the top of this article: SALGA, GRDM and Local Municipal representatives (front, fltr): Shanon Louw (Mossel Bay), Sandy Esau (Mossel Bay), Dr Annelie Rabie (PEC: SALGA), Ald. Memory Booysen (GRDM Executive Mayor), Cllr Grant Riddles (Hessequa Executive Mayor), Joan Shaw (George Municipality Acting Deputy Director: Strategic Services), Nkosinathi September (SALGA Senior Advisor: Financial Resilience), Mvuleni Mposelwa (Knysna Municipality). Back (fltr): Greg Baartman (Oudtshoorn Municipality), Lesley Jacobs (Bitou Municipality), Lerato Tshefu (Hessequa Municipality) and Brandon Du Plessis (George Municipality).


Media Release: Garden Route DM and Local Municipalities form partnership with a NPO and the private sector, to provide food assistance to Garden Routers

Media Release: Garden Route DM and Local Municipalities form partnership with a NPO and the private sector, to provide food assistance to Garden Routers

For Immediate Release
19 February 2021

What started as a dream in the pursuit of eradicating hunger, has today come into fruition when the Garden Route Food Pantry (GRFP) was officially launched. This is a first of its kind where a District Municipality, Local Municipalities, the Private Sector and a Non-Profit Organisation, work together to alleviate hunger. Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Local Municipalities and the GRFP and private businesses are therefore working hand-in-hand to ensure that food safety and security received the much needed attention.

‘Thumbs up to new beginnings’, three leaders committed to addressing food shortages in the region – GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald. Memory Booysen (left) ; Managing Director for the Food Pantry, Carl van Blerk (middle); and Human Settlements MEC Tertuis Simmers (right).

The official launch the Garden Route Food Pantry took placed today, 19 February 2021, at the head office of the GRFP in George by means of a one-hour programme and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This historical occasion was attended by the Western Cape MEC for Human Settlements, Minister Tertuis Simmers, Executive Mayor of GRDM, Ald. Memory Booysen, Head of the Provincial Department of Human Settlements, Jacqueline Samson, Executive Mayors and Municipal Managers, as well as Councillors from the respective local municipalities in the district, sponsors, business owners, individuals, influencers and the media.

According to Carl van Blerk, Managing Director of the GRFP, the primary mandate of the food pantry is to source food from various local suppliers, manufacturers and farmers. Also, to be a centralised point where food security needs can be coordinated from, while at the same time also serving as a base where fortified products can be processed to fight malnutrition of communities. “This privately run facility does not belong to Government, but must be seen as an efficient facility that belongs to us all. This is why we all need to take ownership and work together to make this dream a reality – whether you are here as a representative of a municipality, a business, a service organisation, the media or just a concerned citizen wanting to make a difference. I am pleading with everyone to take hands, in order for us to approach this as a unified single unit,’’ said Van Blerk.

The GRDM Executive Mayor, Ald. Memory Booysen, during his address said that he was not only seeing what was happening at the food pantry but visualising the impact this type of partnership will have in the future. He thanked all municipalities for being present at the launch and emphasised that because of Covid-19 impact on society, the government can no longer operate in silos. Utilising the available systems and partnering with civil society is central in addressing the current repurchases of the pandemic. Mayor Booysen further envisions that this type of partnership will be duplicated in other parts of the Western Cape and South Africa as a whole.

To the farmers he said, we thank you and we salute you. He also said to the executive mayors, Councillors and taxpayers: “We need you! We want to use your money to feed everybody in this home, the Garden Route district”.

MEC Tertuis Simmers started his address with a quote by Henry Ford which eloquently summarised the occasion: “Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success”. He commended the people of the Garden Route district and their innate desire to assist their neighbour. “Your contribution towards the establishment of this food pantry will ensure that many individuals and families can now be assisted with the nutritional meal they require,” Minister Simmers said.

The role of GRDM in this partnership will essentially be that of a strategic enabler with oversight responsibility. GRDM understands that nutrition and food scarcity is directly linked to food safety and security. Added to this, disaster management mitigation, and considering the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on unemployment and poverty, forms part of why we are doing this. The Garden Route Covid-19 Command Council proposed the establishing a food bank to address the critical needs of Garden Routers. Now, this proposal is a reality and GRDM will be able to oversee on a quarterly basis what change it brings to society.

One of the long-term goals of the GRFP is to establish a de-centralised facility in each town in the district. The managing director of the GRFP has already been approached by organisations in Mossel Bay and Hessequa who showed a keen interest in partnering and operating satellite branches. This shows the tremendous community spirit of individuals and businesses who are willing to play their part when the need arises to eradicate hunger.

Across the globe, there is a huge concern about the quality of food products provided to communities who struggle with nutrition. Therefore, the GRFP strives to address the nutritional value of meals. A malnourished child could be even more negatively impacted by food of low nutritional value, like for instance a lack of protein, vitamins and fiber in meals. For this reason, the GRFP reached out to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology to develop a recipe that addresses the issue of food nutritional value. An agreement resulted in the Good4You Foods range to be developed, which was launched in December 2020. It included protein biscuits, also known as the super biscuits. When a child consumes one of these biscuits at the start of his or her day, the nutritional value consumed will add to the much needed energy required for a child to function optimally.

Transparency in humanitarian work is also of paramount importance. It is for this reason that all donations in and out of the food pantry will be recorded at its supply chain side. Records will be available for inspection to anybody interested, especially those who want to pledge their support, but who wants to first inspect details of how their donations will be used. A financial report will also be provided quarterly for inspection to municipalities and donors who have been supporting the GRFP. Ultimately the GRFP plans to make available all the data and reports on an online cloud-based system, where stakeholders can see exactly where the pantry distributes to. The public will furthermore be able to log onto this system.

The GRFP has four broad goals – firstly as a collection point for the sourcing of food-related goods; whether it is from a farmer, a factory, food distributor, supermarket or a generous citizen who wants to donate or seeking a place to donate any surplus or excess food stock. Once received, these items will be checked for safety and then processed into nutritional foods for distribution through a vetted network of distribution agencies. Some of the goods, especially fresh produce, will be prepared at the facility into soups, stews etc. These nutritional meals will then be delivered to a variety of feeding centres or soup kitchens across the whole Garden Route district.

The second area of service, will be to provide three day and seven-day food packs. These will be done as per orders received from Municipalities. Suppliers in each region will be approached to supply the required goods, thereby ensuring maintaining ongoing support of local industries and business.

The final goal of the GRFP is to look at the need for long-term sustainability by encouraging communities to start home-based fruit and vegetable gardens. This project has already kicked off with a number of champion gardeners. In order to be effective, the necessary training needs to be conducted after which regular monitoring and an incentive system is implemented. The incentive in the GRFP program is that community farmers can bring excess harvested goods to the pantry, and exchange for additional goods such as rice, tinned foods, etc.


There are different ways in place for people to access food. A person can work through an existing organisation such as a church, meals-on-wheels charity, faith-based networks or service organisations, which has a facility to receive food directly from the GRFP.

Alternatively, one can visit the GRFP website at www., and click on a link titled ‘I NEED HELP’. The next step is for applicants to complete the online application form which in turn will direct applicants to an organisation where you will get food.
If a person runs a feeding centre in the Garden Route district and wishes to register with the GRFP for possible support, the link on the website needs to be followed to complete the application form.

If a person operates more than one location, a separate form will be required (for each venue). Applicants need to take note that registration does not guarantee approval, as an evaluation would need to be done and an inspection may be performed to verify details.


In order for people to qualify for assistance, they need to be vetted. In this case, the food pantry will work closely with their distribution agents (churches, meals-on-wheels charities, faith-based networks or service organisations). These role players will ensure that a beneficiaries are not duplicated. The food party will also assist people who are willing to source food for themselves through gardening programmes.

The GRFP will also make use of a database with information to provide feedback to their supporters and sponsors, showcasing the number of people being fed in a particular area, identifying ‘red’ areas and bigger requirements, focusing their attention on organisations that support people in particular areas based on a criteria of need.


There are two basic soup kitchen structures that the GRFP will work with; those registered with the municipalities and those soup kitchens which are managed by a person at his or her house who feeds 20 children after school who are not registered, but doing a good job. Both places will be vetted.

Firstly, the need at these soup kitchens will be established. Interested parties can visit GRFP website at www., and click on a link called REGISTER, and complete the application form in order to get assistance from the food pantry.


Business, individuals and the general public are encouraged to link up with the GRFP. This does not have to be by means of donating funds, but other activities too. Volunteers that pack and prepare meals is also required. There is currently a volunteer structure in the place where people can schedule their availability.

The public can become a friend of the pantry by donating R100 a month and have their name placed on a brick inside the Garden Route Food Pantry behind the reception desk.

A monthly contribution will ensure the financial stability of the pantry. It will see to it that more meals are provided to more people, especially while the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of hardship. Large businesses are also encouraged to consider partnering with the food pantry as a name partner in the fortified products – such as the protein biscuits or the newer range of fortified flavoured milk, porridges, and stew mix meals. Drive by food donation items can also be dropped-off whenever or when possible.

During the vote of thanks, Head of the Provincial Department for Human Settlements, Jacqueline Samson thanked Mayor Booysen and Mayors from the local municipalities, Municipal Managers, Councillors and GRDM officials, saying that the day would not have been possible without acknowledging their commitment and hard work. She furthermore thanked the Management and staff of the Garden Route Food Pantry and extended a special word of gratitude to the donors, sponsors, media, and in particularly Apostle Jan Horn for his words of encouragement. She concluded by saying that as Joseph in the bible preserves his dream and through his tenacity, he converted non-believers and gave new trust. She concluded by saying that she trust that this initiative will invite those no-believers to participate in this fantastic initiate to put food on the table of the community.

Feature Image: Alderman Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor for GRDM and MEC for Human Settlements, Minister Simmers cuts a ribbon to signify the opening of the GRFP. 


Passing of Cllr Danny Saayman comes as a shock and will leave a void

Passing of Cllr Danny Saayman comes as a shock and will leave a void

For Immediate Release
18 February 2021

Feature Image caption: Late Cllr Danny Saayman (left) with  Cllr Bernardus van Wyk (middle) and Cllr Ryk Wildschut (right).

Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Council, Management and employees mourn the sudden passing of Councillor Danny Saayman who represented Mossel Bay on a district level. Saayman served as a Proportional Councillor at the GRDM Council since 2016. Earlier today, employees from GRDM gathered to hold a prayer session at the institution’s Council Chambers to mourn his passing.

Cllr Danny Saayman (right) with some of his colleagues, Cllr Bernardus Van Wyk (left), Cllr Simon Odendaal (second from left) and Cllr Luzuko Tyokolo, at the Garden Route Investment Conference.

Executive Mayor for GRDM, Ald. Memory Booysen, said: “Our prayers go out to Danny’s family, friends and everyone else who worked with him or whose life was touched by his selfless service”. At the time of comment, Ald. Booysen was still in shock of Danny’s passing and mentioned on a lighter note that he was called ‘Yster’ by Cllr Saayman and that he will miss his witty nature.

Chief Whips from the Democratic Alliance (DA), African National Congress (ANC), Plaaslike Besorgde Inwoners (PBI) and Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (ICOSA), also shared fond memories of their late colleague and friend.

Cllr Rowan Spies (DA), said: “Danny was part of our caucus and will be remembered as a person who uplifted the mood of everyone around him; we will also remember him as a reliable and trustworthy pillar of strength for many”. Spies further described Cllr Saayman as one of few individuals who was emotionally intelligent, able to mediate any  conflicting situation. “He will be dearly missed and our heartfelt condolences go out to his family,” said Spies.

Alderman Virgill Gericke from the PBI shared his deepest condolences and sympathy to the family and said: “He was a very humble servant of the people. I take pride in having known and worked with him. God be with his wife and children”. Alderman Pieter van Der Hoven from the ANC shared that the passing of Cllr Saayman came as a big shock. He said: “I know he added a lot of value not only to his political party but also to his community.” Van Der Hoven also wished Cllr Saayman’s family strength during this difficult period. Cllr Wilbur Harris from ICOSA said that it was terrible news to hear about Danny’s sudden passing. He saw the news break at about 01:00am on 18 February 2021. “I offer ICOSA’s thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this dark time to his family, friends and political party,” said Harris.

Saayman has left behind a wife and two daughters who will receive the necessary support from the GRDM and the date of a memorial service will be announced soon.

GRDM will treasure the wonderful memories it has of Cllr Saayman – rest in peace.

Joint Media Alert: Historical Agreement to Accelerate Housing Development in the Garden Route


17 February 2021

On Friday 19 February 2021 Western Cape Human Settlements Minister Tertuis Simmers, and Executive Mayor, Ald. Memory Booysen of the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), will hold a press briefing to unpack the groundbreaking agreement which was signed between the Department and the District Municipality. The briefing will cover exactly what this agreement entails and what it means practically for housing development within the Garden Route district.

Following engagements between the parties, the Department identified the need for the District Municipality to assist with the planning, development and management of selected human settlement priority projects within the Garden Route region. This covers selected housing projects within the municipal areas of George, Knysna, Oudtshoorn, Bitou, Mossel Bay, Hessequa and Kannaland.  Through this initiative, greater commitment and support to these municipalities and, in turn, their respective communities are envisioned.

In line with the Joint District Approach, the agreement essentially seeks to ensure that the various spheres of government and stakeholders work together to accelerate and enhance service delivery within the respective areas. The agreement is the first of its kind in the Western Cape since district municipalities traditionally do not have any housing mandate.

As part of the agreement, and in its commitment to support the GRDM, the Department has funded the appointment of two human settlement practitioners to capacitate the District Municipality.

The various Mayors and Municipal Managers of the region will also be present, along with the Provincial Head of Department of Human Settlements.

Proceedings can also be followed live on Minister Tertuis Simmers’ Facebook page @HumanMinWC.



Date: Friday, 19 February 2021
Time: 10h00
Venue: Garden Route District Municipal Offices – Council Chambers, 1st Floor, 54 York Street George.

Live on Facebook at


Media Enquiries:
Marcellino Martin
Western Cape Human Settlements
Spokesperson for Minister Tertuis Simmers
Tel: 021 483 3397
Mobile: 082 721 3362

Nathan Adriaanse
Western Cape Human Settlements
Director Communication & Stakeholder Relations
Tel: 021 483 2868
Mobile: 083 2631720

Herman Pieters
Garden Route District Municipality
Senior Communication Officer
Tel:  044 803 1419
Mobile: 081 455 5699

WebiPanel: Panel discussion on “The Role of Associations and Chambers in post-COVID-19 economic recovery – a local and international perspective

WebiPanel: Panel discussion on “The Role of Associations and Chambers in post-COVID-19 economic recovery – a local and international perspective

This WebiPanel is scheduled for 17 February 2021 at 09:00 to 11:30 (SA time) and will take place via a virtual Zoom meeting.

Those interested to listen and learn from industry experts are required to register in advance for this webinar by clicking here:

Traditional business membership organisations (chambers of commerce and business associations) were already facing a crisis of relevance in the 21st century knowledge and sharing economy. Chambers of all sizes from across the globe are facing similar challenges and are in a continuous struggle to remain relevant in an ever-changing world. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has created additional challenges and further disrupted all industries. But, despite all, there is also an opportunity for businesses and individuals to serve and represent the business community in its hour of greatest need. Also, to help drive the Garden Route Economic Recovery Plan which is so critical to a prosperous period that must be revitalised. Governments the world over and in the Garden Route, specifically require the inputs of the business fraternity to strike the best balance between appropriate restrictions to protect public health and the imperative of economic activity that underpins sustainable livelihoods.

Given the circumstances facing many businesses and the private sector as the life-line of economies around the globe, the role of business membership organisations has never been as essential. But, with the question of relevance on the line coming into the crisis, it begs the question of whether such organisations can rise to the occasion. Join the panel of international and local experts to learn how you as a business association or chamber, can re-imagine your organisation in a world where the same is now different.