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Municipal Managers and Mayors meet to discuss region’s public sector EPWP jobs and future projects

After Municipal Managers of the Garden Route engaged this morning, a follow-up session with Executive Mayors from the region subsequently took place. Currently, similar contents of the Municipal Manager’s Forum are discussed at the District Coordinating Forum (DCF). Executive Mayors of the region are present and topics on the table, include:

  • The National Department of Public Works – Presenting Protocol Agreement targets for the fourth phase;
  • Contextualised inputs for discussion at the Cabinet Bosberaad (Circular 21: District Strategic and Planning priorities as well as service delivery challenges); and
  • A Special Economic Zone District-Wide Approach.

During his opening remarks as the chairperson of the DCF, Cllr Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor of Garden Route District Municipality, said: “The major purpose of this meeting is for me to understand what you require at a local municipal level. If we don’t engage, I will not be able to understand what is happening at a b-municipal level.”


“Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) targets will also be discussed today – how we are performing, where we can improve, etc. EPWP is an important component of putting food on the table and creating sustainable jobs. Gone are the days when we saw EPWP as a tick-box exercise. As a district, we want the jobs created to form part of our mainstream economy and the development of it. We will continue to punch above our weight to see that the people on the ground experience what we intended them to experience,” said Cllr Booysen.