Author: Nomkhitha Mhlontlo

21 September 2021 Media Release: Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Interns receive cellular devices 

Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Interns receive cellular devices

For Immediate Release
21 September 2021

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) interns recently received cellular devices from CapaCiti, and One Digital Media these companies are partnering with the GRDM to nurture the talent of the youth. Eleven (11) CapaCiti interns and two (2) One Digital Media interns, these interns are currently being hosted by the GRDM and will use these devices as part of their duties and report-back activities to CapaCiti and One Digital Media.

The GRDM Executive Manager for Corporate Services, Trix Holtzhausen, said: “We have never before been in a position to ensure that interns have access to such tools of trade and we are thankful to CapaCiti and One Digital Media for assisting us with these resources”. “Additionally, the GRDM provides interns with Wi-Fi to access the Internet, which reduces their personal data costs,” said Holtzhausen. The two apps installed on each device are known as YES4YOUTH and YES4LIFE.


“Yes4Youth” is an educational tool for action-based learning and it consists of “bite-sized knowledge” – it, therefore, contains value-driven and principle-based contents. The app is designed for busy professionals and executives who have no time, although they want to continue learning for their personal and professional development.


The Yes4Life app is designed to assess and measure the “Yes Youth” quality work experience through weekly, monthly baseline mid line and end line surveys. These surveys require “YES Youth” to complete a series of questions pertaining to their background, their ongoing experience taken from the very beginning of their journey and throughout their 12-month quality work experience in order to compile their unique profile, as to reassure the quality assurance and continued improvement throughout their YES journey.

GRDM remains committed to youth development, in particular developing the skills of women to be form part of the job market.

Feature Image: Onke Jako, working under the Recruitment and Selection Unit, received his cellular phone from One Digital Media


10 September 2021 Media Release: GRDM continues extensive Covid-19 Vaccination awareness

GRDM continues extensive Covid-19 Vaccination awareness

For Immediate Release
10 September 2021

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) unit approached Dr Zilla North from the Western Cape Department of Health to conduct ‘Questions and Answers’ sessions with GRDM employees. These weekly virtual or contact sessions are held to address any concerns raised by employees regarding the Covid-19 vaccines.

So far, three (3) sessions took place; the first session took place on 13 August 2021 at the Conville clinic, where approximately thirty-one (31) Roads employees were in attendance. On 20 August, nearly fifty (50) participants logged into the virtual session; and on 27 August again, approximately fifty (50) employees participated.

The EAP unit furthermore facilitates the employee vaccination activities of the municipality. Apart from the question and answer sessions with Dr North, the Unit also sent out weekly vaccination information to the employees and they created “Toolbox” talks with staff members employed at the various depots, in collaboration with the Occupational Health and Safety Unit. The team distributed vaccination posters at all satellite offices of the municipality and organised a vaccination site for its employees at the AFM Church situated in Pacaltsdorp. Additionally, a vaccination webinar with Dr Nellis van Zyl-Smit was scheduled on 8 September 2021 to continue creating awareness and educating the employees about the importance of taking the Covid-19 Vaccine.

HR Practitioner: Employee Assistance Programme, Shandre Abrahams said: “The GRDM (EAP unit) is dedicated to continuously keeping and educating its employees about safety precautions to prevent getting infected by the virus and the spread thereof”. Abrahams added: “Employees get screened, and their hands get sanitised on their arrival at the office every morning. Sanitising stations are also placed at every corner within the various buildings for their easy access and they are continuously advised to wear their face masks at all times.

The Communication Unit conducted interviews with some of the staff members to determine their take on the vaccine. Ms Nontokozo Dladla responded by saying, “I have always been pro-vaccination, but I haven’t gone for my jab yet, as I recently contracted Covid-19 and must wait for 30 days till I can get it. As for encouraging other people, getting vaccinated is a sensitive subject – not everyone is for it. At this moment, I keep my opinion to myself. I do not want it to seem like I am imposing my opinion on other people”. Mr Johannes Jafta responded: “After being vaccinated, I would encourage anyone else to go and get their jab. We need to be responsible communities and to act responsibly. Taking the jab is for their own safety, and it is the right thing to do”.

Employees are encouraged to contact the EAP officer, Ms Shandre Abrahams, for more information about the programme at 044 801 1307/082 428 1984.


4 January 2021 Media Release : Internal  Audit Activity Pass External Quality Assurance Review (QAR) with flying colours

Media Release: Internal  Audit Activity Pass External Quality Assurance Review (QAR) with flying colours

For Immediate Release
04 January 2021

Garden Route District Municipality appointed a Service Provider to conduct an External QAR on the Internal Audit Activity in order to assess whether it conforms to the Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA’s) International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards, SPPIA). The review took place during the month of October 2020 and the approach included analysing responses to questionnaires, conducting interviews with various stakeholders, reviewing and analysing Internal audit activity documentation as well as evaluating the effectiveness of reporting to management and the audit and performance audit committee.

Effective 1 January 2002, the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) require internal audit activities to have an external quality assurance review conducted at least once every five years.
According to Ms Pamela Lufele, GRDM Chief Audit Executive, “It is a great achievement for us to obtain a Generally Conform (GC) status; considering that we operate in an environment that is legislated and embedded with standards, code of ethics and professional practices. We are also amongst the few municipalities in the Western Cape who has had the external QAR conducted and obtained a GC status”.
“Hard work has paid off and it would not have been possible without persistent commitment from the Internal Audit Team,” said Lufele.

In response to the IA’s Unit achievement, Alderman Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor for GRDM said, “Their years of experience, assurance, insight and objectivity are testimony of why the internal auditors faired so well” said Alderman Memory Booysen, Executive mayor for GRDM.
The Garden Route District Municipality IA unit became fully functional in 2010 and now consists of four (4) team members; Ms Pamela Lufele, Chief Audit Executive; Ms Grace Rwayi, Senior Internal Auditor and the Internal Auditors: Ms Mariska Pieterse and Mr. Siphelele Notyhanga. Experience in years of the IA unit’s members if added together amounts to 29 years.
In celebration of the good news, the Chief Audit Executive, Ms Lufele, answered the following questions:

Q: As the Chief Audit Executive what was your preconceptions of the expected outcomes?
A: “Well, I had confidence in the quality of work we produce as well as the compliance to all the applicable professional practices. The fact that it was the first time in the history of Garden Route District Municipality to conduct such an extensive assessment, I was going to accept a Partially Conformance (PC) status but I guess our hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence paid off and we obtained the GC status.”

Q: In general what are the primary rules/ codes of conduct relating to the internal auditor profession?
A: “That would be Institute of Internal Auditors Standards and Code of Ethics (Integrity, Objectivity, Competence and Confidentiality.”

Q: Lastly any final words of Aspiration
A: “I will quote from the famous words of Maya Angelou: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style”. Then Ms Lufele closed her speech by these encouraging words…
“This is the attitude we have as the Internal Audit team, to always strive to perform our work with precision but not forgetting to live in the moment and being the best version of ourselves.”


19 November 2020 Media Release: Garden Route unemployed youth commences 12-month telecommunication network operations training

Media Release: Garden Route unemployed youth commences 12-month telecommunication network operations  training

19 November 2020
For Immediate Release 

Garden Route youth between the ages of 18 and 25 yesterday, 16 November 2020, received induction training for a 12-month telecommunication network operations learnership which will officially start today. The programme is a strategic partnership between Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM), Muja Media, Long Ships and MICTSeta. GRDM Executive Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen; GRDM Portfolio Chairperson for Roads and Transport Planning Services, Cllr Rowan Spies; Training and Development Committee Chairperson, Cllr Stephen De Vries; and Acting GRDM Municipal Manager, Ms Trix Holtzhausen, were present at the engagement with all the relevant stakeholders, including the 25 beneficiaries.

Mojo Media offers television products, outside broadcasting, content creation, audio-post production branded content, channel management, graphics, video editing and facility rentals. The training will take place at Bethesda in Rose Moore where they will be attending classes under the supervision of their Facilitator Mr Limbani Maxwell.

The Garden Route youth are ready to embark on their new journey with Mojo media. During the induction session it was evident that the learners are passionate about the road ahead of them, i.e. learning about Telecommunication. When they were given opportunity to meet the Executive Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen, their faces lit up with smiles of hope for a positive change to their careers.

During Mayor Booysen’s address he said, “If the chance comes your way grasp it. I encourage all of you to shine in your work and to become the best you can be”. In his speech he focused on his own background too and how he progressed in life and where he finds himself now.

Learners were given the opportunity to thank all the stakeholders who made it possible for the learnership to exist. Two learners were chosen to share a word of thanks, Riaan Van Schalk Wyk and Akhona Ncaphayi. Akhona Ncaphayi displayed confidence in her speech when saying, ”On behalf of other learners, I would like to thank service Seta partnering with Garden Route District Municipality for giving us this opportunity to be a part of this learnership; this will help us to learn new skills.

Ms Yonela Ncaphayi ,  one of the Moja learners sharing a word of thanks to the organisers of the learnership.

GRDM frequently rolls out learnerships and internships to assist the youth to enter the job market. Many youngsters struggle to get work because they lack experience, which is why such interventions are of great value. Visit to see what jobs and opportunities are currently offered by the GRDM.