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SMME Support & Development Programme – Call for business proposals

SMME Support & Development Programme – Call for business proposals

Garden Route District Municipality is embarking on a programme to help dynamic and committed entrepreneurs to grow their business. A broad scope of non-financial assistance will be provided, which will include required business development interventions (equipment and input material) and trainings. Only serious applicants with a workable business concept or business profile that they believe in and with which they want to expand their business operations with, must apply.


Applicants must complete an application form (obtained from the District Economic Development Office, 54 York Street, George, 6530, from Mr. Johannes Jafta via email at and submit with the following supporting documents attached:

  • Company Profile/ Business Proposal or Business Plan;
  • 6 months Profit and Loss Summary or (recent Financial/Bank statements, if available – will be treated confidentially);
  • Tax clearance certificate;
  • Confirmation of employees (Document attached on the application form);
  • Certified ID copy;
  • Certified copy of proof of residence (where business is situated)


  • Must be a registered and viable business operating for at least 2 years with clear direction/deliverables;
  • Must be available to do a presentation to a selected panel and to attend the compulsory business development interventions and trainings identified by panel.
  • Must be tax compliant. (If not, submit tax matters with the application for assessment);
  • 100% South African owned;
  • Applicant must be in full control of business and operations.
  • Formally registered or incorporated e.g. with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC);
  • Operating in the Garden Route;
  • Classified as a micro or small enterprise in terms of the National Small Enterprises Act;
  • Individuals/Businesses that have previously participated in any skills development/training programmes rolled out by the LED & Tourism unit of GRDM can apply.

All applications must be submitted via email to Mr. Johannes Jafta at or placed in an envelope and physically delivered to the Garden Route District Municipality, 54 York Street, George, 6530. All applications must clearly state GARDEN ROUTE SMME SUPPORT & DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 2020.

  • Shortlisted applicants will be required to present their business concepts to an evaluation panel.
  • The Garden Route District Municipality reserves the right to evaluate and select only the highest ranking business concepts according to the above criteria.


  • At the end of the programme all participating businesses must be tax compliant.
  • Applications will close at 12h00 on 06 November 2020.

For further information, please contact:
Ms Natalie Raubenheimer
Senior Economic Development Officer
Garden Route District Municipality or 044 803 1458

Download PDF file here: SMME Support and Development programme, Call for Proposals, Garden Route District Municipality

COVID-19 Garden Route Update

COVID-19 Garden Route Update

Media Release
16 October 2020

We would like to thank the residents of the Garden Route for helping us to stay safe by wearing your masks, washing your hands often, and keeping a distance from others. Please continue to remain vigilant to prevent a possible second wave.

“It has been 7 long months of lockdown and the natural reaction to the easing up of these restrictions are to catch up on all that we have missed out on over the past months but we can’t become complacent now. It has always been feared that when the lockdown restrictions ease up, the infection rate would increase. We have unfortunately already seen a 196% increase in covid-19 cases in the district over the past 14 days. (This increase is compared to the previous 14 day-period). We know how quickly the virus can spread and now is the time that we must do our utmost best to prevent or contain a second wave,” said Garden Route District Director for Health, Mr Zee Brickles.

“We as individuals, members of families and communities, are responsible for ensuring that we protect ourselves and keep those near and dear to us, safe at all times. We should ask ourselves in every situation how we can make it safer for ourselves and our loved ones, knowing that we can easily and unknowingly pass the virus on or take it home to our families. Remember to wash your hands regularly, wear your mask when you are in public spaces and avoid large gatherings”.

It is very importing that you avoid possible super-spreader events, such as crowded places, poorly ventilated spaces, and close contact with others.

Reintroduction of Services

The Department’s risk and impact-based approach is guiding the services to be reintroduced – identifying those services which have low risk yet high impact (such as Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV, TB, Child, and Women’s health (including immunizations)). These services which had reduced significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, will have a significant long-term impact for those clients who had missed immunisations, follow-up appointments and scheduled non-emergency treatment.

While elective surgeries are slowly being re-escalated, life-saving surgeries (such as cancer surgeries and urgent cardiac surgeries) will be prioritised with the more urgent cases being dealt with first. However, emergency surgeries have not stopped and will also continue.

Awareness drive campaign

The Department realises the need to continue with normal activities such as going back to work and using public transport. We also need to make sure that we are looking after our health.

In order to ensure that this happens, the Department is currently embarking on an awareness drive at places of gathering and within communities to get residents to take up basic health services again, with a focus on general health, well-being, and ongoing care for vulnerable groups. Be on the lookout for this campaign within malls, taxis, while waiting at the bus shelter and when washing your hands in washrooms at malls.

This awareness drive also includes reminding residents that the best way to keep us moving forward is to wear a mask, keep our hands clean and keep at least a 1.5 metre distance from other people.

Stats as from 16 October 2020

Sub-district Total Active Recovered Died
Hessequa 332 5 309 18
Mossel Bay 2 452 63 2 320 69
George 3 690 113 3 467 110
Knysna 1 584 9 1 526 49
Bitou 650 10 616 24
Kannaland 133 10 122 1
Oudtshoorn 1 533 82 1 353 98
TOTAL 10 374 292 9 713 369


From the latest information to our disposal we can confirm that 37 patients are receiving care in both public and private hospitals.

For more information visit:


Nadia Ferreira
Principal Communications Officer
Garden Route and Central Karoo Districts
Western Cape Government Health

Regional Landfill Facility still on the cards, but delayed

Regional Landfill Facility still on the cards, but delayed

Media Statement
16 October 2020

The COVID-19 lockdown has directly impacted the South African economy, bringing with it unforeseeable and unprecedented repercussions for both public and private organisations. Not only has it had devastating and crosscutting negative impacts on businesses, but it also changed the way in which businesses have to navigate into a new economic landscape. Many businesses are now faced with unavoidable and irrecoverable job losses and a discontinuation of various projects.

The proposed Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) and Eden Waste Management (RF) (Pty), which includes Interwaste as the lead sponsor, is one such project directly impacted by the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Interwaste has recently informed GRDM that it has to pull out from the Garden Route District Municipal Regional Waste Management Facility PPP project.

Municipal Manager for GRDM, Mr Monde Stratu, is of the firm view that various options will be explored to save the project as the GRDM and PPP funders have all invested millions of Rand to get to this advanced stage of the project. “We have advised both National and Provincial Treasury, The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) and the participating municipalities about the situation,” said Stratu.

The GRDM is currently investigating the following options:

  1. District to build its own regional landfill facility with capital injections (grants and investments)
  2. Involving earlier interested parties
  3. Leasing out the regional landfill site and facility to a private company to operate
  4. Reserved bidder options

GRDM has in the meantime come to an agreement with PetroSA to extend its use of their landfill facility till the end of December 2021.

Reasons for withdrawal from PPP Agreement

Before the final signatures of the PPP Agreement between the two parties could take place the lead shareholder of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Eden Waste Management Propriety Ltd (Private Partner), informed GRDM that they have withdrawn their partnership and as lead shareholder from the SPV. The other shareholders left in the SPV indicated that they are not willing to go forth with the PPP process.

The letter received from the lead shareholder indicated that “In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented challenges and constraints it has had on their business, their board has determined that:

  1. It is paramount to preserve their existing business and not to jeopardise the jobs and livelihoods that are supported by their business;
  2. In light of the economic constraints and the ongoing uncertainty as to the future outlook, it is impossible for them to provide the proposed equity investment to ensure the funding of the concomitant debt obligations required in respect of the Project as currently envisaged; and
  3. To proceed with the Project as currently envisaged may compromise their financial position in the future, and consequently, having regard to their fiduciary duties and their obligations as directors in the company the only reasonable decision for Interwaste Proprietary Limited is to withdraw its participation as a shareholder in the Private Party, Eden Waste Management Proprietary Limited, in respect of the Garden Route Regional Waste Management Facility and Alternative Technology Public, Private Partnership Project.”

GRDM is confident that an amicable solution to this crisis will be found, with the assistance of all stakeholders, including the Provincial and National Treasury.

Medical male circumcision to benefit men and their partners

Media Release: Medical male circumcision to benefit men and their partners

16 October 2020

Primary Health Care clinics are  once again continuing services that were high risk during the peak of the pandemic. One of these are medical male circumcisions (MMC).

“Apart from drastically reducing the risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted illnesses, MMC also improves hygiene and reduces the risk of developing penile cancer and the risk of passing the virus that causes cervical cancer to their female partners”, said Programme Manager Sandra Smit.

Smit also elaborates on the great turn-out of young men during MMC outreaches.

“Our programme did really well, and although we had to postpone outreaches and procedures we are excited to get back on track and assist as many men as possible. We implore the youth to make the best decisions for their current and future health. One of those is getting circumcised. The new guideline focus on ages 15 years and older but we will not deny services of those that are younger. Boys under the age of 18 must have parental consent”, she said.

Twenty-year-old Luwayne Michaels says he had the procedure done to ensure he has a healthy family one day. “I wanted to minimize my risk for opportunistic infections, and the fact that I can reduce the risk of my partner developing cervical cancer made it easier to decide”.

MMC is the complete removal of the foreskin. The procedure requires only local anaesthetic and takes about 20 minutes. Patients can leave the facility and go home after the procedure. The wound takes about 6 weeks to heal.

Male Circumcision is not a guarantee that you will not get HIV. Men still need to use a condom each time they have sex, even if they have been circumcised.

Men who are interested should visit their nearest clinic or Primary Health Care Centre to make an appointment for the procedure.  The service is free of charge.


Nadia Ferreira
Principal Communications Officer
Garden Route and Central Karoo Districts
Western Cape Government Health

Media release: Wash your hands

Media release: Wash your hands

15 October 2020

The upbeat sound of ‘Happy Birthday’ regularly resounds through the halls of local clinics – and it has nothing to do with a birthday celebration but more with hand hygiene. Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice is a fun way to help you remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds.

Washing your hands regularly with soap is an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Local health facilities will today, 15 October 2020, once again focus on hand hygiene to increase awareness and understanding about the importance thereof as part of International Handwashing Day.

“We do demonstrations of washing hands for patients and show them how to do it for 20 seconds in an attempt to improve hand hygiene in our communities”, said assistant auxiliary nurse Genevieve Lindoor from Conville Clinic. “Although most of our clients are well aware of the importance of clean hands, we do still see clients with dirty hands and nails.” Lindoor has been at Conville Clinic for 20 years of her 30-year career and has seen thousands of hands. “Remember to wash your hands before touching your eyes, nose or mouth, before and after changing a child’s nappy and after using the bathroom, before and after preparing food, after touching any surface in a public area like a communal kitchen, a lift or staircase railings, and after touching an animal,” said Nurse Lindoor.

Nurse Lindoor also reminds everyone to:

  • Have a paper towel ready, if possible, before starting to wash your hands.
  • Remove jewellery like rings before the time.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (remembering to wash between your fingers, the back of your hands and the cuticles and nails).
  • Dry your hands with a paper towel. Close the tap with this towel before throwing it in the bin.

As part of COVID-19 prevention, hand hygiene has been put in the spotlight. “It makes me happy to see how quickly children have become accustomed to sanitising their hands. We must not get complacent now and remember that clean hands play a big role in warding off illnesses such as COVID-19”, Nurse Lindoor said.

Caption: Genevieve Lindoor demonstrates correct hand washing techniques


Nadia Ferreira
Principal Communications Officer
Garden Route and Central Karoo Districts
Western Cape Government Health

Garden Route: COVID-19 numbers still climbing

Media Release
13 October 2020
For Immediate Release

Garden Route: COVID-19 numbers still climbing

Are we experiencing “the calm before a ‘second’ storm”?

The Western Cape Government (WCG) has predicted that a second COVID-19 wave of infections could hit the province by early 2021. It has already hit parts of Europe, with England now seeing new cases quadruple over a period of three (3) weeks. In response, many affected countries implemented targeted local restrictions. An example of a targeted local restriction can include, but is not limited to restricting business operations in certain towns. Examples include the temporary closure of pubs and restaurants.

When Mr Gerhard Otto, Manager for Disaster Management at GRDM was asked about his thoughts about a possible second wave for the Garden Route, he explained: “Yes, a second wave of COVID-19 infections is a reality that we need to prepare ourselves for. Recent studies in 41 countries world-wide indicated that a second wave of infections occur within three to four months after a first wave.

Otto says that a “second wave is directly linked to human behaviour”.  He states that people become complacent by no longer adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols i.e. wearing of face masks; keeping a social distance of 1,5 metres or more; regular hand washing and/or disinfection of hands.

“From what I have seen many people in the Garden Route also no longer abide to these basic rules, not only compromising their own health but also the health of those around them,” said Otto.

“Since the beginning of October, we have witnessed an increase of 120% in new active COVID-19 cases for the Kannaland area, followed by 80% in Bitou and 65% in Mossel Bay areas,” he added.

“The GRDM urges residents in these areas to stay vigilant and to adhere to the five golden rules of good hygiene,” concluded Otto.

SkyNews reported today that a man from the United States of America got infected for a second time. “Doctors said the man needed hospital treatment after his lungs deteriorated during the second infection, which was much worse than the first,” SkyNews reported.

Read the article here:


Pictured: Gerhard Otto, Manager: Disaster Management, Garden Route District Municipality

Media Statement: Municipal communicators make shocking discoveries at illegal dump site

Media Statement
For Immediate Release
8 October 2020

Municipal communicators make shocking discoveries at illegal dump site

Municipal communicators from Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) recently visited an illegal dump site in Pacaltsdorp to photograph the progress made by contractors tasked to clean sites. With shock, communicators noted a countless number of items, including toxic, sharp and dangerous ones, as well as foul smelling water – leaving one communicator almost vomiting from the stench. “The scariest part is that there were kids playing in the same area, metres from the dangerous field of waste and water,” said one communicator.

The GRDM, in collaboration with George Municipality are hard at work trying to clear illegal dump sites in the George area, including Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp. GRDM has committed R2.47 million to the project. George Municipality earlier announced that they will contribute R500 000.00 to curb illegal dumping. JCB backhoe loaders are utilised to clear sites and 35 Expanded Public Works Participant (EPWP) waste pickers work alongside these trucks to collect smaller items. More activities are lined up to take place over the next few months, including a survey to find out why people illegally discard of waste; and door-to-door awareness about the impact of illegal dumping , etc.

The question many Garden Routers is asking is – do we all want the areas cleaned or have many of us decided that a clean and safe environment is not important? The GRDM stumbled upon concerns raised on Facebook by a government employee who said that an illegal dumpsite was cleaned by the municipalities (Garden Route District and George), but moments later someone dumped their waste there again. Others commented on her post by saying that municipalities should plant trees at the sites, however this suggestion was said not to work because some community members might remove the trees. Another person said that the municipalities cleaned an area on a Monday, but by Tuesday the area was dirty again.

GRDM Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) monitor the areas each day after a clean-up was conducted. EHPs are already aware that water at illegal dumping sites are toxic, but a decision was made to take water samples which will be analysed. Test results will indicate how dangerous these sites are  (backed by scientific evidence).

The public are urged to remind their friends, family and neighbours that the illegal dumping of waste is dangerous and that it poses a health hazard. Waste should be collected in refuse bags and placed for collection on waste removal days. Builders’ rubble and waste not suitable for bags must be dropped at the municipal refuse site on the R102 (airport road).

Communities can provide names, vehicle registration details or addresses of alleged illegal dumpers and make a statement in this regard by contacting Law Enforcement at 044 801 6350 or George Municipality states that a person doesn’t need a photograph of the perpetrator, but that it would strengthen the case for a warning or fine to be issued.

Members of the public are also welcome to report illegal dumpsites to 044 802 2900.

Illegal dumping remains an offence and carries a R1000 fine.



Media Statement: Odour complaints in Mossel Bay receiving attention

Media Statement
For Immediate Release
8 October 2020

Odour complaints in Mossel Bay receiving attention

As part of an investigation about the offensive odour complaints in Mossel Bay, the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Air Quality (AQ) and PetroSA convened a two-weekly meeting on odours in communities. The latest odours originate most likely from an oily effluent spill in the two storm-water dams on the refinery site. This incident was reported to the authorities and discussed in length at an engagement, followed by a media statement by PetroSA which addressed details of the incident. As part of the action list emanating from the meeting, GRDM visited the site and incident on the 6 October 2020. During the site visit the GRDM AQ Unit was joined by Mr Rudzani Makahane, Water Use Officer of the Breede-Gouritz Catchment Management Agency.

The oil spill into the storm water system was confirmed as signs of oil residue was visible in both the storm water ponds and the Blind River. There was a distinct pungent smell of hydrocarbons present at the ponds. Although, the GRDM is the Air Quality Licencing Authority for PetroSA, and offensive odours form part of air pollution, the primary origin of the odour is storm water. Thus, the primary source must be addressed in order to mitigate the air quality offensive odours (secondary matter).

The GRDM proposed that the incident needed to be addressed through a multi-sector approach by all applicable authorities. The case has also been referred to the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, as well as the National Department of Environmental Affairs and Fisheries (DEFF). The GRDM will continue to put pressure on the relevant authorities to act in terms of their respective jurisdictions.



Speech by Executive Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen at an Ordinary Council meeting of Garden Route DM

Speech by Garden Route District Municipality Executive Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen, at the Council meeting of GRDM on 30 September 2020.


The bulk of my communications will be done as agenda items are being discussed.

One of the issues for me at the moment is that we seem to have been experiencing issues again with syncronising our council meeting dates and times of council with that of council meetings at b-municipalities. It often happens that meetings at local municipalities clash with those at the GRDM.

The other matter, which was raised at the MAYCO this morning, is that there is huge confusion about alert level 1 and the dangers still posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus. It seems like businesses are operating as per usual and that not all members of the public see masks as important to wear in public spaces. It therefore looks like the environment we find ourselves in is riskier than before because of human behaviour. We need to be reminded that under level 1 the virus still exists.

Thank you Alderman Speaker.