8 November 2021 Media Release: Youth to get vaccinated

Media Release: Youth to get vaccinated

For Immediate Release

5 November 2021

District Director for the Garden Route and Central Karoo Health districts, Mr Zee Brickles,  visited Harry Comay Hospital on 4 November 2021, together with his 15-year-old daughter Riyanna Brickles for her COVID -19 vaccination.

“Our children are undeniably, our future. This certainty is however challenged daily by the COVID-19 pandemic. Research has shown that vaccination prevents severe disease and death and that is why we eagerly supported our child when she decided to take the vaccine”, said Mr Brickles.

Riyanna was initially a bit scared of the needle but now knows it was not necessary.  “I was a bit stressed about the injection part and what  a relief when it was not half as bad as I thought it would be. It was quite simple and quick”, she said. Riyanna wants to encourage other youth to also protect themselves and their families by getting the vaccine.

Mr Brickles added: “We share many dreams with our children; their matric ball, their first day heading off to university, their dream job, their wedding day etc., and we owe it to ourselves to be there with them on those days when their dreams are realised. We can absolutely achieve this if we get vaccinated and support our children to also vaccinate when they are ready, like we did. Our children have the right to choose whether or not to take the vaccine and we as parents have the obligation to support them in their informed decision. Our daughter did her own research but we also provided her with reliable and credible information about COVID and the vaccine, on which she based her own decision to take the vaccine. I would like to encourage all parents to do the same as it remains our responsibility to be that support, at times when our children need us most.

Mr Zee Brickles with his daughter Riyanna who received her COVID-19 vaccination. With them is vaccinator Elsabe Kamfer.

We are living in times where we endure repeated attacks from COVID-19 on our mental state, on our choice to socialise and on our physical health. We have all lost loved ones and colleagues, we have all witnessed how families were left in utter despair and we have certainly all endured the many restrictions imposed upon our freedom in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. December of last year was a particular challenge for us when we experienced the devastating effects of the 2nd wave, our liberties were restricted to socialise in the confines of our own homes, separated from friends and families and our movement was limited when beaches and recreational facilities were closed. We were on edge when our phones rang for fear that it may be bad news about a friend, loved one or colleague as we saw so many deaths occurring daily. The festive season last year was sombre; with seemingly no light at the endless dark tunnel.

This year I am optimistic and positive! The vaccine has brought us an opportunity to again experience the silly season as we have in previous years with lots of joy, happiness and laughter with friends and family whilst being able to visit our beaches and recreational facilities. This time we will be better prepared and protected if we are vaccinated. Children from the age of 12, adults and our most precious seniors have an opportunity to again experience the festive season as we know it without fear of severe disease and death. Let us all Unite to Vaccinate and support our children to become our allies in pursuit of a healthy and protected people. Let us not forget the dreams of our children and ensure that we help them get there through ensuring that they too are protected from severe disease and death”, said Brickles.

We implore the public to visit their nearest vaccination site for their free and quick vaccination to save our summer.

Nadia Ferreira

Principal Communications Officer

Garden Route and Central Karoo Districts

Western Cape Government Health

Tel: 044 813 1831

Email: Nadia.Ferreira@westerncape.gov.za

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