25 June 2021 Media Release: Increased vaccine allocation to Rural areas

Media Release: release: Increased vaccine allocation to Rural areas

For Immediate Release
25 June 2021

Increased vaccine allocation to Rural areas

The Garden Route district will receive a larger vaccine allocation as from next week.  The increased vaccine allocation will address the slow roll-out experienced to date, due to limited vaccine supply from National Government.

With the increased allocation of vaccines we will be able to open more appointment slots at our vaccination sites and therefore vaccinate more people. We understand the frustration and anxiety experienced at large to be vaccinated,  especially with increasing COVID-19 cases in our District.

“We are pleased to confirm that the Garden Route district is earmarked to receive an additional 7948 doses on top of the confirmed 12 157 that we expect to receive for the week 28 June – 2 July. This is significantly more vaccines compared to our allocation for the past 2 weeks”, said District Director, Mr Zee Brickles.

Updated testing criteria

We have revised our testing criteria and the following categories will be eligible for COVID-19 testing.

All those with coronavirus symptoms AND at least 1 of the following:

  • Needing hospital admission.
  • At high risk of severe disease (age > 45 years, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, cancer, tuberculosis, HIV).
  • clusters in group settings such as old age/care homes, hospitals, schools, workplaces, hostels, prisons, etc.
  • health care workers.

Hospital Visitations

Allowing patients to be visited by their loved ones during their stay in hospital is an essential part of their recovery and wellness. Having an escort present during a visit to an emergency unit and an outpatient clinic, is reassuring for many patients and essential for other patients such as young children. Similarly, the pain and anxiety of labour can be eased by having a partner present. Despite the benefits of having visitors and escorts, the increased risk of spreading COVID-19 infection during the high prevalence of a third wave, outweighs the benefits of having loved ones present, and hence visitors and escorts have to be severely restricted.

Western Cape Government Health can confirm that the visitation policy at public hospitals was amended on 21 June to accommodate the changes in alert levels in the Covid-19 pandemic in the province. The restrictions on visitors and escorts, are aimed at ensuring that our patients, families, visitors and staff are protected against transmission during the third wave. Depending on the nature of the service of particular facilities, specific arrangements have been put in place. Should you or a family member need to visit a hospital, please establish which specific arrangements are in place at that facility. We urge the public to please respect these new arrangements. Although we know it is challenging for many visitors and patients we must be responsible and protect one another.

Keep your bubbles small

Now is not the time to socially interact with people outside of your immediate family bubble (those living in the same household). The more interactions you and your immediate family members have outside of your immediate family bubble, the greater the risk of contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to others. If you have to meet someone do so outdoors or indoors where there is good ventilation. Remember to always wear your mask when in public.

Vaccination sites 28 June – 2 July.

SUB-DISTRICT Town Dates 28 – 2 July
Knysna sub-district Knysna CDC 30, 1, 2
Knysna sub-district Knysna Town Hall 30, 1, 2
Knysna sub-district Sedgefield Clinic 1, 2
Knysna sub-district Keurhoek Satellite Clinic 2
Bitou sub-district Plettenberg Bay Clinic 29,30 1, 2
Bitou sub-district Kranshoek clinic 01-Jul
Bitou sub-district Kwanokuthula CDC 30, 2
Bitou sub-district Crags Clinic 29
George sub-district Harry Comay TB Hospital 28 June – 2 July
George sub-district Thembalethu CDC (Sandkraal road) 28 June – 2 July
George sub-district George Central Clinic 28 June – 2 July
George sub-district Uniondale Hospital 28 June – 2 July
George sub-district George & Herald Mobile Routes 28 June – 2 July
George sub-district Touwsranten Clinic 2
George sub-district Pacaltsdorp Clinic 1,2
Hessequa sub-district Riversdale Civic Centre 29 June – 2 July
Hessequa sub-district Heidelberg Duivenhoks Hall 29, 30, 2
Hessequa sub-district Albertinia Theronsville Hall 1 , 2
Hessequa sub-district Melkhoutfontein Satellite Clinic 30
Hessequa sub-district Still Bay Civic Centre 29, 1 , 2
Hessequa sub-district Slangrivier Satellite Clinic 2
Hessequa sub-district Witsand de Duine Hall 30
Hessequa sub-district Gouritsmond Hall 30
Kannaland sub-district Ladismith DRC Church Hall 29
Kannaland sub-district Zoar Sports Club 30
Kannaland sub-district Calitzdorp DRC Church Hall 1, 2
Mossel Bay sub-district Alma CDC 29, 30, 1, 2
Mossel Bay sub-district Wolwedans Community Hall 30, 2
Mossel Bay sub-district Friemersheim outreach 1
Mossel Bay sub-district Mossel Bay Town Hall 29, 30
Mossel Bay sub-district Rheebok outreach 30
Mossel Bay sub-district Bosbou & Brandwag outreach 29
Mossel Bay sub-district D’Almeida Community Hall 29, 30
Oudtshoorn sub-district Toekomsrust Community Hall 29 June – 2 July
Oudtshoorn sub-district Dysselsdorp Clinic 29
Oudtshoorn sub-district De Rust (Blommenek) Clinic 1




Nadia Ferreira

Principal Communications Officer

Garden Route and Central Karoo Districts

Western Cape Government Health

Email: Nadia.Ferreira@westerncape.gov.za

Website: www.westerncape.gov.za