20 October 2020 Invitation to participate in the Household Composting Pilot Project:  Zoar (Kannaland Municipality)

Garden Route District Municipality, in collaboration with Kannaland Municipality, will roll out a Household Composting Pilot Project in Zoar.  Approximately 30% of household waste being disposed of at landfill consists of organic waste that could potentially be diverted from landfill by means of household composting.  Further, household composting could subsequently result in a huge waste management cost saving and put sorely needed nutrients back into our soil.

The pilot project will run for a duration of one year and the data collected will be used to motivate the further roll out of the project to all households in the Kannaland municipal area.  Permanent residents in Zoar are invited to apply for participation in the pilot project.

It must be noted that provision was made to accommodate only thirty (30) households in the pilot project who will be provided with a composting bin, and / or a worm farm, a scale and data sheets.  Due to the limited number, the first thirty applications received will be selected to participate in the project.

All applicants must conform to the following criteria:

  • Must reside permanently in Zoar for the duration of the pilot project (at least one year).
  • Must attend an information session regarding the composting project that will be held in Zoar.
  • Must be willing to participate in the pilot project and report organic waste quantities on a monthly basis for the duration of the pilot project (one year).
  • Composting bins will only be distributed to households with a garden / lawn / vegetable garden(s) generating green waste.
  • Households / apartments that do not have gardens / yards i.e. that generate green waste can be provided with only a worm farm for kitchen scraps etc.

Click here to download the application forms to participate in the pilot project.

Completed application forms must be sent to wayne@gardenroute.gov.za by no later than Friday, 30 October 2020.