Weather conditions for this week

A weak cold front will be passing Southwards today (Monday) resulting in morning rain and showers over the South-Eastern parts spreading along the South coast during the day while clearing from the South-West.

Otherwise partly cloudy to sunny  and warm to hot conditions expected for the week with possible isolated thundershowers over the Central Karoo on Tuesday into Wednesday afternoons and windy conditions expected during Monday into Wednesday afternoons over the South-Western parts . Along the South coast, cloudy mornings are expected with a slight chance of light rain on Tuesday and Thursday.

Coastal conditions

WIND: Light (10km/h) Southerly wind expected along the West coast on Monday into Wednesday mornings otherwise moderate to fresh (20 to 40km/h) South to South-Easterly wind expected for the week becoming strong (50 to 55km/h) between Table Bay and Cape Agulhas on Monday into Wednesday afternoons.

WAVES:  2.0 to 3.0m wave heights expected for the week with a southerly to south-westerly swell direction and periods of  10 to 12s but 6 to 8s along the South coast.

VISIBILITY: Good visibility expected for the week but very poor in fog along the west coast on Monday into Wednesday mornings and possibly moderate in light rain  along the south-west and south coast today (Monday) and Tuesday into Thursday mornings.