Acting Speaker elected by GRDM Council

Cllr Barend Groenewald, has been elected by the Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Council on 28 May 2019, to act as Speaker. Both sides of the house nominated Cllr Groenewald for the position. This move comes after the previous Speaker of GRDM, Cllr Eleanore Bouw-Spies, submitted her resignation as Speaker on 8 May 2019. She is now a member of the National Assembly.

During Cllr Groenewald’s first address to Council, he said: “I will, at all times, act in a way that is acceptable to Council.” Cllr Groenewald previously acted in the position of Speaker before Cllr Bouw-Spies was appointed and he is well-known to Councillors for the humble and dignified manner in which he conducts proceedings of Council.|

Councillor Eleanore Bouw-Spies was Speaker from 13 December 2018 till 8 May 2019. During a short interview with her, she said: “It is a dream come true and indeed the top of the iceberg for any politician to represent voters at a level where:

  • laws are passed,
  • oversight of the executive and organs of state provided,
  • facilitation of public participation takes place
  • Promoting and overseeing cooperative governance; and
  • participating in international, regional and continental bodies.”